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TROO Chapter 33 The Forbidden Animation - “The Kingdom Of Dreams”

As the first memorable animated movie that was produced by the animation base, "The Flaming Mountain" was unexpectedly liked by the children in the village. And the shadow demon was also very happy because its work was liked by other people. It couldn't even wait to play the next movie.

However, Zhou Yu wasn't satisfied. Because from the perspective of a picky otaku, if the animation had this kind of quality, the only thing it could sell was the nostalgic feeling. It was completely different than the animation that he had imagined.

Carrying on playing this kind of animations really couldn't satisfy him. Although cla.s.sic animation movies would be remembered by people forever, animation movies shouldn't stop improving. Probably the only sad thing about this was that many people still found the animation - Havoc in Heaven, which was produced decades ago, was still better than the animations produced nowadays.

The tier-two animation was based on the failed book - “The Kingdom Of Dreams” that Zhou Yu had written a long time ago. Because he really couldn't think of any other work that he could use to test the tier-two animation. However, when the animation came out, he almost regretted his a.s.s off.

“Why?”, you ask. The reason was very simple. Because the level of embarra.s.sment was immeasurable.

When he wrote that book, he was still in secondary school. It was at the period of time when the severity of his Chunibyo was off the charts. Because of a sweet dream he had, he began to write a story based on that dream, and he even uploaded the story online. Looking back at the things that he had done in those days, G.o.d, it was embarra.s.sing!

The novel described a teenager, who liked to sleep, accidentally entered The Kingdom Of Dreams called - Yuanshen Xiang.

As an outsider, he was chased by the various officials of The Kingdom Of Dream and met with different kinds of people, while he was on the run.

Some people wanted to help him to return to reality, while others wanted to use him to plot an evil scheme, but the main story was centered around the romantic relationship between the young boy from the real world and the mysterious girl of Yuanshen Xiang from the dream world.

This pure and simple romantic story, that no one was even interested in reading it, was already buried deep inside his computer folders for a very long time. He didn't expect that one day it would appear before him in a form of animation.

Thinking that someone might see it by accident, it made Zhou Yu really wanted to dig a hole on the ground and bury his head inside.

So there was no way he would want to play it using the Shadow demon's projector. Otherwise, he would become a nightmare for the rest of his life.

Besides, showing a romantic animation movie to those kids? Was he courting death? If he really did it, the parents of those kids would definitely show up on his doorstep with brooms, interrogating him for the purposes of showing such an animation.

Therefore, this animation didn't have any film reels. It only had the digital data that could be transferred to his computer. Zhou Yu only planned to watch it only once. After he checked the quality of the tier-two animation, he swore that he would never touch that animation again.

The tier-2 animated movie had reached the production level of the 90s j.a.panese animated movies. Its quality was very similar to "Spirited Away".

Of course, if it was an animated TV series, it definitely would not reach this level. Its quality would probably only be the same as Doraemon. But still, that kind of quality was still worth watching.

Of course, the quality here was only talking about the graphics quality, not the quality of the story. The quality of the story was so embarra.s.sing that it would only make Zhou Yu want to delete the animated movie as soon as possible.

It was truly an embarra.s.sment to turn his own novel into an animation.

Just a few minutes into the movie, Zhou Yu found himself nearly died of embarra.s.sment. The quality of the animated reproduction of the novel was too d.a.m.n high. The spirit of the original work was faithfully carried through the movie all the way to the end, and the severe Chuunibyou dialogues made Zhou Yu constantly fast forward the movie.

When he finally made it to the end of the movie and saw the cla.s.sic trope of the abnormal love between the reality and dream world, couldn't reach a Happy ending, he finally felt relieved that the movie was finally over.

However, at the moment when the male lead and the female lead held each other's hands at the end of the dream world, saying goodbye to each other, a G.o.d-like tragic symphony arose in the background. At that moment, Zhou Yu's embarra.s.sment level reached its peak. Such a good piece of music. But it as used in such an embarra.s.sing story. It was just like all of the top-quality food ingredients were all mixed together in a hot pot, it totally ruined all the ingredients.

Quickly walking out of his house, Zhou Yu took a few deep breaths in his yard. Only after he calmed down did he finally returned to his room. And the movie was already finished.

To be honest, the graphics of the movie was not the best. But it was more than enough to wreck all the domestic animations. The sound effects of the movie were legendary throughout the entire movie. The only thing lacking was a good story. As long as he had a good story, it was not difficult to produce something epic.

Based on this, it made Zhou Yu, even more, look forward to the tier-three animation.

However, at the moment, Zhou Yu suddenly noticed that he had a huge problem. He didn't have enough Moe coins.

Originally he had saved around 4000 Moe Coins in a month. But after the animation base and after producing two animated movies, he had less than 250 Moe Coins.

Reluctantly, he could only stop the plan of making a tier-three movie and wait until his economic crisis was over.


His Moe coins were having a crisis, but in real life, he started to make money. After a month of advertising, the war of Luhua villager finally began to sell.

Gao Shu was extremely nervous because it mattered to his career. However, Zhou Yu was like an outsider as if the game had nothing to do with him. Not only did he not check the sale performance of the game online, but he also didn't even log into the game portal once.

Every game had its development cycles, no matter how fast could a game company develop a game, they would not upload all the games at once. Besides, it was too absurd to produce a game every week. So he had to be careful.

In the future, most of the games that were produced by the game company would just be reserved for himself only. If he felt that the quality of the game was good enough, then he would consider releasing the game to the public.

Besides, he still needed to watch animations. He would be able to save roughly 1000 Moe Coins per week. But he needed to allocate the most coins to the productions of animations and games. He also needed to save some for mangas as well.

Speaking of manga, the fake Yoshihiro Togashi had been constantly releasing the chapters for almost half a year now. And “The imprisoned Taoist” this ID made people both love him and hate him.

After the official version of the hunter went thought the major adjustments, the main storyline of the official hunter changed a lot. But the Doujin version of the hunter still did not change its releasing pace. This created a strange phenomenon. It was that the main hunter story suddenly had two possible storylines, and each storyline had its own characteristics.

The hunter fans had to jump from two storylines constantly, and if they were not careful, they might mistake some people that were already dead, for someone that were still alive. For example, a character that was already dead in the Doujin version suddenly appeared alive in the officer version, it confused the h.e.l.l out of many readers.

Another reason that why people hated him was that the fans of the hunter were split into two groups.

There were people like Zhou Yu, who enjoyed the two storylines of “hunterxhunter”. However, it was also inevitable to have some extremists, who only read Doujin version or only read the official version. Both sides always looked down on each other, and they would always argue with each other. Sometimes, Zhou Yu did not even do anything, but they would still @ him repeatedly, and condemn him for shamelessly copying the official manga.

Of course, Zhou Yu just ignored all those people. And while both sides were still arguing, the official hunter once again went on hiatus.

However, all of those were just digressions. After Zhou Yu released another Doujin hunter chapter on schedule, he went onto a video sharing website, registered an account called “The Taoist that hits airplanes” and then uploaded the animation - “the flaming mountain”.

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