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Abel did not want to expose his combat qi, so he just added a strand of power of the will to his sword. After the sword stabbed into their brains, Abel's power of the will gave it a quick scan.

Abel had 240 points of power of the will, and this head Commander had 24 points, which was quite good already. With this difference, this little scan had directly melted their brains into mush,

Life faded from their gaze as Abel retracted his light sword. Their body jiggled and fell off their horse.

“Bang bang” combat qi cores exploded into 2 red light beams shooting up towards the sky. Although it was only 10 meters tall, everyone had suddenly stopped their movement, and the battle came to a halt.

Head Commander Craig quickly went back to Young Master Anthony and explained the situation–his shield slightly trembling in his hand.

No one at the moment could keep themselves together. Those were 2 head commanders. Even a big family like the Brown Family would take a big hit in their power by losing 2 head Commanders.

However, Head Commander Craig no longer had time to think about these things as he stood in the face of this scary beginner wizard.

By that point, the confidence young master Anthony had faded. Instead, it was replaced with cold sweat and paleness. He couldn't understand how the battle could take a 360 turn in a flash. 2 head commanders had been killed by a beginner wizard with light swords?

Everything had gone quite well for the young master Anthony had since he was young, so at that moment, he felt like he had entered an alternate reality. He kept thinking about how the ruler of his family would react if he found out that 2 head commanders had been killed. Would they still treat him nicely like before?

Up to this point, the idea of getting killed still had not come across his mind. He was the 3rd young master of the Brown family; no one would dare to kill him no matter what he did wrong.

“We surrender. What demands do you have? Just say it and pretend this never happened!” A flash of hatred emerged from the face of Young Master Anthony. This anger was especially aimed at Abel. It was Abel who had put him into this situation.

The idea that this thing was started because of his greed never even came across his mind. Abel had killed 2 head commanders, so he had basically formed a grudge with the Brown family. Surrendering now was not a big deal; they would seek revenge in the future.

“I don't like your eyes!” Abel said, looking at young master Anthony.

After Abel said these words, his mount wolf king dashed forward towards their formation of a head commander, 2 beginner wizards, and 5 commanders.

A confused look began to emerge on Head Commander Bodley's face. Abel's charge was very similar to a Knight's charge. However, a Knight's charge required the use of combat qi to unleash, and Abel never gave out a single bit of combat qi.

Yes, Abel was actually unleashing a Knight's charge. This secret knight technique could dramatically increase the speed of a mount, but at the same time, Abel's Knight charge was different. He utilized the power of his body and his precise control skills to achieve the same effect as combat qi.

“How dare you!” Head Commander Craig yelled to increase his courage. Although he saw only a beginner wizard rushing towards him with 2 light swords, he felt like he was facing a demon. Still, he had to protect young master Anthony, the 3rd young master of the Brown family.

Abel did not stop. The moment he arrived, Craig quickly unleashed 5 slashes with his knight sword from a different angle. It was the most powerful strike he had ever unleashed in his life.

However, all Abel did was a few little twists, and he had completely dodged the strikes and penetrated his defense. Just when the 5 commanders wanted to attack, all they saw was a slight blur in their vision, followed by a sharp pain on their hands. Afterward, they could no longer hold their swords tight as it dropped to the ground.

Abel and his mount wolf king did not stop. Finally, he arrived in front of the face of young master Anthony.

Just before a 'blizzard' magic pattern began to glow in the hand of that beginner wizard next to young master Anthony, Abel's light sword had already plunged into the core of the magic pattern. His spell had been broken, and blood began to spill out from his mouth. Afterward, that beginner wizard fainted on his mount.

Young master Anthony also wanted to unleash a spell, but after seeing Abel penetrate the defense of a head commander, injure 5 commanders, and break the spell of a beginner wizard in a flash, he was so shocked that he couldn't even complete drawing his spell–no matter how hard he tried.

For a so-called wizard genius, what just happened was basically impossible. But it happened.

That so-called genius young master Anthony began to scream, “I am the 3rd son of the brown family. You can't kill me!”

He could only cry because he could not even draw a spell properly because of his trembling hands.

“Mr. Wizard, please show mercy, the Brown family will give you a satisfying amount of comprehension!” By that point, Head Commander Craig was no longer coming across as threatening. He knew his attack was useless and that Wizard was already in the face of young master Anthony. All he needed to do was a gentle pick of his sword, and young master Anthony would be dead.

“Brown family?” Abel let out a cold, mocking laugh.

His light long sword gently brushed against young master Anthony.

“Please show mercy!” Head Commander Craig yelled ruthlessly.

Abel couldn't care less. But, his sword did not directly strike upon young master Anthony. He knew a core offspring of a big family would definitely have some life savers on them.

Abel's light sword swiftly brushed against young master Anthony's neck and finger. A ring and necklace appeared on the sword. Afterward, Abel's sword brushed against young master Anthony's waist as well and took away his portal bag.

Young master Anthony was already in shock, and he just couldn't understand how Abel knew exactly where his 2 pa.s.sive defense magic items were and how Abel could take them away without triggering them.

Did someone set him up? Was head commander Craig putting up a show with head commander Bodley to set him up?

His heart filled with suspicion. It seemed like the whole world was against him.

Abel stably placed the 3 items on his saddle, and the light sword on his light slashed in front of the eyes of young master Anthony. It looked like a horizontal slash, but it was actually 2 pokes.

“Ah!” Young Master Anthony let out a scream of agony as blood gushed out from his eyes. He held his hands against his face dropped from his horse. Afterward, he began to twitch in pain on the ground.

“Young master!” Head Commander Craig quickly jumped down from his horse and Held young master Anthony in his hands. By that point, holes had been poked in young master Anthony's eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Nothing good could come out of an injury like this unless they had a master's 'healing potion'. But those potions could not be attained by just coin coins or magic gems. Therefore, young master Anthony was basically hopeless.

“Mr. Wizard, according to the n.o.ble rule, you should treat a n.o.ble as a prisoner of war and capture us. You should not hurt our Brown Family's 3rd young master!” Head Commander Craig yelled with anger and sorrow.

“You guys can be prisoners of war? Did you surrender?” Abel asked in a confused tone.

“You are so powerful; it shouldn't even matter to you if you capture weak people like us,” Head commander Craig said helplessly.

“I just didn't like his gaze; the last person who looked at me like this has already gone to h.e.l.l. You are lucky!” Abel lowered his voice.

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