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Feuer quickly looked to the side to fake his nosebleed and composed himself before looking towards the silver-haired girl and saying with a stoic expression ''I'm not your brother, don't call me brother...''

The girl ignored him as she said again with a cute, innocent expression ''Brother, of course you're my brother, it was saying on my dreams I had to marry you so you're obviously my brother...!''

'....What the actual f*ck?' Feuer thought confusedly 'If you're going to marry someone, that makes you that person wife or husband, not your sibling, is this girl nuts?' then, he realized

'Wait, going to marry me?' He felt even more confused.

[Silver-haired Girl P.O.V]

I don't have a name but I have something named Innate Memories, despite being in this strange, boundless darkness, I can think properly, I got to know there are Five Creator G.o.ds, they were the Primordial Beings that were born out of the void, the Primordial G.o.ds, they created the universe, multiverse and omniverse together, um... where was I again?

Um... I'm a Silver Dragon, the n.o.blest Dragon that ever existed, Silver Dragons are only born when the Golden Phoenix, the strongest Primordial G.o.d, the Supreme G.o.ddess, holder of the Spirits of Reincarnation: Life and Death, is born again, it all started millions of years ago, when a certain being managed to get a similar strength to the Primordial Beings, that is, only similar, it was, however, destroyed quickly by the Dragon G.o.d, the first Silver Dragon, I think I lost myself on thoughts again, I'm the second Silver Dragon born.

I was born because the Golden Phoenix descendant was born again, on my memory, there's something saying that I'm the destined partner of the Supreme G.o.ddess descendant, eh... this means he's my brother, right? I saw through my memories that there's something called sib... siblings? Something like that, brother and sister, I can feel he's near and fighting someone, however, I can also feel he's just playing with the Lesser Dragon that was taking care of me.

Anyway, I have been on this boundless darkness for over a year and I have nothing to do except flash through my inherited memories, when the Primordial G.o.ds saw the danger that the combination of both Body and Spirit path could bring to the universe, they decided to dissipate themselves while recreating all lifes, they created the first G.o.ds, similar in nature as them, the Angelic G.o.d, Demoniac G.o.d, G.o.d of Chaos, G.o.d of Order and lastly but not least, Beast G.o.d & G.o.ddess.

They were the first G.o.ds and G.o.ddess to be created, however, none of them had the ability to use both Body & Spirit path, through them, more G.o.ds were created and life was stabilized once again, only the Dragon G.o.d and the Golden Phoenix decided to have descendants, the Golden Phoenix created a newborn baby boy and sent him randomly through the s.p.a.ce-time, he would experience reincarnation for the first time and one day, he would awaken his memories and go back to his rightful place, being a Primordial G.o.d that would rule the universe, multiverse and omniverse correctly.

It says that despite holding absolute power, the Primordial G.o.ds weren't good at managing all universes existent, which is why they decided to dissipate on the boundless lifeform they created, um... I feel someone warming the place I am at, is it my time to go out? Brother, wait for me!

As I broke the place I was being held at, I saw the most handsome person, even on my memories, I had never seen anyone so perfect, I smiled happily, seeing the person I was destined to be with, feeling happy, I said ''Brother!''

Um... brother, are you okay? Why your nose is bleeding? Brother? Oh, he's ok, I panicked for a moment ''I'm not your brother, don't call me brother...'' he said as I felt sadness overwhelming me so I said

''Brother, of course you're my brother, it was saying on my dreams I had to marry you so you're obviously my brother!''

[Third Person P.O.V]

'This girl, she seriously thinks that marrying someone means that person is her brother, right?' Feuer thought while facepalming before saying ''When you marry someone, that person will be your husband if male and wife if female, not a brother!''

The silver-haired girl paused as she looked confusedly before thinking for a bit, her thoughtful expression looked cute in Feuer vision, then, she nodded, Feuer then thought for a bit before saying ''So, what's your name? Also, I never saw a race named Silver Dragon...''
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''Oh, I'm a Silver Dragon, I have the same bloodline of the Primordial Dragon G.o.d, commonly known as Dragon G.o.d on the [Divine Zenith]!'' The silver-haired girl said before replying ''I do not have a name, husband!''

Feuer looked up and down to the girl and said ''You seems to be 14 years old, unless you're 18, out of my radar, besides, I'm not your husband''

Tears gathered on the girl's eyes as she said ''D-D-D-Do you hate me? If you don't, why are you rejecting me?'' she sobbed continuously while shuttering, Feuer almost had another nosebleed before he said ''I don't hate you, I just can't marry someone I just met, this is stupidity... Anyway, I can give you a name if you want!''

All tears disappeared as the girl said ''So you don't hate me, hehehe, then please give me a name, husband!'' Feuer facepalmed again as he felt she ignored the second part of his sentence.

''Hmmm, since your hair is silver-colored and so is your eyes, your skin is also white like snow, hmm, your skin is just extremely fair, white like snow would be a creepy description, anyway, what about your name being Silvy? I'm Feuer Flake, by the way...''

''Then from now on, I'm Silvy Flake, thanks for giving me a name, husband!'' She said with a bright smile, Feuer gave up on correcting her as he went out, Silvy followed him.

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