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"Big brother Jiang, where have you been these past few days?"

Xueluo decided to change the topic so that they wouldn't feel awkward.

Even if she felt that Cong Gang was interested in her, but to force Cong Gang to admit it so harshly, it was rather rude.

"I went to see an old friend!" Cong Gang still maintained her calm tone, like nothing had happened.

"Old friends? "Who is it?"

knew that it was not convenient for him to ask, but he still asked curiously. It was as if she was very curious about everything that the mysterious person Cong Gang had told her.

"A woman I've always loved!" Cong Gang said indifferently.

With that said, Lin Xueluo was completely stunned. Cong Gang actually … He actually already had a woman he loved deeply all this time?!

"Then... Is that Lia? "

Xueluo remembered this woman that appeared in Cong Gang's life before. Moreover, this woman had once pretended to be pregnant.

"Yes!" It's her! "It's a pity..."

Cong Gang turned his head to look at the blue sky outside the window, which covered up half of his face, unable to read his state of mind.

"What's a pity?" Xueluo asked.

"It's a pity … She's dead! " Cong Gang's voice was somewhat low.

"Die …" Dead? "Yes, I'm sorry!" Xueluo apologized repeatedly.

"She died to save me! On Celeste's cruise! "

Cong Gang tilted his head and stated in a bland voice, "When she was still alive, I didn't properly cherish her … After she died, I realized that I had been missing her! "

"I'm sorry, Big Brother Cong!" In order to save my Xinglang … Lia was trying to save you. I'm so sorry! " Xueluo started to feel sorry for this sentimental man in front of him.

"It's all in the past! You don't have to worry about that! "

Cong Gang comforted her gently, "Although she is dead, she will always live in my life! I will make her the only woman in my life! Thus … The relationship between you and I is purer than that between Bai Kaishui and Bai Kaishui! "

"Yes. I'm sorry! I have misunderstood you... No no no, my Xinglang misunderstood you! I will definitely explain this to my Xinglang when I get back! Let him apologize to you! "

Xueluo was even more embarra.s.sed. Just a moment ago, she was still thinking that Cong Gang was interested in him. It turned out that she had always been a woman hidden in the depths of her soul!

"There's no need to apologize!"

Cong Gang indifferently continued, "With Feng Xinglang's usual arrogant att.i.tude, even if he did do something wrong, he would not be willing to admit it! Let alone apologizing! "

"That's right! My Xinglang wants to live with his face right now! [You actually … actually wronged me …] d.a.m.n it, you like me... I even had a fight with you. I'm so sorry! " Xueluo apologized embarra.s.sedly.

"Maybe he thinks that Feng Xinglang's woman's charm is great enough! Not everyone likes a gentle and virtuous woman like you! "

Was he praising her, Lin Xueluo? Or was he expressing that he did not even see her as her, Lin Xueluo?

"Big Brother Jiang, since the misunderstanding has been resolved, it's better for you to reconcile with my Xinglang!" Xueluo also hoped that her husband would have a capable a.s.sistant like Cong Gang.

"Get back together... I'm afraid it will be a little difficult! " Cong Gang gave a light snort.

"Wh-Why?" Xueluo worriedly asked.

"Because... Because what he owes me. "You haven't returned it to me yet!" The corner of Cong Gang's lips curled slightly in an unnatural manner.

"What is it?" I told him to return it to you! " Xueluo asked.

"It's not anything particularly important either... If there's a chance, I will ask him for it myself! " Cong Gang took a sip of his coffee.

The little Sealing Worm kid in Cong Gang's arms had already snuck into Cong Gang's cashmere sweater, and started to listen for his heartbeat.

"Thud …" Thud … Thud … It was a live bug! The little bug likes the big bug so much! "

The little guy's happiness was in words, expression, and actions!

His fondness towards Cong Gang had long been deeply rooted. As long as he was with Cong Gang, he would be happy about anything.

"My family's little bug really likes you!"

Xueluo sighed from the bottom of her heart, "How about I raise the little bug for you!"

"Then why didn't Feng Xinglang use a blade to slash at me?!"

Cong Gang laughed indifferently, and patted the little fellow's little perky head, "When the big bug is not here, did the little bug behave obediently?"

"Little Bug is good, listen to Mommy!" The little guy immediately said in a well-behaved manner.

"Really?" Cong Gang lightly pinched the little guy's cheeks.

"Little insect is really obedient! Crouching in front of the French window every day, waiting for you! Sigh... I think my little bug was born for you! Anyway, he did not care about his own father! Even if you want to control it, you have the heart but not the strength! "

Xueluo let out a long sigh, "I shouldn't have given birth to so many children! Not only did you tie yourself up, you even neglected your child! "

"Since you said that, aren't you afraid that Feng Xinglang will be angry at you?" Cong Gang smiled faintly.

"Fury? Who's angry with who? Does he dare to get angry at me? " "He said that he would not send the little bug to school. He said that he would take the little bug with him twenty-four hours a day to nurture their father-son relationship. Don't talk about bugs, just his nieces and nieces

He couldn't even manage it! My Nuonuo, he has been throwing it at Hetun for a long time! Little insect, he doesn't care! When he wanted to ask, it was only for three minutes! Your daughter is rather spoiled, but that's only limited to hugging and teasing! "

Xueluo was also filled with grievance and grievance, "When I took Little Worm out, he was still sound asleep!"

Looking at the furious woman, Cong Gang was at a loss for words: Isn't it just three children? Is it that difficult to bring along?

"Feng Xinglang is not willing to hire a few more babysitters?"

Cong Gang really did not think that such trivial daily life would cause this woman to complain all over the place.

"No matter how many nannies there are, they are only responsible for the food and drinks of a few children! As for my family's little bug's inner world, they can't ask too much about it! " Xueluo sighed again.

"Oh right, Big Brother Cong, Little Bug likes you so much …" If you weren't busy. Just … Let Little Bug follow you! I don't even have the nerve to open my mouth! " Xueluo felt a little embarra.s.sed.

"It's not impossible..."

Cong Gang pulled the little fellow who was rubbing against his cheek and arched his back into his embrace once more. "But I have a condition!"

"What condition?" Xueluo asked.

"The condition is: while Little Bug is with me, I cannot let Feng Xinglang meet with him!" Cong Gang stated his condition indifferently.

"Great!" It would be best if he didn't see it! It just so happens that he can put his heart and soul into caring for his niece and nephew! " Xueluo was a little angry and resentful now.

"..." Cong Gang was speechless.

"But, but can I see Buggy?" Xueluo pleaded gently, "Are you going to bring Little Worm away from the Shen City for a trip abroad?"

"No!" Little Bug and I will live in Shen City! "Make an appointment, I will bring him to see you at any time!"

"That's great! Big brother Jiang, you're great! Thank you. Thank you so much! "

Xueluo was truly grateful to Cong Gang. She could see her youngest son at any time, and she could make him happy.

Before Xueluo even finished speaking, the phone in her bag started ringing.

The call was made by her husband, Feng Xinglang. It was directly snapped by Xueluo!

… ….

Feng Xinglang, who had slept until he woke up naturally, checked the time and realized that it was already eleven in the afternoon.

It was his wife who was considerate enough and felt sorry for him. These days, he had been tired, so he didn't let his son and daughter sleep together.

After showering, Feng Xinglang looked full of energy and vitality. The aggressive handsomeness returned.

"Uncle, you're awake? In order to let you have a good night's sleep, I couldn't bear to let my little sister go upstairs and disturb you! "

Maybe because the knot in his heart had been lifted, Feng Tuantuan had restored her cute and adorable look.

"Hm!" "Duo Duo is so obedient!"

Feng Xinglang walked over and kissed the top of the head of the ball, then bent down and began to kiss his daughter who was in the cradle.

"My dear father's darling … Why was he smacking his lips? Have you not eaten your fill? "

Feng Xinglang caressed his daughter's little face, which could be broken with the flick of a finger, and subconsciously called out. Come and get some milk for the evening! Drink your lips late! "

The one who followed up was Feng Tuantuan, "Aunt is not at home."

"Is your aunt not at home? "Where did you go?" Feng Xinglang asked with a frown.

There was a distinct look of unhappiness on his handsome face. How could he feel that his wife would abandon her daughter, who was crying for her to feed, and go out?

"My aunt said that she took him out to relax."

Remembering something, Feng Tuantuan told Uncle everything that his aunt and uncle said, "Oh, right! Aunt said that she brought a bug to Big Brother Nuonuo's foster father's house to pick up Big Brother Nuonuo! "

"What?" Your uncle actually left it at night to pick up Nuonuo? "

Looking at her daughter sucking on his lips in an aggrieved manner, Feng Xinglang became agitated, "What do you want her to pick up? He wouldn't ask Xing Shi'er to send Nuonuo back! "This is too much!"

"She must be missing big brother Nuonuo!"

Feng Tuantuan actually still wanted to say: I really miss big brother Nuonuo too!

The dissatisfied Feng Xinglang immediately called her wife, but did not expect her to directly press the b.u.t.ton. When the number went through again, his wife simply turned off the phone.

Following that, Feng Xinglang called Shallow Water Bay. The one who answered was Xing Wu.

"I am Feng Xinglang. Let Lin Xueluo pick up the phone." had never been too polite when she called the Shallow Water Bay.

"Prince Xing? Ha, it's actually you! "

Xing Wu on the other side of the phone was especially excited, "I actually received a call from you … "Haha!"

"... Let Lin Xueluo answer the phone! " Feng Xinglang didn't seem to want to say anything to the excited Xing Wu.

"Lin Xueluo? She didn't come! Only Little Fifteen is left! " Only then did Xing Wu answer his question.

Didn't go? Could he still be on the way?

"Man, when did your aunt and uncle leave home?" Feng Xinglang asked Feng Tuantuan.

"I've been gone for about half an hour!"

Half an hour? He should be here by now.

After that, Feng Xinglang hung up the phone and called Xing Shisi. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Xing Shisi would always follow his wife Xueluo. But Xing Shisi appeared in front of him three seconds later.

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