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Finally Successful

“Clink… clink…” Amidst the clear sounds of excavation, Xin Yun… was sweating profusely in the carriage and repeatedly swung his small shovel, removing chunk after chunk from the large rock.

“Clank!” Finally, when Xin Yun swung the shovel down once more, a strange sound rang out. The shovel seemed to have hit something like steel, as it bounced up. At the same time, a deep blue light came from the place that the shovel had struck.

Looking at the blue light, Xin Yun’s heart practically wanted to leap out of his throat. Bending over, he carefully took a look at the area he had not completely excavated. A bit of blue light leaked out from a transparent item. Very clearly… it was the jade blue sea!”

In his joy, how could Xin Yun restrain himself, as he devoted all his strength to swinging the shovel. He did not mind that the area between his thumb and index finger was bleeding, nor did he mind the extreme pain in his arm. After just two minutes, he pulled out the perfectly round dragon creation stone.

Of course, the reason he dared to dig so fervently was that the hardness of dragon creations stones was very frightening. There was practically nothing that could damage one. In the future, one could even use dragon stones and shoot them at their enemies.

Although he was very moved, Xin Yun did not dare delay. He did not want to end up like Shi Tou, who was seen by others because of his jubilation, which led to him being killed. Once he was truly discovered by others, not to mention his current weak state, even if he were ten thousand times more powerful than he was right now, he would definitely die. Unless it was one of the nine top experts from his previous life, n.o.body could protect him.

Although he wanted to immediately begin cultivating, beginning the refining of the dragon creation stone and summoning his own dragon, Xin Yun did not make any preparations before coming here. It had to be known… in order to refine a dragon creation stone and summon a dragon, that required a large amount of time. At the very least, one week was required. If one did not prepare ahead of time, even hunger could cause him to faint.

Carefully placing the jade blue sea into a leather pouch that he had prepared earlier, Xin Yun set the carriage in motion and returned to the inn. The carriage was not returned immediately, as Xin Yun was truly too nervous. Fearing that the jade blue sea would be discovered, he sent A Da to return it.

After returning to the inn, Xin Yun found A Da and forced him to return the carriage. At the same time, he told A Da that the deposit on the carriage was one gold and that he could keep it for his troubles.

Hearing what Xin Yun had said, A Da was truly overjoyed. He nodded with joy, as there were many things that he could do with ten gold. In the large Ta Shan City, there were many fun things to do.

Right before leaving, A Da told Xin Yun not to wait for him to eat dinner. Although he did not clearly say what he was going to do, Xin Yun know. As a young man in his early thirties, he had already gone three or four months without touching a woman. He had definitely endured for too long.

In this world, if one wanted to find a woman for pleasure, it did not cost very much, especially in a large city like Ta Shan City, where there were numerous women.

If one was rather poor, 100 copper was enough to find a decent woman. If one had money, one silver would definitely be enough to find an incomparably beautiful woman. If it was one gold, then a woman could be chosen as one liked.

In his previous life, when Xin Yun had just transmigrated to this world from Earth, he had lost himself in women. For the Xin Yun who had been born in the 21st century, this was a temptation that he could not resist.

In this world, if one wanted to have fun, it was not limited to just visiting brothels. If one found a woman wearing a colorful hairstring in the streets, one could go over and begin negotiating. Once the price has been agreed upon, she would bring you home to enjoy the pleasures between man and woman.

As a man coming to such a “wonderful” world, it was very difficult to exert any self-control, but everyone knew how harmful it would be to the body if one lost control and did it every night.

Although Xin Yun had gone out for a long time, when Xin Yun returned, Yi Luo Xiang was still asleep. Looking at Yi Luo Xiang’s adorable sleeping face, Xin Yun could not help but gently smile. Women were indeed very enticing, but even if every woman were added together, they would not be as alluring as Yi Luo Xiang, especially when she revealed her most beautiful moments, the beauty was sufficient to cause people to faint.

Although his body was only that of a seven-year-old child, Xin Yun was much more mature on the inside. His desire for women was even more intense. It was just that his body did not react, but… in this life, Xin Yun did not want to relieve this l.u.s.t. Even if he had to, he wanted to do it with Yi Luo Xiang. Whoever could control their desires would become an even greater expert. There was absolutely no mistake with this idea.

Without waking Yi Luo Xiang, Xin Yun rushed to the reception and requested another room. He also informed them that regardless of what time or what happens, even if the inn caught fire, not to go disrupt him. Of course… before he left, Xin Yun left A Da and Yi Luo Xiang a message telling them to patiently wait for at least one week and at most ten days, and that they should not worry about him.

After receiving a positive response, Xin Yun ate a large meal then brought some dried food into the new room. Closing the door tight and holding it shut with a stick, he closed the curtains and ensured that not a sliver of light would escape. Finally, Xin Yun brought out a leather pouch that held his dragon creation stone- the jade blue sea!

Carefully removing the pouch from the jade blue sea… an extremely round and transparent object, the size of a chicken egg, that exuded a dark blue light appeared in Xin Yun’s hand.

This dragon creation stone was very strange. All dragon creation stones were round when they were dug up, so they did not need to be shaped. They were smooth and transparent, without a trace of impurity.

Looking at the crystal in his hands that exuded a dark blue light, Xin Yun’s heart began to race. Taking multiple deep breaths in a row, his breathing gradually began to steady.

Closing his eyes tight, he did his best to calm his mind. After a long time… Xin Yun suddenly opened his eyes. Forcefully biting down on the tip of his tongue, a mouthful of blood sprayed onto the jade blue sea.

After spilling his blood, the jade blue sea suddenly began to shoot out a dark blue light. Not only did the blood that had landed on the dragon creation stone not slide down the round shape, it stuck to the surface of the dragon creation stone.

Looking at the dragon creation stone that was covered in blood, Xin Yun did not dare delay. Clasping his hands together with the jade blue sea in between his palms, he concentrated his energy and felt the incomparably cool dragon creation stone.

After being stained with blood, the dragon creation stone gradually began to exude a strange attractive force. Its pull was extremely strange. Under this pull, Xin Yun felt his mind sway, as though his soul was about to be sucked into the jade blue sea.

Faced with this sort of situation, Xin Yun did not panic. After all… he had already experienced this once in his previous life. He was completely clear what this sort of feeling meant.

Holding the jade blue sea tightly between his two hands, his body entered a relaxed state and was completely defenseless. Xin Yun could clearly feel that his spirit had begun to move towards the jade blue sea in his hands.

“Whoosh…” After who knows how long, a clear sound rang out, and Xin Yun felt the area before his eyes light up. Although Xin Yun currently had his eyes closed, within Xin Yun’s mind, a world filled with dark blue light appeared!

This world was dark blue, as though it were set deep in the middle of the ocean. All around, there were waves of blue light, and Xin Yun’s body was a hazy ball with countless bright and colorful light spots forming a human shape. It was very illusory.

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