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Fine Gold Shovel

The giant pig dragon slowly landed on the dragon landing field outside of Ta Shan City, then… the pig dragon moved its long tail to help Xin Yun and Yi Luo Xiang down. Then… the incomparably large pig dragon’s figure became illusory, turning into a yellow light that filled the sky then entering A Da’s body.

Upon landing, Xin Yun anxiously began rushing in the direction of Ta Shan City. Although they were all tired from two months of continuous travel, especially Yi Luo Xiang, who had just recovered from a serious illness, time was tight. Xin Yun could not afford to waste a single second.

As for A Da, although he did not earn a single copper over the past two months, he had earned 100 gold transporting wine from the city on the plains to Death City!

Of course, if it was just 100 gold, A Da definitely would not be satisfied. Although this amount of money was not small, this was just the way a person’s heart worked. People would never be satisfied.

The reason A Da was perfectly happy rushing about, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers to Ta Shan City was very simple. It was because Xin Yun promised that so long as he was brought to Ta Shan City, he would draw up the safe route to Death City and give it to him. Imagine…. given the unfavorable situation of Death Desert, how great of a business opportunity lay within! No matter what was transported over, it would bring him a large profit. Before anyone else discovered this path, their income would be easily increased ten fold. Even saying 100 fold did not seem to be an exaggeration!

A Da looked towards the quickly moving Xin Yun with praise. This guy was truly very odd. He was clearly extremely exhausted, as he looked to pa.s.s out at any given moment, but his spirit was very good. His will was also very strong, causing others to feel shocked!

In the past two months or so, A Da was completely won over by Xin Yun. A Da had once asked, since he knew this safe route, Xin Yun should have told him at the beginning. If he listened to him, the profit would have been 100 fold and not ten fold. A Da knew this.

Faced with A Da’s question, Xin Yun frowned and looked at him then calmly asked him, if he had told him at the time, so long as he listened, the future profit would be 100 fold. Based on the situation at the time, would they have believed him?

Hearing what Xin Yun said, A Da frowned and pondered for a while. Very quickly, he understood. That’s right… if Xin Yun had truly said anything about 100 fold profit, he would die before he believed it. Even more likely was that they would a.s.sume he was ill. With a fever, he probably became muddled. How could they believe him?

Not to mention what A Da was thinking, on the other side… Xin Yun walked the streets very familiarly. Although this was the first time he visited Ta Shan City in this lifetime, this place had once been where Xin Yun had raised his strength, so it was an area that he controlled. He could not possibly be more familiar with it, so where would any feeling of unfamiliarity come from?

On the side of the road, Xin Yun hailed a carriage then set the destination for the largest dragon stone shop in Ta Shan City. The place called Ta Shan was actually an active volcano that would occasionally erupt. That was why the number of people with the fire attribute was exceedingly high, thus the price of fire-attribute dragon stones were expensive.

The transaction was completed very smoothly, as Xin Yun did not bargain too much, simply settling for a price that was close enough. Trading in 100 silver one star fire-attribute dragon stones, he acquired 1140 gold coins!

Then Xin Yun and his group once again got back in the carriage and directly rushed towards the oldest and largest blacksmith in Ta Shan City- Vanguard! Ta Shan was not only the place where dragon creation stones were mined, it was also a red iron ore mine! Thus this place also produced a large amount of red iron. Also… since it was a mining mountain, the demand for tools when they began mining was naturally quite high; therefore, there were a total of two things that Xin Yun specialized in. One was dragon creation stones, and the other was weapons!

One of the reasons Xin Yun wanted to earn money along the way was to buy a suitable shovel. Based on Xin Yun’s current strength, if he only used a normal shovel, even if he found the jade blue sea, perhaps there would be nothing he could do about it. That dragon creation stone was grown within an incomparably hard red iron ore. Based on Xin Yun’s current strength, how could he break it open?

But even though a normal shovel was no good, if he could find a fine gold shovel, that would be a different matter. The so-called fine gold shovel was a combination of red iron and gold. This created a shovel that was incomparably sharp. Although it could not cut through metal as though it were mud, if it were cutting open red iron ore, it would definitely be easy.

Of course, whether it was fine gold or fine iron, both were shockingly expensive. There was no need to mention fine gold, as it was made of gold. As for fine iron, although it was rather normal, the difficulty in refining was extremely high, thus… there was no way for Xin Yun to buy a large fine gold shovel. In fact, he could not even afford to buy a medium or small one. Based on the amount of money Xin Yun had, he could only buy a handheld shovel.

But, for Xin Yun, a handheld shovel was most suitable for him. For the sake of simply pulling out the jade blue sea, this was the most appropriate choice. Also, in truth, there was another reason Xin Yun wanted to buy this fine gold shovel.

The number of fine gold shovels was not high. Based on what Xin Yun remembered from his previous life, a total of ten were made. After that production stopped because they were not selling well. After all… this was a mining city. What people needed were large or medium sized shovels, or at the very least a small shovel. In regards to the handheld shovels, there truly was not a market for them.

Although roughly ten were made, the large majority of them had already been used. After all… shovels were tools that exhausted quickly. They would be completely ruined after using it for a short while.

Based on his memories from his previous life, the blacksmith who made this fine gold shovel would soon die from old age. Like this, the method of combining fine gold with red iron would be lost, thus… although handheld fine gold shovels found a new use, there was no method of producing them.

The use of the fine gold shovel was extremely large. So long as a gold attribute dragon stone was inlaid, by using a special method, the fine gold would become stimulated. That fine gold would become incomparably sharp, and it could be described as iron cutting through mud. When it came to mining, it was a must! It was truly as easy as smashing rotten wood!

Of course, small, medium and large shovels could also be changed to do this, but as the size increased, the amount of energy needed to stimulate the fine gold also increased. Even for a small shovel, a three star dragon stone would be needed. As for the medium and large shovels, they would need four and five star dragon stones to start up. Also, their consumption rate was enormous, and the dragon stone would very quickly be exhausted, but its efficiency would not be too much higher than that of a handheld shovel.

In reality, aside from the jade blue sea, Xin Yun could not think of any mining activity that was worth exhausting a dragon stone of three stars or higher. Also, if the shovel became too big, it was not beneficial to transport them. Adding on the similar efficiency, the handheld fine gold shovel was a limited edition good!

The purchase of the shovel was very successful. Hearing that someone wished to buy the shovel that had been sitting for half a year, the shopkeeper of the blacksmith shops did not negotiate too hard, directly dropping the price from 1500 gold to 1000 gold. It had to be known… that within this shovel, a third of it was gold, which meant that gold was there, but they had no way of using it.

Looking at the 20 centimeter item in his hand, it was small but incomparably sharp. Xin Yun’s eyes widened, as the jade blue sea could be excavated with just a few strikes using this guy. Also… if this shovel was slightly modified, it could become a divine weapon. It had to be known… that fine gold tools were not limited to mining. Since something that was incomparably hard like red iron could be so easily split open, if it was used to split people…

Most importantly, based on Xin Yun’s experience from his previous life, there would be many places where he would need this golden shovel. It was an extremely important item, and it was beyond what anyone could imagine. From a variety of angles, after Xin Yun was reborn, being able to successfully acquire the shovel, it would definitely come in handy.

After buying the fine gold shovel, Xin Yun once again got in the carriage. After bringing A Da and Yi Luo Xiang to a suitable inn, he sneakily left and rented another carriage to rush towards the back of the city.

This movement absolutely needed to be kept a secret, thus… Xin Yun could not allow anyone to know or partic.i.p.ate; otherwise, even if it was A Da, Xin Yun could not guarantee how he would react faced with this sort of situation.

Although he was only seven years old, Xin Yun was still someone who had been reborn, after all. Riding in a carriage was very relaxing, but he did not know… was the jade blue sea still sitting on the side of the road, waiting to be excavated?

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