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Chapter 462: Talent, Transcendent Level!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“So, did the Human power of the providence a.s.sist us because of the Children of Providence?”

Ji Ye guessed.

The Perfect evaluation meant that at least his Fusion talent wouldn't be reduced.

In fact, the purest Congenital Energy that had been given the Perfect evaluation wasn't fused by him in the beginning.

He only obtained it at the last moment after he fused and transformed the power of providence breathed out by the Twin Dragons of Providence.

Had it not been for the golden Congenital Energy, the Taichi Dragons created by Ji Ye would probably receive a Superior evaluation at most.

That was already a great achievement. After all, he didn't know much about martial arts. To be able to create a Superior technique in only ten days was already a great achievement.

Of course, strictly speaking, the time he spent on using EXP and Honor to create that skill was equivalent to ten years in actual time.

That was already almost as good as any human could achieve. After all, even top scientists couldn't make nuclear bombs from scratch in ten years, let alone obtaining Superior evaluation.

[“You've completed the talent advancement task. Your talent has risen to the Transcendent level!”]

[“Based on the result of your Fusion, you can inherit the Transcendent technique completely and obtain certain Transcendent properties, including…”]

Ji Ye's new profile after Fusion reached the Transcendent level had already appeared in his mind.

There were three main changes.

First of all, the fused objects were no longer limited to two.

That was a great improvement.

Although he could already fuse more than two tangible objects that were considered as two items with complex structures, when skills and techniques were concerned, he could only fuse two at once.

This time, for instance, it took him as long as nine days to fuse all the martial art skills he had gathered, but the end result still consisted of dozens of skills.

Now, he could reduce the number to three or four.

Secondly, the objects of Fusion had expanded to the entire Transcendent level.

By “entire”, it meant that Legendary and Mythological objects were now also included.

That was to say, Ji Ye could fuse the Legendary True Blood in him now.

“However, I can only rely on my own ability to fuse Legendary and Mythological objects.

“That is to say, the chance of failing is quite high if I'm not careful enough.”

The difference between fusing Transcendent and Extraordinary objects was quite obvious.

For instance, when he fused the Buddha Shadow Radiant Gold last time, the power of the Buddha Garuda tried to interfere.

His drop of Transcendent True Blood was enough to crush the Flood Dragon.

He couldn't do anything if he wasn't confident enough. As for Mythological objects, even if they weren't aggressive, they might still get destroyed in the Fusion if he did anything reckless.

Of course, the higher the risk, the greater the gain.

If he obtained a Mythological item now, after the Fusion, it would be invincible among things of its level.

The third change was that during Fusion, the things made could automatically lean toward things of his own cultivation.

“That is to say, theoretically, I can purposefully choose things to fuse so that I can make replicas!”

For instance, Void Ring+Red Wood Door=Anywhere Door?

Smart Chip+Armored Vehicle=Transformers?

Water Stopping Stone+Transcendent Frigid Iron+Dragon Blood=The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod?

Or mind treasure+strength treasure+s.p.a.ce Gem+Soul Gem=half an Infinity Gauntlet?

And there was also the Bible of the Dead, the Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds, Kanai's Cube, the Death Note…

“This is a quite useful attribute!”

Ji Ye looked very excited.

After all this time as the leader of the top Human settlement, his mental power had reached the Transcendent level.

He wasn't as easily excited as when he first arrived at the Land of Inheritance.

But he had to admit that this newly gained attribute was a pleasant surprise for him.

“Moreover, Fusion works on offerings as well.

“That is to say, I can fuse objects that can enhance the attraction to certain heroes.

“For instance, I can fuse the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Saber to summon Guan Yu, a Buddhist broom for the Sweeping Monk, the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos, a certain wife for Cao Cao…”

Wait. That last bit didn't sound right.

But it was still a useful attribute.

Before this, although he could fuse offerings, it could only increase the quality of them.

If he tried to fuse offerings of different kinds, he would definitely fail.

But now, he could fuse offerings of different categories.

After all, the human civilization had created countless objects. As long as he didn't try to fuse a soft drink with feces, he shouldn't fail.

There was also the fourth change. After the advancement, he was able to fuse objects with “civilization” in their names.

Yes, it referred to the Stone of Civilization and the Soul of Civilization.


Ji Ye took out two Souls of Civilization.

They were dropped by people of Guobei County after they were killed, and both were Ordinary Rank-6.


White light shone, and a few minutes later, there was an Ordinary Rank-7 Common Soul of Civilization, which was slightly brighter.

“The product is only one rank higher. In that case, it's not worthwhile.”

Ji Ye shook his head.

After the Fusion, two Souls of Civilization became one, which meant that the settlement had one less person to summon.

Ordinary Rank-6 and Rank-7 members didn't make much difference to Dragon City now. Their combat abilities would be considered mediocre or below.

But this change wasn't completely meaningless.

For instance, if he had two Extraordinary Rank-4 Souls of Civilization, he could fuse them into a Rank-5 one, which would be useful.

After all, the change would be significant, because, in combat, an Extraordinary Rank-5 member would have the capability of two Extraordinary Rank-4 members put together.

“If I can fuse two Extraordinary Rank-9 Souls of Civilization into a Transcendent one…”

The difference between a Transcendent and Extraordinary Rank-9 one was almost as big as that between Extraordinary Rank-5 and Rank-9 ones.

Earlier in the battle, even a Transcendent being like Li Yuanba wasn't able to withstand the yaksha king's direct attack. It would be very worthwhile if he could fuse two Extraordinary Rank-9 Souls of Civilization into a Transcendent one.

They didn't even have to have Extraordinary Souls of Civilization.

With his Fusion ability, even if he only had Ordinary Rank-1 Souls of Civilization, he could eventually fuse them into Transcendent ones.

Of course, it wasn't a practical thing to do.

With the ratio of two to one, even if he worked with Ordinary Rank-9 Souls of Civilization, he would need over 1,000 of them to make a Transcendent one.

Unless there was a special requirement, 1,000 Ordinary Rank-9 soldiers would definitely be more valuable than one Transcendent soldier.

More importantly, Fusion would cost him his own power of providence. If he were to fuse 1,000 Souls of Civilization, the entire settlement would be drained.

1,000 wouldn't be an option, but he could still experiment on a dozen Souls of Civilization.

“Wait. After I fuse a large number of Souls of Civilization, their rarity will change…”

Ji Ye took out some Common Souls of Civilization to fuse and realized that after fusing five of them, the outcome became an Elite one, and after fusing five Elite ones, he had a Quasi-Commander one.

Ji Ye stopped there.

It could be deduced that after fusing about 100 Common Souls of Civilization, he would have a Commander-level Soul of Civilization.

All in all, his Fusion talent was greatly enhanced by the advancement.

“Unfortunately, I didn't do well enough,” Ji Ye mumbled to himself.

He had used his own power to fuse a Perfect object, but he could have done better.

Because in the Transcendent level, there were Legendary and Mythological evaluations, which were above Perfect.

If he had fused a Legendary Transcendent object, his Fusion talent would have attributes of Legendary and above.

Luckily, based on the information he received, he would still have a chance to improve this talent when he made advancement to Legendary.

Now that he had succeeded, it was time to solve the hidden threat Dragon City was facing.

The yakshas and the Yellow Turban Army weren't the only alien forces they found around the city!

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