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Chapter 557: Distress Signal

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

It was hard to describe the scene unfolding before his eyes with words. The Spider Empress's body had turned skinny and st.u.r.dy, from a huge arachnid into a monster with four arms and four legs in a matter of minutes!

Mu Qiubo's Law of Fusion had caused him to become one with the Ice Spider—a peculiar and ferocious monster!


Before they could fully fuse, Xia Fei delivered a series of heavy punches right at them!

It was clearly evident that the monster after this fusion would have the combat strength of both a Beast King and that of a Law Emperor, becoming much stronger than before. Xia Fei simply could not allow such a thing to happen!


Peac.o.c.k Blue came out from Xia Fei's right arm, reaching fifty centimeters in length in the blink of an eye! Its blue gra.s.s blades fluttered in the air!

Like very agile tentacles, Peac.o.c.k Blue gripped the monster's two legs left and right.

“Get down!”

Xia Fei used all his strength to hold the monster down. Two of the four legs from the monster had been ripped off, leaving it with just two legs and four arms clutching the ground.

“What are you all waiting for?!” Xia Fei angrily spat, and all eleven Beast Kings went pouncing on it, aiming at the monster's legs with their fangs and claws.


Blood Crystal was stabbed into the monster's leg!

As it partic.i.p.ated in more battles, the Blood Crystal's speed at which it drained blood became faster and faster. A lot of blood flowed into the Blood Crystal from the leg of the monster; it was like a pump—no, more like a blood pump!


The monstrous Mu Qiubo let out an agonizing wail as it thrashed about!

“What strength!”

Xia Fei's eyebrows tightened. The monster fusion of Mu Qiubo and the Spider Empress was immensely strong, and it could already reach that of a Peak Law Emperor!


Xia Fei was sent flying, tumbling into the air for several hundred meters. He only came to a stop after smashing through several dozen st.u.r.dy trees!

Fortunately, he had the protection of the liquid war armor, Silver Desert, so while Xia Fei could feel a measure of ache all over his body, he was not particularly wounded.

The Beast Kings had all stopped their attacks and leaped away from their encirclement. By now, the Law of Fusion was already completed, and trying to get anywhere near the monstrous Mu Qiubo was already very dangerous!

“Ranged attack!”

Xia Fei shouted his order, and the Beast Kings all began unleashing their various ranged attacks!

Exotic beasts would more or less gain their abilities after reaching the Beast King grade, though their capabilities would vary and demonstrate different degrees of combat strength.

Xia Fei used his Chain Blockade martial arts technique once more!

Mu Qiubo raised a spatial barrier before him. Aside from Xia Fei's Law of Primal Chaos, nothing else could penetrate that, which was why Xia Fei must first break the barrier before the Beast Kings' attacks could score a hit on the enemy.

*Bang bang bang—*

Different special abilities were unleashed at the same time, and the pretty lights and effects created were akin to a super-size fireworks display, which exploded in front of the monstrous Mu Qiubo!

The glaring light show covered the sky, with the monster Mu Qiubo right in the middle of everything. It was clear that this wave of ranged attacks was very powerful!

Without the protection of the spatial barrier, Xia Fei felt that Mu Qiubo ought to be heavily injured if not killed outright after this wave of attack!


That was when something unexpected occurred!

Before the lights could fade, a black figure suddenly leaped!

This one leap cleared over five hundred meters!


With his four arms clutching the cliff, The fused Mu Qiobo rapidly climbed up the peak of the mountain!

Xia Fei was stunned!

The body of the Spider Empress originally spanned over a kilometer, and it could be described as a huge monstrosity.

However, after fusing with the Law Emperor Mu Qiubo, their combined body reached a height of around 150 meters, and his build was a lot smaller than before!

Sinuous muscle lines bulged. Even the most outstanding bodybuilder could only sigh if they laid eyes upon this monster. His originally pale skin had turned greyish, and there was even a black mark imprinted upon his forehead!

Getting rid of the previously heavy and c.u.mbersome body, Mu Qiubo now had both agility and speed!


Xia Fei yelled, so the Austere Sculpted Demon Condor King spread both its wings and soared to the clouds. Xia Fei exerted force to his legs and leaped high, grabbing hold of the condor's talons as it climbed!


With great speed, Xia Fei was carried up tens of thousands of meters up in the air!

Letting go of the condor, Xia Fei sharply plummeted head-first to the valley!

“Xia Fei, have you gone insane!” Phantom exclaimed. Never had he expected that Xia Fei would actually attempt something so suicidal!

To fall head-first for tens of thousands of meters from this height, this was practically too desperate a move!

“Shut it!” Xia Fei retorted.

Mu Qiubo fled up the cliff in an attempt to escape. This was when he suddenly discovered a black dot from above drawing closer and closer!


Mu Qiubo seemed to have lost his speech capabilities after his transformation, merely growling a lot at Xia Fei as he waved his arms.

With his head lowered like a dropped bomb, a stern expression on his face.

Seeing that he was no more than a thousand meters away from Mu Qiubo, Xia Fei suddenly reached out his two arms and unleashed his spatial tear martial arts technique, Chain Blockade!

Because he was plummeting to the ground, Chain Blockade was not traveling out horizontally but directly straight for Mu Qiubo's head!


Spatial barrier versus spatial tear!

Xia Fei's attack power was originally a lot weaker than that of a Law Emperor, but Xia Fei's attacks not only had the spatial tear force, it also had the disruptive power of the Law of Primal Chaos!

The barrier shattered!

The tearing force struck Mu Qiubo! The violent tornado did a number right to him, creating thousands upon thousands of cuts upon his body!


When the tornado attack finally pa.s.sed, Mu Qiubo was left wailing.

Before he finished his roars, Mu Qiubo suddenly found that Xia Fei still had another move behind the tornadoes, and it was a move that no one expected!

Xia Fei's Silver Desert had wrapped around him tightly like a coc.o.o.n, glinting its metallic sheen as he crashed in like an accelerated ionized cannonball.

A short dagger poked out from the circular surface, and it was none other than Blood Crystal!

It turned out that Xia Fei was using body as a weapon in order to a.s.sail Mu Qiubo!

The squall, which came from Xia Fei's Chain Blockade, had messed up Mu Qiubo's vision, so by the time he saw Xia Fei, there were no more than fifty meters between them!


This one strike landed right on Mu Qiubo's shoulder. Blood Crystal immediately began working, draining copious amounts of blood from the Law Emperor, far more agonizing than the spatial tears from before!

Though it was just a small dagger, the power it had was unimaginable!

The edge of the blade slashed downward, as a large cut appeared across Mu Qiubo's grayish skin.

In his panic, Mu Qiubo's body cringed, and began falling down from the cliff.

He had originally escaped half way up the mountainside, but this series of attacks from Xia Fei caused him to fall down to the base once more.


The Beast Kings which had already been waiting for this moment unleashed another series of explosions!

Xia Fei kicked himself off with the help of the cliff wall, and he came hurtling out at an oblique angle, which also reduced the inertia of his fall, so he safely landed on the ground.

“Crafty Approach!”

Without a moment's hesitation, Xia Fei closed in toward Mu Qiubo, instantly making the decision to engage in close quarters combat with him!

Xia Fei had determined, after a short observation of the situation, that although the Law of Fusion combined Mu Qiubo and the Spider Empress as one, increasing the strength and agility, his Law force was ultimately weakened!

Until now, Mu Qiubo had yet to deal a single ranged spatial attack, almost as if he had lost the ability to do so.

Any gains would be balanced with losses; his increase in physical strength must naturally result in other aspects of him to weaken.


Xia Fei began sprinting, following along the cliff wall as he climbed upward. With a single tap of his foot, Xia Fei flew toward where Mu Qiubo's brain was.

The monster was big in size, so Blood Crystal needed plenty of time to drain his blood essence. That was why Xia Fei had decided to retrieve the blood and brain juices from him directly!

The disadvantages of not having blood flowing to the brain was obvious, and no sentient being or beast would become light-headed as a result, making it far more effective than draining Mu Qiubo's blood essence from anywhere else on his body.


Peac.o.c.k Blue answered Xia Fei's order and came growing out, like a fragile ribbon fluttering in the wind. It deftly wound itself around Mu Qiubo's head, essentially blindfolding him. Peac.o.c.k Blue had two blades of leaves, and the other twined out to cover his nose!

“Tighten! I want him wrapped to death!” Xia Fei bellowed.

Peac.o.c.k Blue was very resilient, and it swiftly began tightening its hold. As such, not only was Mu Qiubo's two eyes completely covered, unable to see a thing, even his nose was sealed, making it impossible for him to breathe!


Blood Crystal was stabbed right into Mu Qiubo's scalp! The bloodsucking dagger began drawing out fresh blood from Mu Qiubo's brain!

*Crack crack crack*

A series of pops could be heard from the skull. Peac.o.c.k Blue was practically crushing Mu Qiubo's skull, which showed just how much strength it possessed!

In an attempt to free himself, Mu Qiubo used his hand to slap his head in his fl.u.s.ter when, really, all it would likely result was just him injuring himself.

Xia Fei cleverly got Peac.o.c.k Blue to let go, slipping behind Mu Qiubo in one smooth motion.


That slap struck his own head, and the misfortune Mu Qiubo nearly killed himself with that one blow.

Now behind Mu Qiubo, Xia Fei reached close to his neck and Peac.o.c.k Blue struck once more! Winding itself around his neck this time, the plant constricted with such force that it prevented him from breathing, causing Mu Qiubo's face to turn green!


Blood Crystal was thrust into Mu Qiubo's carotid artery!

The brain and the neck were where blood gathered the most. Blood Crystal thirsted for fresh blood, so the speed at which it drained its victim was much faster than a normal attack!

Peac.o.c.k Blue was like a rope, and Mu Qiubo became like a hanged man on a noose. Blood was being rapidly drained from him, so much so that his tongue lolled out, as an unpleasant scent wafted out.

Mu Qiubo tried to stop everything from happening amid his panic, wanting to tear off Peac.o.c.k Blue, which had wound itself around his neck.

However, this was an Immemorial Mystic Armament! The toughest and most stubborn weed throughout the whole universe!

Even if Mu Qiubo had the cultivation of a Law Emperor, he was helpless against it. Peac.o.c.k Blue wound itself tightly around his neck, and unless this weed died, it would never loosen its grip.

He was slowly losing consciousness, for Blood Crystal had heavily stemmed what blood was being pumped to the brain due to how fast and how much it was sucking away. Even if he turned into a monster now, Mu Qiubo would be unable to stop what was happening.

The Law of Fusion was originally quite powerful, but it was just too bad that the oversized form that the fused bodies had made it difficult for Mu Qiubo to deal with the physical agility of a Crafty Approach master like Xia Fei.

Like using a cannon to hit ants, no amount of power mattered if he ultimately failed to land a blow on Xia Fei. Not to mention the fact that Xia Fei still had the mysterious Law of Primal Chaos in his back pocket, so he was not particularly afraid of dealing with Mu Qiubo's attacks.

As his vision dimmed, Mu Qiubo saw a figure, a figure hiding deep underneath the Eternal Ice Plains.

After fusing with the Spider Empress, Mu Qiubo also inherited its thoughts and memories, and that sleeping figure in the darkness was something Mu Qiubo felt very familiar and close to.

Without making a sound, this familiar figure seemed to be in the middle of a deep slumber, unaware of everything happening above ground.


Mu Qiubo let out a mournful wail, and this sound penetrated the ground, until it reached this figure sleeping in darkness.

No. It was not a wail but rather a distress call!

Because after hearing this cry, that humongous black figure, several hundred thousands of meters underground, moved!

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