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Tie Liu was strongly annoyed by the idea. "You have already destroyed my precious bottle gourd. Your majestic being is only a little hurt. I have lost more than the mussel."

Gu Xijiu's eyes darkened. "Are you trying to say that I should not punish you?"

"Of course! You cannot punish me. Also, we cannot simply release the mussel. Although it is not the prime criminal in the case, it has taken away the lives of three Senior Immortals. According to the law of the Saha World, when a majestic being harms a celestial being, it has to be punished with the death penalty, regardless of its motive. Its bad example will serve as a warning to others. Therefore, we need to take the mussel back to the ninth heaven for a trial, so it will get the punishment that it deserves!" Tie Liu explained confidently with a powerful voice.

The mussel was taken by surprise, but Gu Xijiu seemed calm. She gave him a half-smile and warned him. "You will not take my words seriously if I do not show you my power."

As soon as she finished her warning, she waved her sleeves to unveil what was underneath. A sudden glimpse of light flashed before their eyes. Countless of silver needles flew towards Tie Liu, like an unavoidable storm.

Tie Liu, a tough man, was unfortunately turned into a silver hedgehog, with countless of silver needles penetrating into his skin all over his body. The silver needles were very fine, and the intensity of the pain was equivalent to the stinging of a bee.

No one had expected Gu Xijiu to strike him first. What surprised them, even more, was the rapidity of her movement. In the blink of an eye, Tie Liu was already covered entirely in needles. Tie Liu only managed to cover his face. The pain was unbearable, even for a man as tough as him. 

Gu Xijiu flickered her fingers casually to show that she did not care. "My majestic being is as important as a family member to me. The value of thousands of bottle gourds is still incomparable to what it means to me. Also, I am not a member of the Saha World, so I need not obey the laws here. In my eyes, you are not any superior to my majestic being. It is not its mistake to defend itself in a lethal fight. If you want to take it away, you have to go through me first. The loss of the bottle gourd will be one of the prices that you have to pay. I will not torture you with the pain of extreme temperatures. You only have to suffer the pain of the needles."

The other men were shocked to the core. They knew that the mysterious ghost face possessed powerful Kung Fu, but her actual strength was far more powerful than what they had expected. The speed of her movement, the accuracy of her spell, the intensity of her spiritual power, and the oddity of her Kung Fu was enough to make her a qualified match for the Divine Lord and his wife. Surely, she was even more powerful than the Emperor Immortal.

The four of them needed to plan a surprise attack on Gu Xijiu. They were still hoping to take the mussel back for its trial. However, they dared not attack her anymore after witnessing her strength and power.

The wise men decided not to fight when the odds were obviously against them. In the end, they gave her some irrelevant small talk before leaving with Tie Liu, who was now like a hedgehog look alike.

Tranquility finally returned to the woods.

Long Siye heaved a sigh of relief. He complimented Gu Xijiu for her strength. "Xijiu, you are the best! The four men are usually very arrogant and unapproachable by many. They abuse the power that is authorized by the Emperor Immortal and simply arrest or kill anyone as they please. Except for the Emperor Immortal, they will not obey anyone else. Most of the celestial beings are afraid of them, but dare not say a word about their overbearing and oppressive acts."

Gu Xijiu only responded with a smile. On a rock, she stood. Suddenly, her body trembled, and she fell to the ground.

Long Siye was surprised. He quickly gave her a hand to help her stand. "Xijiu, what happened to you?"

When he was holding her up, he realized that her entire back was wet. Did she really sweat so much?

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