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Chapter 1050 Look, This Is The Perfect Bondage

“Why isn't Boss back? It's almost time to start the business. What should we do? There are so many customers lining up outside.” Yabemiya kept looking out of the restaurant door.

“Where did Father say he went?” Amy stood at the door with Ugly Duckling in her arms, looking worried.

“Boss only said that he's going out for a while and went out with his bicycle. He didn't say where he was going.” Firis shook her head. They had no idea where Boss went too.

“Does Father not want me anymore?” Amy pouted her mouth in grievance. Her father had never left on his own without telling her like this.

“How could that be? Boss loves little Amy so much, how could he not want you? He must be held back by something on the way, so he can't make it back in time,” Yabemiya said with a smile as she stroked Amy's head.

“There's still five minutes before business starts, but we're not even a third complete with the preparation of the ingredients. We haven't even made the food that needs to be prepared beforehand. Even if Boss returned now, it would still be too late,” Shirley said.

“Then what should we do? There are so many customers lining up outside. If we were to tell them that the Boss is not around and tell them to come back another time, would they wreck the restaurant?” Miya said worriedly.

Elizabeth swept a glance at the line, and calmly said, “That is not a concern. As long as the two great magic casters don't take any action, the rest of them are not our match.”

“That would be very interesting,” Babla rubbed her hands together excitedly as she looked at the customers in the line.

Shirley looked at the long line and shook “her” head slightly. “It would affect the restaurant's reputation if we were to suddenly cease operations for no reason without any prior notice. We have to come up with a plan.”

When the rest heard that, they all frowned and considered their options. Killing all the customers, giving everyone a copper coin, hypnotizing them to think that they had already eaten… After a series of strange thoughts, Firis finally carefully said,” Perhaps… I could make the beef kebab.”

Everyone looked at Firis with their eyes lit up.

“That's right, Firis's beef kebab is already as good as the one Boss makes. Why don't we change our afternoon theme to beef kebab? That way, at least the customers in the line could still eat something,” Yabemiya said with delight.

Everyone agreed to Yabemiya's suggestion.

Very quickly, there was a new notice at the restaurant's door:

The boss went out and has yet to return. This afternoon will be a beef kebab special. Each customer is limited to two kebabs!

Once the notice was put out, there was a sudden commotion among the customers lining up.

“What's going on? Isn't a beef kebab special a bit too much?”

“Although the beef kebab is good, it's too much to limit each customer to just two. How is two enough?”

“But, if Boss Mag isn't around, who is making the beef kebab?”

Mag woke up and heard some ruffling sounds. He opened his eyes and happened to see a pair of fair, ferocious-looking b.r.e.a.s.t.s swaying left and right in front of him.

The headlights of this car keep swaying. Mag blinked, and when he got a clearer look, he saw a small black mole on the fair area, which made it a little s.e.xier.

Judging from how much the headlights were swaying, that should be at least an E cup.

Also, it looked completely natural. Otherwise, it would not be swaying so naturally.

The memory of what happened before he lost consciousness surged into his mind. The small alley, the sudden bludgeon at the corner, and that was all.

F*ck! Was I kidnapped? Mag raised his brow. He looked up and saw that seductive, familiar face that was almost sticking to his face.

“Hm?! Countess Bartoli!”

Mag was surprised, but he was somehow expecting it. Ever since he came to this world, there were indeed few women he had seen with such large b.r.e.a.s.t.s. This vampire countess was one of them.

Besides, Mag knew what her motive was. It was probably related to Gloria's unexpected confession this morning.

He knew from a very long time ago that this countess was half a lesbian.

After all, she had warned him twice before.

What he did not expect was that he would actually be knocked unconscious and taken away by her.

If others were to find out that Alex, who had just created a sensation in the Dragon Islands and rejected the role of the Roth Empire's grand marshal, was knocked unconscious and then dragged into a small black room…

Mag shifted his gaze away from the swaying bosom, and finally noticed that he was lying on a bench with his hands over his head.

The countess's s.e.xy and seductive legs were open and over him. Her tight black skirt made a beautiful curve at her perky b.u.m. Her fair legs extended all the way to the split in her skirt, and he could faintly see some red.

She was blushing and her forehead was filled with perspiration. Her unfocused and enchanting eyes were even more enticing.

But, what was she doing?

Was she giving him some benefits?

Or was she trying to use him to correct her s.e.xual orientation?

Mag was a little dumbfounded.

Although he was against it, his body was lying very obediently, and he even closed his eyes.

However, at this moment, Mag could also feel a smooth rope sliding up and down his wrist.

Is this some abduction play? Mag raised his brow.

However, after going around his hands several times, the rope quickly slid off. She did not manage to successfully tie the rope around his hands, and her awkward movement gave Mag the urge to help her.

“F*ck! Why is this high-grade rope so difficult to tie up? I've been on it for half an hour already! How infuriating!” Camilla's frustrated voice sounded, and she did not seem to have noticed that Mag had opened his eyes.

Mag lay on the bench quietly with his eyes closed as the awkward scene in the little black room continued. Camilla was lying on Mag as she continued attempting to tie his hands up.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

Mag could not help but open his eyes. He looked at Camilla, and said, “Do you need help?”

“Sure… Ah!” Camilla looked down at Mag, who had “woken up”, and froze. After a while, she said, “When did you wake up?!”

“It had been quite a while,” Mag replied truthfully. He glanced towards the side and noticed the candle and whip on the chair at the side. This was a familiar set…

“Hmph, how dare you play dead in front of me. It seems like I have to knock you out again.” A black bludgeon appeared in Camilla's hand once again. She muttered, “No, this time, he has to be aware that he is a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t!”

Mag calculated quickly inside. Camilla was a 9th-tier expert, while he was only at the peak of the 7th-tier. He would definitely not be able to out-fight her.

But this cycle of being knocked out was not a way out. He had no idea what time it even was.

Therefore, he lifted his hands and pointed at the thick red rope hanging loosely on his wrist, and smilingly said, “Countess, do you want to tie this rope? I'm good at it. I can teach you.”

“You really know how to do it?” Camilla did not really buy it. However, she had been trying for a very long time without any success just now, and she was already on the verge of mental breakdown.

“Yes, it's very simple, actually. I can show you.” Mag smiled. He got up and tied Camilla up quickly with the rope.

Five minutes later, Mag looked at Camilla, who was tied up with the red rope, and nodded his head with satisfaction.

“Look, this is the perfect bondage.”

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