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Chapter 127: No, It Will Be

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Mag shook his head with a smile. “I'm sorry. The new dish isn't available this morning. But we'll sell it during dinner hours.” He hadn't soaked soybeans in the morning.

“I see. I guess I have to come back in the evening,” Proll said, disappointed. He was aware of Mag's temper, so he said no more.

Other customers took notice of this information, and planned to come here early in the evening to line up for this secret new dish.

“Father, look! The dragon is moving!” Amy called, excited.

Urien took five steps forward. The snowfall turned into a blizzard. The wind was blowing wildly, and the snow was already thick on the ground.

There was no snowflake whatsoever within a one-meter radius of where Kra.s.su was standing, just as if he was protected by an invisible round barrier.

His staff was shining red, as if on fire. It looked very warm in the blizzard.

The Frost Dragon was completely formed. It spread its wings and flapped them. Three small whirlwinds appeared beneath its wings and grew bigger quickly.

Kra.s.su lifted his eyes to look at the dragon, but wasn't in a hurry to attack it. “You haven't grown in power after all these years, Urien.”

“And you have grown, in age,” Urien replied. “The authentic tofu pudding is savory. Die, you heretic!” he shouted, bringing his wand down.

The Frost Dragon gave a roar, and ejected three icicles half a meter long. Three became nine, and nine turned into 27. They were all flying at Kra.s.su.

“You savory tofu pudding guy, I'll show you which flavor is authentic!” Kra.s.su thundered as he lifted his staff. A huge fireball appeared, and flew upwards towards the icicles. When they met, the fireball exploded. 27 icicles were shattered into pieces almost simultaneously. Some evaporated, and others fell down on the ground.

Now, the other customers were convinced that they were indeed fighting over the new dish.

Amy's eyes widened. “Wow, Half-beard Grandpa can indeed use fireball magic. His fireball looks very powerful and explodes!” she said, her eyes shining with excitement.

Mag smiled at Amy. “Do you want to learn that?” He would choose whichever master Amy preferred.

Amy nodded eagerly. “Yes!” Then she looked up at the dragon in the sky. “But Turtle Grandpa's dragon is also incredible. If I can summon a dragon, can I straddle its neck and soar into the air?”

It was all Mag could do not to smile. “Do you want to learn that too?” Urien's ice magic was more interesting and beautiful than Kra.s.su's fireball. Small wonder if children would love it.

Amy thought a moment, and nodded. “Yes.”

“Well…” Mag said as he gazed at the two magic casters thoughtfully. I didn't expect that to happen.

Kra.s.su didn't stand there and wait for the dragon to strike again. He looked at Urien from afar. “A real dragon can't stop me, let alone a fake one,” he sneered. “Let's settle our old scores once and for all!”

White magic runes appeared over Kra.s.su's legs. He rushed towards Urien.

Urien snorted, and waved his wand unhurriedly. Many solid ice walls emerged before Kra.s.su, trying to stop him.


The first ice wall was broken into pieces by the staff, then the second, and then the third… The cracking almost became one continuous sound as Kra.s.su darted towards Urien. The ice walls were unable to stop him.

There was no magic wave on his staff. It was like a wooden stove poker in his hand. He was using it to whack his way through the ice walls as if he were a powerful knight.

“Who will win?” someone asked curiously.

“The magic caster in a black robe. Just look at that fearsome Frost Dragon. He must be very powerful if he can summon a dragon like that.”

“I put my money on Lord Kra.s.su. He is a royal magic caster. He must be really strong!”

The customers started arguing over who would win.

Lord Kra.s.su, please win this fight for sweet tofu pudding people! Yabemiya prayed silently, clenching her fists.

She might feel close to the dragon, but she would never change her beliefs.

Mag raised an eyebrow. A melee magic caster all right. His resume is amazing, but it's more shocking when I see him fight first-hand. With such horrifying speed and power, he's more of a knight than a magic caster right now.

“Whoa!” Amy exclaimed, her mouth open. “Half-beard Grandpa is incredible! I want to learn that, Father!”

Urien overheard what Amy had just said. His face darkened, and he pointed his wand at Kra.s.su. The Frost Dragon flapped its wings and swooped towards Kra.s.su, its mouth wide open.

“That old man will be killed!” someone exclaimed.

Those who were craven had closed their eyes. They dared not to look.

No. It will be the other way around. Kra.s.su's eyes met the dragon's ferocious stare with no hint of fear. He leapt three meters into the air, took hold of his staff with both hands, and brought it down with all his strength.

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