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Chapter 203 Mu Zi Was Amazed

Edited by: Xelot

After interacting with Zhou Yu for some time, people would find that his character was a little like a kid. He would show what he liked or disliked very clearly. As long as people didn't do anything he disliked, they wouldn't have any problem talking to him. He didn't act like a boss or look down on other people, and he always dressed casually. He also played around with bratty kids, making him look like a big kid.

Zhou Yu is a playful person. For him, making models and shooting animations is not work, instead, it is a game. As an adult, having this kind of att.i.tude is definitely not a good thing, but as a big child, it can be said his life is very relaxing.

Mu Zi is a very hardworking and competent man. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to have his current job. However, after getting along with Zhou Yu for a period of time, unexpectedly, he began to like this kind of relaxing lifestyle. If he kept staying here all the time, his firm ambition may melt away and he might become a leisurely Otaku like Zhou Yu.

Fortunately, the first season was coming to an end, and the film crew would soon leave the park. Although the park was a nice place, it was not his ideal home. After enjoying the relaxing life in the park for some time, it was time to return to the normal society.

As a friend, who was about to leave, Mu Zi felt that he should see Zhou Yu before he left, he then heard Zhou Fu say that Zhou Yu has been staying in the studio for several days already making some kind of variety show.

And since Mu Zi was here, Zhou Fu asked curiously, “Elder brother Mu, did boy Yu get his inspiration from you? Is that the reason why he wants to do an animated variety show? I heard that it is also considered as a reality show, but I don't know how he is going to achieve the effect of a reality show.”

Mu Zi was confused, “A variety show? And an animated variety reality show? You must be joking, right? After staying in the amus.e.m.e.nt park for so long, Zhou Yu has never been to the fantasy city, nor seen the recording of the program. How could he be influenced by me? He didn't even say a single word to me about this, and now he wants to take over my job. Clearly, he doesn't treat me as his friend.”

Mu Zi was clearly influenced by Zhou Yu's personality. Acting like a moody kid, he wanted to talk to Zhou Yu and find out what was going on. Zhou Fu hurriedly followed, because the studio was now only available to Zhou Yu, and it was impossible for anyone else to enter.

Arriving at the studio, surely, the door was locked from the inside, they had to use the intercom to call him. After a while, a small door opened beside the main gate. Inside, it was dark except for the spotlight on the two leveled sand tables.

“Uncle Fu, it is not the time for the meal yet, so why are you here? Did they ask you to send the food over?”

Zhou Yu was still discussing the content of the program, and how to deal with the possible disruption and all kinds of personnel arrangement with Xia Huan inside the studio earlier. As little Muli started to work again, her extreme fans also became more active. The problem that was caused by those people was far more serious than others.

Therefore he forbade any visitors from coming to the studio during the working period. In addition to having two or three amus.e.m.e.nt park employees guarding around the studio, there were also black-suited bodyguards of the ACG world, bounty hunters, and 20 flying bird knights, who guard every entrance and even the vent of the studio.

This kind of defense would not only protect the studio against the criminals from the ACG world but also protect the studio from the people, who intend to do dodgy things from the real world. There would be a lot of troubles if those, who had bad intentions, climbed in the studio through the vent or something like that, and saw something they weren't supposed to see.

Of course, no one would be spending so much effort just to take a sneak peek.

During the working period, the chubby chef Li would always deliver the food on time from the Tung f.o.o.k mansion. But today why did it suddenly become uncle Fu and why did Mu Zi, who had a slightly sullen face, follow him?

Zhou Fu said petulantly, “You want me to bring you the food? You wish! Elder brother Mu knows that you want to make a variety show, so he specially came over to have a look. Talking about that, clearly, you know that the elder brother Mu is a successful variety show producer, but why don't you seek any advice from him? Even though you're making an animated one, there's always something in common.”

Mu Zi, on the other hand, was looking at the sand table curiously.

At the moment, there were still many mini people of the ACG world on the sand table. Originally they were busy setting up all the filming equipment, but Zhou Yu instructed them not to move before opening the door. Hence when Mu Zi was observing the maze, the mini people in the maze were also looking at him quietly.

At this time Kaka suddenly thought of a mischievous idea. After he whispered to Benben, those two naughty kids began to sn.i.g.g.e.r secretly. Then Benben suddenly became a flying machine and flew on top of Mu Zi's bald head and he then turned into a disc player and music mixer, then Kaka became a DJ. After a strange loud shout, he began to blast loud music.

Playing music on a bald guy's head, they were having so much fun.

The studio immediately turned into a disco club and all the mini people in the studio began to dance together. And Xia Huan who was also a mischievous person after seeing everyone was having fun, he started to pour oil on the fire. He even asked the light effect group to gather the colorful lights on Mu Zi's head, so that a colorful rainbow instantly appeared on Mu Zi's head.

Zhou Yu covered his face and did not dare to look at it. This group of mischievous people really knew how to make fun of other people. He needed a lot of effort to stop himself from laughing in this kind of situation.

Poor Mu Zi did not even notice that his head had become a stage. He was still using his fingers to check if the traps in the maze were actually working, like an old researcher.

“Zhou Yu, does your maze reality show have scripts, if so can I have a look.”

Such a magnificent film set, it was really impressive. From this, Mu Zi could tell that Zhou Yu was not fooling around, but really wanted to make this show. So Mu Zi also started to get serious and wanted to have a look at the script. If there was a problem he could help modify it in time.

However, for Zhou Yu, the quiet studio had already become a noisy club, so he didn't hear Mu Zi's words. Only until Mu Zi repeatedly urged him, and with the help of Zhou Fu, did Zhou Yu finally realize that Mu Zi wanted to have a look at the script.

Since there was no need to keep the script a secret, Zhou Yu gave the script that he had already copied from Xia Huan, to Mu Zi. After all, this was an animated variety show, many activities inside the script could not be achieved in the real world, so there was no possibility of it being copied.

Unlike Zhou Yu, Zhou Fu was very nervous at the moment. This program was directly related to the success or the failure of the project in the future, what if Mu Zi gave a “complete garbage” evaluation, then he would need to consider how to make Zhou Yu give up the construction of the maze project.

Mu Zi's expression became more and more serious, and seeing this, Zhou Fu was more and more nervous. However, the more they acted like this, the more Zhou Yu wanted to laugh. G.o.d d.a.m.nit, I can't hold it anymore! Kaka really should go make an animated comedy. His body was full of humorous cells. With just a simple movement, he would be able to make people burst out in laughter. Wiggling his b.u.t.t left and right with the melody, his movement was extremely hilarious.

After a while, Mu Zi finally finished reading the script.

He looked at Zhou Yu suspiciously, as if he wanted to find something in his eyes. Then he asked with a trace of doubt, “Did you write this script?”

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