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Chapter 870 Go On, I Really Want to Hear

“You must be a really good chef, Firis; this is the first time Boss has ever agreed to let anyone partic.i.p.ate in cooking with him,” Miya said as she looked at Firis in an awestruck manner. She had worked in kitchens for many years, but ever since coming to Mamy Restaurant, she had never been asked to help with cooking, not even in ingredient preparation.

Firis was also quite pleased to hear this, and she smiled at Miya in response. All good chefs had a certain level of pride, and they wouldn't allow just anyone to enter their kitchens.

Big Sister Irina asked me to keep an eye on the big sisters who try to get close to Father… Amy thought to herself in a rather conflicted manner as she appraised Firis while holding Ugly Duckling in her arms. However, her expression immediately eased as her gaze crept down to Firis' chest. I'm sure it'll be fine if it's Big Sister Firis!

Not long after that, Mag came downstairs again, and then handed a black and white chef's suit to Firis as he said, “Here's your work uniform; you can only come into the kitchen after putting it on. The bathroom is on the left-hand side on the second floor, and you can get changed in there.”

“alright.” Firis accepted the chef's suit, and a blush immediately appeared on her face. She quickly made her way upstairs, holding the chef's suit in her hands as if it were a hot potato.

Are these his clothes? What do I do? Am I actually going to have to wear this? If I don't wear this, I won't be allowed into the kitchen, but if I do… These are clothes that have been worn by a man! Firis rushed into the bathroom before closing the door and fanning her flushed cheeks with her hands.

A warm light illuminated the bathroom, and the clean mirror reflected her red cheeks. The smooth marble floor was very comfortable to look at, and there was a very large white bathtub separated from the rest of the bathroom by a semi-transparent gla.s.s panel.

After taking a few deep breaths, Firis placed the chef's suit onto a rack beside her, and then began to strip off her own clothes.

Are they really that small? After taking off her clothes, she couldn't help but appraise her diminutive chest in the mirror, upon which a resigned and dejected look immediately appeared on her face.

It fits… perfectly… After changing into the chef's suit, Firis was stunned to find that it was exactly the right size, just as if it had been custom-made for her. Even the shoes fit extremely snugly on her feet.

Furthermore, the style of this chef's suit was also slightly different from the one that Mag was wearing. The waist was clearly more tapered, and the b.u.t.tons ran diagonally down the front of her top, thereby giving the entire suit a softer and more feminine appearance. The white hat was also slightly shorter than the one Mag wore, while beneath the suit was a black ap.r.o.n, a pair of casual black pants, as well as a pair of flat black leather shoes.

The style is quite unique, but I really do get a good feeling when I put on this uniform… Firis inspected her reflection in the mirror, and discovered that she seemed to have truly become a chef after putting on the chef's suit, which instilled within her a sense of purpose and direction.

So these are new clothes. Firis stroked her chef's suit with a smile on her face, but for some reason, there was also the tiniest hint of dejection in her heart.

After the table had been cleared, Firis had also finished getting changed, and she emerged from the bathroom before making her way downstairs.

Amy looked up at her with surprise and elation in her eyes as she said, “Wow, you're wearing the same clothes as Father! Are you going to become the second chef, Big Sister Firis?”

“Firis must be an exceptional chef to have been chosen by Boss,” Miya praised with a hint of admiration and envy in her eyes.

Firis was rather embarra.s.sed to have so many people staring at her, and she hung her head to look down at her shoes. She would blush whenever she spoke to anyone aside from Irina, so this was way too much attention compared to what she was normally used to.

Mag nodded with a pleased smile as he inspected Firis in her chef's suit. She was someone who could truly help him in the kitchen, so he had chosen a chef's suit for her rather than a dress. He could sense that she was rather embarra.s.sed, so he said, “You don't have to serve any customers, as you'll be working with me in the kitchen. All you have to do is stand beside me and watch during today's lunch service.”

“Alright.” Firis nodded in response. She glanced at the long line that had already gathered outside the restaurant before hurriedly making her way into the kitchen while heaving an internal sigh of relief. There was no way she could serve so many customers with how shy and awkward she was.

“Then let's begin the lunch service.” The clock on the wall had just struck 11:30, and Mag made his way over to the restaurant's entrance before opening the door.

“Boss Mag! I've finally found you!” Before Mag even had a chance to say anything, an indignant wail suddenly rang out from beside him.

Mag faltered slightly as he turned toward the slightly tanned fatso standing behind Kra.s.su. Why did this man look so familiar?

“I'm Abraham!!” The man's voice became even more indignant.

“Duke Abraham? How did you become like this? I thought you went back to Rodu midway!” Mag's eyelids twitched, and only after taking a closer look was he able to verify that this really was Abraham. However, his skin had turned significantly darker than when he'd first met him in Rodu, and he had clearly lost a lot of weight as well.

Only four or five days had pa.s.sed since their last encounter, so Mag wasn't able to recognize him initially. Just what had happened to him in these past few days?

“Duke?” Everyone else also turned to Abraham with curious looks in their eyes. The t.i.tle of duke was one that was used only in the Roth Empire on the Norland Continent, and it was an extremely prestigious t.i.tle. All dukes were very important people in the Roth Empire, yet this tanned middle-aged man was supposed to be one of them? Why had he come to Chaos City?

“Let's… not talk about that…” Abraham replied with a depressed expression. He was a duke of the Roth Empire, yet he'd been forced to trek through the mountains for three days and almost starved to death because he'd overfed his falcon steed. This was far too embarra.s.sing a story for him to tell!

“Go on, I really want to hear it.” Amy had sat down on her little stool near the entrance, and was looking at Abraham with a curious expression as she asked, “Was it because your big fatty bird was too tired from flying and fell out of the sky? Or did you get lost along the way?”

“…” Abraham's eyes abruptly widened, and he almost blurted out “Holy s.h.i.t! Did you see everything?”.

“You see that, Ugly Duckling? You can't let yourself get too fat. If you fall from the sky while flying, it's going to be super embarra.s.sing,” Amy said with a serious expression as she pinched Ugly Duckling's chubby cheeks.

“…” Abraham wore a dark expression on his face, and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself in the ground so he could escape from all of the amused eyes being directed at him. However, he simply couldn't bear to walk away from this restaurant. He had endured countless hardships and lost close to 10 kg of weight to get here, so he couldn't just leave.

At the sight of Abraham's expression, Mag could tell that Amy had most likely struck the nail on the head. He repressed the urge to smirk as he said, “The restaurant is now open for lunch. Welcome, everyone.”

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