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Ta Shan City

Looking dumbstruck at Xin Yun, both A Da and Yi Luo Xiang were completely unable to accept Xin Yun’s argument; however, when they carefully thought about it, it truly was like this, and it was not false at all.

Seeing that they gradually became more clear on the situation, Xin Yun knew that they finally figured it out. Thus he continued: “That’s why these ten-thousand year old pine mushrooms need to have their price increased. Also, it can not be raised too little.”

“Then… let’s increase it one fold?” Hearing Xin Yun’s words, A Da said as an attempt.

Hearing what A Da said, Xin Yun firmly shook his head and said: “The amount of goods we have this time is very low, thus the range of customers we are looking for this time will also be narrower. Faced with the moderately rich people, based on their purchasing power, one bag must sell for at least one silver!”

“What!” Hearing Xin Yun’s words, not only was A Da extremely shocked, even Yi Luo Xiang was shocked. This was a little too exaggerated. Mushrooms worth 50 copper had their price increased to 1000 copper. This was already a 20 fold increase. How could this be considered doing business. This was clearly just robbery!

Seeing the blank looks on their faces, Xin Yun proudly smiled and said: “Alright, there is no need for you two to be so surprised. Think about it carefully. If these truly were ten-thousand year old pine mushrooms, would it not be worth that amount? In truth… if we wanted to sell them for cheaper, we could not. Wouldn’t that be clearly telling everyone that they were fake?”

Hearing what Xin Yun said, A Da and Yi Luo XIang finally understood, but A Da still said in concern: “But… if the price is set at one silver, based on the purchasing power of this city, we will not be able to sell all that much. We will be able to sell 100 bags, and that would already be pretty good. Therefore…”

Hearing what A Da said, Xin Yun smiled slightly and said: “There is no therefore. In truth, I had no intention of selling it all here. It must be known that just selling 100 bags is already 10 gold. We will continue to carry the remaining 400 bags and set out. The next stop… that we will visit is Death City. Think about it, since it is in the middle of a desert and isolated from the world, what would be the value of these mushrooms? Do you still fear that they can not be sold?”

“What! You want to go to Death City? Heavens… I do not dare listen to you on this point, as our lives will be lost!” A Da loudly gasped.

Xin Yun gave A Da a rea.s.suring look then… thinly smiled and continued: “Don’t worry. I know a safe route. It is definitely safe. Trust me… Even if I did not care if you lived or died, I would not send myself and my partner to death, right?”

“A safe route?” Hearing what Xin Yun had said, A Da’s face revealed a great shock. Was there truly a safe route through Death Desert?

Seeing A Da’s incredulous expression, Xin Yun nodded. In his previous life, this safe route would only be found ten years from the current time. It was definitely a safe route. As for the present, the safe route through Death Desert was still buried there.

“That’s right, it’s definitely a safe route. With me leading the way, there will definitely be no problems. You only need to follow the directions I give. You should understand that even if I do not care about my own life, I definitely will not put Yi Luo Xiang’s life at risk.”

Hearing what Xin Yun had said, A Da looked profoundly at Xin Yun. After a long time… A Da resolutely said: “Very well, since you said it that way, I will agree. I also trust that you will not lead the three of us down a path of death!”

After he finished speaking, A Da turned around and left the storage unit to hire some workers. They brought all the goods to the market then began to sell them…

Beyond the expectations of the three, the number of wealthy people in the city on the plains was truly not low. They originally thought that they would be able to sell 100 bags, but the reality was that all 500 bags of so-called ten-thousand year old pine mushrooms were sold in just one day’s time. When A Da held the 50 golden coins, he was so moved that he began to tear up. If it were not for Xin Yun, if he wanted to earn this much money, perhaps not even a full lifetime would be enough. He could only hope to scrounge enough for his daily expenses.

Seeing A Da’s emotional appearance, Xin yun could not help but smile. 50 gold seemed to be a large amount, and it was enough to allow a person to live their life in leisure, but in reality, this meager amount of money could not be considered anything.

Although this was the second time Xin Yun lived in this world, up to this point, Xin Yun did not know what sort of place this was. He could only determine that it was not Earth. Compared to this world, Earth was nothing more than a grain of sand. This world had to be ten-thousand times larger than Earth!

Earth merely had a circ.u.mference of 40000 kilometers, but this world 40000 kilometers was nothing more than the distance from one city to another. Cities that were further could be hundred of thousands or even millions of kilometers apart!

The highest mountain on Earth was in the Himalayas and had a height of 8848 meters, but if the Himalayas were moved to this era, you would find that it was nothing more than a stalagmite. In fact, it could not even be considered a mountain!

The largest mountain in this world was one where the peak could not be seen. Like a giant standing still between the heavens and earth, not a single person knew precisely how tall it was. Based on A Da’s transport pig dragon, if he wanted to fly around it, it would take over ten years to do. Previously, there had been people who had tried to scale this tall mountain, but they were still unable to see the peak after reaching 80 million kilometers. In fact, he did not even notice any change in the mountain’s diameter. This was to say that even a height of 80 million kilometers was still just the foot of the mountain. Comparatively, what could the 8848 meters of the Himalayas be considered?

Aside from its large size, this world also had a large number of living beings. n.o.body knew exactly how many living beings there were in this world. It definitely could not be calculated as merely being in the hundred of millions, and it could not be counted in the billions. If there had to be a word to describe the amount, then that word would be- countless!

If this world were compared to the Earth, then comparatively, Earth would simply be a grain of sand. Perhaps… this example was too lenient because n.o.body knew just how large this world was.

In this world, the common currencies were three metals: gold, silver and copper. The so-called gold coin should more accurately be called gold money, as it resembled copper coins from ancient China. It was a round shape on the outside, and had a square shape on the inside. They were held on a string of animal tendon. They did not have any patterns on them, but they were very difficult to counterfeit. The people of this world were too sensitive to the weight of gold coins, thus there was no possibility of counterfeit coins.

50 gold coins, for a normal person, was already enough for an entire lifetime; however, for those who were truly wealthy, it was nothing at all. With Xin Yun as an example, in his previous life, he had owned a gold mine that produced ten tonnes each day, but even in that situation, he was not considered extremely wealthy!

He silently shook his head. Since they had money, they naturally could not leave empty-handed. What was the one thing that a desert lacked the most? That’s right… what they lacked the most was not dried mushrooms. Instead, it was- wine! Because there was absolutely no way to grow grains in the desert, and wine was made using those grains, wine was the best luxury item for Death City. Its value would be one fold higher than it was here!

The next morning, Xin Yun and his group brought along 50 large wine sacks and rushed towards Death Desert. After arriving at Death City, Xin Yun traded his 100 bronze one star death-attribute dragon stones for 100 silver one star fire-attribute dragon stones!

First rank was traded for second rank. Although there was only a difference of one rank, the value was ten times higher. The only reason he could succeed in this trade was because of a dire lack of death-attribute dragon stones. Secondly… being in the very middle of the desert meant that the cost of fire-attribute dragon stones was extremely low.

Of the nine types of dragon stones, fire-attribute dragon stones were the most expensive because the fire system was the most destructive. In the early and middle stages, its overwhelming power held the advantage, thus the number of people who chose the fire system was the highest. Don’t look at how it was not worth much money in this place, but once they were successfully taken from this place to another, its value would multiply.

When A Da finished selling the rice wine, his funds had increased from 50 gold to 100 gold, but Xin Yun’s 100 silver one star dragon stones were now worth 100 gold. One they were brought out, they could be sold for at least 1000 gold!

Because time was tight, the three did not remain in Death City for a long time, as they immediately set out once more. But this time, Xin Yun did not have A Da bring along any goods. Instead, he brought along enough food for three months before setting out once more.

After two continuous months of tiring travel, Xin Yun’s group… finally traversed over one hundred thousand kilometers, successfully arriving at Ta Shan City. Looking at the large, dense and dark city next to the sky, Xin Yun felt his heart begin to race. It was just on the side of a road leading to the mines behind the city that the 9.9th tier jade blue sea was found. Right now, it was lying on the side of the road, waiting for Xin Yun’s arrival.

Seeing the rapidly approaching large city, Xin Yun could not help but secretly pray. No matter what… that jade blue sea must not be found that the person who had found it originally. It had to be known… that even though Xin Yun rushed here as quickly as possible, based on the rumors from his previous life, the jade blue sea was found roughly around this month. As for the exact time, n.o.body knew. Perhaps… perhaps that jade blue sea had already been found…

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