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Acting Resourcefully

Driving the carriage, Xin Yun quickly rushed towards the roads behind Ta Shan City. At the same time, Xin Yun’s eyes endlessly swept along the sides of the roads, trying to find the large rock that hid the jade blue sea.

Unfortunately, the sides of the road Xin Yun took were covered in thick gra.s.s. Where could a rock be found. Now that he was about to reach the base of the towering mountain, Xin Yun could already begin to see the entrance to the mine, but he still could not find the rumored rock.

“Clank… clank…” Finally, when Xin Yun drove the carriage past a bend, the sound of someone digging could be heard from ahead. Following the sound, a st.u.r.dy young person could be seen squatted next to a long rock that was placed on the side of the road. Moving the small mining tool in his hand, he devoted himself to digging.

At this time, Xin Yun only felt his mind explode. Had he still arrived a step too late? This guy had still found the jade blue sea a step before he did. Could it be… that he was destined to miss out on the jade blue sea?

Xin Yun fiercely gritted his teeth, as a murderous intent filled his gaze. If necessary, he did not mind doing away with the other side. Unfortunately, Xin Yun was currently only an unbelievably weak seven and a half year old child. If he wanted to kill the other side, even a sneak attack would not be enough, and once he took action, whether or not the other side would die was unknown; however, he would definitely die. Even if the other side counter-attacked in the instant before dying, it would be enough to kill him ten times over.

Since force was not an option, he could only rely on his intellect. Suddenly pulling on the reins, the carriage quickly stopped next to the st.u.r.dy man. At the same time, Xin Yun put on a frantic look and said with a stutter: “Quick… quickly, Shi Tou. Your younger sister was. .h.i.t by a carriage and does not have long. If you don’t go back…”

“What!” Hearing what Xin Yun said, the st.u.r.dy young man stood up with a blank face. In one hand, he held his shovel, and in the other, he held a shining… jade blue… blue radish the size of an egg!

Looking at Xin Yun in a daze, the guy used his sleeve to wipe the dirt from his radish then tossed it into his mouth. Chewing on it, he did not care at all if the dirt had been completely removed.

“Gulp…” After chewing for a while, the young man looked blankly at Xin Yun then said in a simple-minded manner: “I am not called Shi Tou, and I do not have a younger sister. Have you mistaken me for someone?”

“I… uh…” Hearing what he said, Xin Yun could not help but smile bitterly. Now that he was closer, Xin Yun could already see clearly. That guy had indeed been digging, but it was not for the jade blue sea. Instead, he was digging up blue radishes from under the rocks. And… this guy was not the one who discovered the jade blue se Shi Tou!

Looking at Xin Yun’s bitter smile, the st.u.r.dy young man looked over Xin Yun then turned and walked towards the direction Xin Yun had come from. After a short while, he disappeared around the curve.

Watching that young man’s figure disappear, Xin Yun could not help but become emotional. Looking at the rock that was left at the side of the road, Xin Yun’s heart began to race. The incomparably beautiful 9.9th tier jade blue sea should be within this rock. From the rounded edges of the rock, one could tell that it had already been left there for an unknown number of years, but it had not been mined.

After looking around, he determined that there was n.o.body around. Xin Yun hopped out of the carriage and stealthily pulled out his handheld shovel from his pocket. Going around the rock, he quickly began to search.

Minutes and seconds went by, but… after searching for over ten minutes, Xin Yun was unable to find the jade blue sea. Could it be… that the jade blue sea was not in this rock?

Although he was very rushed, Xin Yun did not hurry to continue searching. Sitting on that long rock, Xin Yun frowned and began pondering about the rumors he had heard about the jade blue sea.

Finally, Xin Yun’s eyes lit up, as he remembered a key part. Based on the rumors, the guy called Shi Tou had come out of the mine with a medium-sized shovel. When he went to rest, the shovel had removed a chunk from the rock he was seated on, thus revealing the jade blue sea. That was to say that no part of the jade blue sea was currently revealed. Unless he removed a chunk of the rock, it could definitely not be found. Otherwise, based on the familiarity miners had with dragon creation stones, how could it be waiting for him to dig it up! Who knows how many hundreds of years ago it would have been taken away otherwise.

Just as Xin Yun was thinking, the sound of footsteps came from the direction of the mine. Hearing these footsteps, Xin Yun’s heart immediately began racing… Four incredibly stout young men were walking along the path with their shovels in hand.

Very quickly, the four guys arrived next to the rock. Looking at the carriage stopped at the side of the road, they then looked at Xin Yun, who sat on the rock. The four guys did not pay too much attention, as they put down their shovels and sat down on the rock.

Just as they sat down, one of the guys spoke up: “Shi Tou, let’s go buy some meat and wine then gather at your house. Hehe… Your younger sister is getting better and better at making food. I’m starting to drool just thinking about it.”

Hearing this voice, one of the young men smiled slightly then nodded: “Sure, there is no need to buy meat or wine. There is some at home, so we can go straight there.”

Hearing them speak, Xin Yun’s mind began to move, as he looked towards the person that just spoke. That was Shi Tou? Un… he was very young and very stout, but in his previous life, his future was very bleak. Just after digging out the jade blue sea, he was discovered by one of his comrades. As a result… the none of the four guys survived. Following the spread of the rumors, all four guys died violent deaths, and the jade blue sea was stolen.

For a long time after that, the jade blue sea continuously changed owners, but everyone that acquired it would very quickly end up dying. Thus aside from the name jade blue sea, this dragon creation stone had an even more infamous name- Stone of Misfortune!

“Hey! Little brother… why are you sitting here alone. Where are your parents?” Just as Xin Yun was thinking, one of the young men sitting next to Xin Yun spoke up and began talking to him.

Hearing the other side’s question, Xin Yun’s mind raced then revealed a childlike smile, saying to the four guys: “My father and I came here together. He went to find someone to help move this rock.”

“What? Move this rock?” Hearing what Xin Yun said, the four guys could not help but feel bewildered. What were they doing coming so far for a rock? There was a large rock market over there, so would it not be better to buy one over there? And it would not cost very much.

Seeing the doubt in their eyes, Xin Yun’s mind did not panic, as he continued: “Dad said that this rock will be used as a paperweight, so there is no need for it to be too good. Just any rock at the side of the road will be fine, and this rock just happened to fit.”

Hearing what Xin Yun said, the guys nodded blankly. Indeed…. often times, there was no need for a very good rock. While thinking, the four kind guys all stood up and looked at the two meter long rock that had the width of an average human. They then kindly took the initiative to offer their help. With the a.s.sistance of the four people, the very large rock was very quickly moved to the carriage.

After moving the rock, the four guys turned and left without any need for reward. Watching the four young people gradually disappear into the distance, Xin Yun could not help but heave a sigh. These four people were very honest and sincere, without the slightest material desire. They lived each day very happily. Although they were not the ones to discover the jade blue sea, they also avoided their destiny of being exterminated.

Seeing the four gradually disappearing people, Xin Yun breathed a sigh of relief. This favor was one that he would remember. He would definitely repay it in the future. Although Xin Yun did not really owe them anything, in fact, they owed Xin Yun, as it was Xin Yun’s appearance that prevented their extermination; however… receiving their help in moving the rock, Xin Yun had to thank them.

Pulling along the heavy rock, Xin Yun rushed to a remote corner. After verifying that there was n.o.body around, Xin Yun hopped into the carriage and pulled out his small shovel. Although he did not know where exactly the jade blue sea was, so long as he completely tore apart this rock, he would definitely find it!

TN: This Shi Tou guy’s name, when translated directly, would be rock.

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