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Chapter 70: Long-Term Cooperation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Calder brought Audrey back to the Davis family, almost all the servants looked at these two people with strange looks.

“Why did the patriarch suddenly choose to give up the position of the patriarch? Could it be that the great elder, Pierre, will be the patriarch of the Davis family in the future?”

“How could it be? The Great Elder, Pierre, has always disliked the patriarch. Therefore, if nothing unexpected happens, Mr. Houston will be the one to run for the patriarch this time.”

“I thought miss Audrey was finally going to stand out. But, in the end, she was chased out of the Davis family again.”

“Go, go, go, don't say anymore. Patriarch Calder and miss Audrey are back.”

The servants looked at the two people walking toward them and hurriedly lowered their heads.

Calder felt a wave of bitterness in his heart.

He had never heard Audrey say these words to him before. So these servants were actually gossiping behind his back in front of Audrey.

Audrey returned to her room. In fact, she did not have much to bring with her.

Calder's sudden decision to sever ties with the Davis family had caused her quite a bit of trouble. There was no way to deal with the piles of medicinal herbs piled up in her room.

Fortunately, Calder was not in a hurry to leave. Audrey planned to go to the Lisi commercial building to take a look.

“Miss Audrey? Aren't you supposed to be partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion of the five families today?” Mack looked at Audrey in surprise. “Or do you have another treasure to sell?”

Logically speaking, the compet.i.tion of the five families should not be over so quickly. However, it seemed like Audrey did not come here empty-handed to sell things.

Sure enough, Audrey took out a bag of gold coins and said, “I want to buy a magic artifact that can store things. I wonder if there's one in the Lisi commercial building?”

In her previous life, this item was usually called a magic ring in the shape of a ring. It was divided into one, two, and three levels. Audrey did not know what the people here called it, so she could only describe its function.

Mack raised his eyebrows. “Store things? That should be the universe bag. May I ask, miss Audrey, what size do you need?”

However, such storage-type artifacts were scarce in the Lisi commercial building. Usually, each family would hire an alchemist to refine them and distribute them to the younger generation.

Now, it seemed that Audrey did not have one.

Mack had no intention of asking about the Davis family. He only wanted to earn money.

“Yes.” Audrey nodded. “I need to move. I don't know the size of the universe bag needed yet. If possible, please show me the differences.”

Mack nodded in understanding. He asked Bale to bring three cosmos sacks of different sizes over. “I don't need to tell you more about the storage properties of the universe bag.

“The slightly smaller ones are usually used to store various dharmic artifacts. The medium ones are usually used to move, and various families usually use the larger ones to store various books or rare items on a large scale…

“The prices are actually different. The smaller ones are 10,000 gold coins, the medium ones are 30,000 gold coins, and the larger ones are 50,000 gold coins.”

In fact, it was not worth this money at all. Bale watched his boss speak with confidence and a.s.surance with an expressionless face.

The universe bag was something that could be seen everywhere in the Jones Empire. So naturally, therefore, it was not worth coming to the Lisi commercial building to buy it.

The prices on the market were also measured by silver coins, not gold coins.

Mack took a sip of the tea on the table, he looked at Audrey's bright eyes and coughed guiltily. “I don't intend to take your money. As long as you promise to let our Lisi commercial building take up 50% of the next level-10 potion auction.”

The way he looked at Audrey now was extremely fervent. This was a sure-win deal.

Bale cursed in his heart. A bottle of level 10 potion and a universe bag, he could not tell which one was more important.

“Sure.” Audrey nodded indifferently.

Bale asked in surprise, “Audrey, have you thought it through?”

He took a look at his boss before he came back to his senses and actually said what he wanted to say.

Audrey herself did not care. Just the mess of materials she bought from the Lisi commercial building was enough to refine hundreds or thousands of potion bottles that he wanted.

She could even use this opportunity to maintain a good cooperation with the Lisi commercial building. Why not?

Mack excitedly stuffed all three bags into Audrey's arms. “That's great, miss Audrey!”

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