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Chapter 767: Unreliable

To the crown prince, it did not matter whether it was edited out or not. He had never worried about it!

Anyway, he just needed to know who owned the plot of vegetables and send the money over at a later time.

About five to six minutes later, the young cameraman returned:

“Brother Mo, I found out this plot of vegetable belongs to the Owner of Room No. 1.”

Mo Boyuan nodded and rummaged through his pockets. In the end, he did not find anything. Only then did he remember that his wallet and phone had long been taken away by the program team.

“Go and tell the owner that the money for the vegetables will be given later.”


The young man was a little confused:


Mo Boyuan had already gotten down to the plot of land and carefully selected the small cabbages that were large in size.

If Guan Tezhu or Zhou Xian were there, they would have basically have solved all the problems when they went there for the first time.

After all, Zhou Xian’s annual salary was a six-figure sum.

As for Guan Tezhu and the rest, their salary was at least an eight figures sum.

If they could not even solve these small problems for their boss, they would not need to work anymore.

At this moment, Room 5 was filled with fragrance.

A total of two large plates of meat patties were fried. The little boy’s eyes were almost glued to the meat patties and his small mouth would occasionally make slurping sounds.

He could not help but take a few steps forward:


Jiang Tingxu lowered her head and saw that the corner of her son’s mouth was already drooling.

“You want to eat?”

Of course!

“Yes, yes, yes!”

He hummed a few times in succession.

“It’s still very hot. You can eat it later. Take these over first.”

The little boy was very disappointed:

“Alright.” His tone was even more reluctant.

At the same time, his small stomach was also growling.

When Jiang Tingxu was about to enter the frame several times, the camera crew moved away in time.

“Young Madam, you and Little Ningning… need to keep a little distance.”

Her leg was almost filmed just now. Fortunately, they discovered it in time. Otherwise, once it was broadcast, how would they explain the sudden appearance of a woman’s leg?

“Yes, okay.”

Jiang Tingxu held a plate of meat patties in one hand and smiled as she tilted her head:

“Aren’t you leaving?”

The little boy pursed his lips and whispered:

“I am.”

The mother and son returned to the room. Mo Boyuan also came back with a handful of cabbage.

“Brother Mo.”

“Brother Mo.”

He greeted the crew.

The man nodded in response.

“Honey, I’m back. Do you think this is fine?”

Jiang Tingxu looked up:

“Sure. Where did you get it?”

“I picked it from the Plantation.”

The Plantation?

“You stole it?”

“How is that possible? I’ll pay for the vegetables after I find the owner’s house.”

How could a dignified crown prince steal?

Jiang Tingxu was actually just casually asking. She did not really think that way:

“Give it to me.”

Mo Boyuan handed over the cabbage in his hand and then looked at the two large plates of meat patties on the table:

“How fragrant!” He praised generously. Then, he began to eat secretly:

“It tastes good.”

Jiang Tingxu had no time to stop this man who was eating:

“Mo Boyuan, do you still care about hygiene? Have you washed your hands?”

Could he not see how hard his son was craving?

It was indeed not suitable for children to eat things that had just been fried and were still very hot. As such, Jiang Tingxu kept stopping him.

Who knew that this man was not reliable at all.

The little boy was even more frustrated now:

“Mom, Dad has already eaten it. Can Ningning eat it now?” He asked pitifully.

Jiang Tingxu wanted to agree. Since it was left to cool for a while, picking something on the sides that should be fine.


A certain man suddenly spoke.

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