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"It took us so many years to get here. Don't act like brats while I try to save the day!" Nolan threw his hand up in the air. "You know what will happen if we fail." His angry whispers were easily heard.

"Nole, we can't help it. We didn't know what we were getting into when you contacted us..." one of the boys spoke.

'Oh, my. This is getting interesting.'

"Even I didn't know what I was doing when I contacted you," his voice seemed defeated. He was scared.

"We need to get out of this mess, man. We can't handle this. I don't want to die." Another said, hysterically.

"None of us want to die. I'm sorry…"

"We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We can't change anything."

"We're trapped."

"What's going to happen?" Asked one of the boys and his question was met with silence. Nolan didn't have the answers. He was in no position to rea.s.sure them when he himself was not so sure about what would become of him.

"We need to pull our act together. If any of them finds out, we're dead. Nothing is going to touch the two sitting on the thrones, they'll just swear peace and walk away; we… we will be ambushed. We must remain in his good books. Only he can protect us."

'He. Who is he? Say it. Say it, dammit!'

"You think Darcy will help us if we are found out?" One asked rather loudly.

'DARCY! I knew it! I just knew it!'

"Shut up, you idiot!" Nolan hissed, glancing towards where the door should be. "They'll hear you. You'll be good as dead, then." He gulped.

"If we can do what he wants, then we'll be safe." It seemed as though he was trying to convince himself.

"What about Anthony?" Nolan shook his head.

"Come here," he gestured around him. They formed a loose circle around him and waited for him to speak.

"Listen. You guys thought you would earn some quick cash, and I understand that. But this s.h.i.t is dangerous." He warned them. "What you need to do is shut your trap, hide and do what you are told to do. You do not ask questions and you do not look them in the eye. They'll know if you do. Do NOT look them in the eye." He sucked in a breathe.

"Don't f.u.c.k thi-" And the door banged open.

I pressed on pause on the video and waited. My eyes ached. I'd been watching the video for quite some time and I was in desperate need of some sleep.

No matter how much I wanted to sleep, I reminded myself that I have work to do.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Anthony's number. He picked up the phone before it could ring twice.

"I see you're back." He sounded irritated.

"Yes… actually, I was calling to tell you that I found something rather interesting."

"What is it?" he snapped. Well, he's in a pleasant mood. I almost rolled my eyes.

"I was watching the video footage of the VIP room and I found that Nolan and his band of boys are in reality working for Darcy." I tried to keep the smugness out of my voice. I did manage it to a great extent. I kept thinking, 'I told you so.'

"Ah. Brilliant. What else?"

"Nothing else, at least for now. I'll work on it and see what happened when I left them." I could hear him huff in irritation.

"You should've called after you'd gone through everything. There's no need wasting my time, Mia," he growled. This was a pointless conversation! Why are we even speaking? Why did he even send me in today when he knew that this was not why he kept me?

"I'll keep that in mind for later, sir." And I had thought that he cared! f.u.c.k, if he cared. Egotistical b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"What happened to your car?" He spoke suddenly when I was about to hang up.

"Someone was messing with it. I thought I'd leave it where it was and check up on it later."

"Good." Was all he said.

"And sir? If you want more information about me, you don't need to have me tailed."

"Sure, Mia." His chuckle was the last thing I heard before he hung up.


I was half asleep when my phone started ringing. I wanted to throw it against the wall and smash it, but curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know what they spoke about after I left. I wanted to see the end of this.

"h.e.l.lo," the person from the other side spoke.

"Yes?" I cautiously said into the phone.

"Ma'am, we have it. We've sent it to you. Please check it." It was one of the guards who I'd given the job of providing me with the videos of the room after I left.

"Thank you very much. I'll let you know if there is something else." With that, I hung up the phone. For the first time after I'd joined Anthony did I feel so self-satisfied. This was going to be a job well done.

I clicked my mail open and downloaded the file. I took care to delete the mail before going over to skimming through the video.

The video began on a dull note with the cell phone sitting on the table and Anthony's voice on the loudspeaker. It continued on to where I left and the relieved look that Nolan and the other boys wore. At first, it seemed pretty harmless. Just a group of men celebrating a done deal, but then it all changed. Nolan's phone started ringing. His demeanor changed and a look of fear crossed his features. He hushed the others before cradling the phone to his ears. His voice shook as he spoke into the thing.

"Boss, I was just about to call you..." Pause. What I would give to have listened in on what the other person was saying. "Yes, the deal has been finalized."

"No, sir. I didn't meet Anthony, but there was this girl who came in his place."

"I haven't forgotten. We'll find her, sir."

"Yes, sir. I'll keep an eye out. I'll bring you all the information you need." The guy sighed.

"Thank you, sir… Yes, sir." The put the phone away from his ears and a smile lit his face up.

"Darcy called." The crowd broke into whispers. "We're doing well, boys. Let's just hope we find the girl and we are on his good books." The boys eagerly nodded. They cheered and gulped down their drinks before slowly scattering out.

Only Nolan was left in the room, his hands in the hair.

"Poor kids," he said. "Being sent to the slaughterhouse to be murdered. Hopefully, I'll return alive from this." He shook his head a few times before packing up and leaving the room.


'Need to tell Boss.'

'Text him, now.'

I texted him all the details and the reply delighted me.

[Send the video to Sean and me. -Anthony.]

[Be there at the private shooting range tomorrow at noon. I'll send you the address later. -Anthony.]

[Don't be late. Sleep. -Anthony.]

I pushed my body down on the bed and as soon as my head had hit the pillow, I found myself being dragged into a restless, but much-needed dose of sleep.


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