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Published at 17th of August 2019 10:05:10 AM Chapter 150

"And your answer?"Shen Tianyu questioned . "With what just happened in the Imperial Palace, I would like to finish all my business quickly and leave this country so your deadline is up . " She said country instead of continent, the other hadn't agreed so she can't divulge too much information just yet .

"You sure came without warning . " Wen Ya seemed to complain .

"Hey, I gave you plenty of time to think it over already! If you haven't come to a decision now, I reckon you never will!" Shen Tianyu threw her hands up in exasperation as she defended herself .

"I guess so . " Wen Ya sighed as a smile tugged on her lips . Shen Tianyu let her hands down and didn't speak further, waiting for the other to speak first . "I . . . have a few questions to ask you first . " And she indeed opened her mouth first .

Shen Tianyu tilted her head to indicate to the one across from her to go ahead .

"The power behind Lavender Palace, from the rumors, is said to be a powerful organization full of experts, is that true?"

"Yes . " Since the other deemed to ask questions then they were thinking of accepting her offer so she decided to not play games anymore .

"Then, what attracts these experts and what makes them stay?"

"The head of the organization is quite a figure I could say . That might be one of the reasons people are drawn to him . As for staying . . . " Shen Tianyu put a hand over the lower part of her face . Even she questioned why some of the other experts, who weren't elders or anything stayed when they found out how much of a weirdo her Master and adopted father was . Even the other members weren't sure of each other's purpose but most of the answers she got in her little survey could be put into one word . " . . . freedom, I believe . "

Wen Ya tilted her head and knitted her eyebrows, not really understanding .

"I know there are a lot of sects and organizations that give their members relative freedom but our organization is somewhat different . The founder and leader is a mad scientist- ah wait you guys wouldn't understand that term-hm . . . basically he's a hermit maniac obsessed with poisons so he doesn't really bother to manage the organization despite founding it . But he does come out and pa.s.s his word when we need to make important decisions . Other than that, it's usually the elders in charge of running the organization . The elders are mostly those that have a deep connection with the Master and wouldn't even think of usurping him despite his s.h.i.tty job at managing the organization . There's a good enough system in place to keep the thing running but other than the required things a member has to do, they have free reign to do whatever they pleased . And in fact, there are a lot of members like the Master, shut-ins obsessed with their fields so it became a good place to gather and discuss among the top people of different fields . I guess what I'm saying is, it has a lot of freedom to offer to it's members and the Master is similar to a lot of the members and actually shows it . He doesn't keep up some aloof act that most Sect Masters or organization heads have nor does he have an iron hammer approach to things . It's kind of like one big family . " Shen Tianyu told her all at once .

Wen Ya nodded in understanding before her head suddenly stilled . "Wait, did I just hear you ditching your own organization head?"

"Ahahaha, what ever could you be talking about, is that another one of your questions?" Shen Tianyu laughed of calling the old man s.h.i.tty . He wasn't there to hear anyways so it doesn't matter .

Wen Ya cleared her throat and silently agreed to let it slide, proceeding to her next question . "So, do you guys have experts on poisons?"

"Of course . In fact, the organization head is a poison master himself . " Shen Tianyu narrowed her eyes in a smile, dropping her hand back into her lap . 'So . . . either her or someone close to her has been poisoned? For how long?' She thought to herself .

"Okay . Then . . . , I've made my decision . " Wen Ya breathed in a deep breath and closed her eyes . She reopened them, the hesitation from before now gone . "I'll go with you . "

Shen Tianyu clapped her hands lightly . "Great! So! May I get the patient's information ahead of time?"

"Huh?" Wen Ya looked at her, dumbfounded .

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"Well, you just asked about poison experts so I a.s.sume someone has been poisoned? I would like to get that person's information beforehand so we're ready to treat them by the time they arrive . "

"That makes sense . . . " Wen Ya looked to the left of her room, but her eyes suggested she was looking further beyond . "It's . . . actually my mother . She's been drinking temporary antidotes provided by the Imperial physicians for years now . There's no cure for the poison, I've searched everywhere, that's why I can't leave the country with my parents lightly . If we don't have the drug, my mother will . . . not fare well . "

"It's rare to have a husband that still cares for the woman after she's been hit with such a deadly poison . " Shen Tianyu commented on her father .

"Yes well, we were never high-tier n.o.bility so my father had the freedom to marry someone he loved . "

"Hm . " Shen Tianyu acknowledged the response and launched into nurse mode . Though she also knew a lot about poisons, she decided to let the more experienced veterans handle this case instead . She only had so much experience after all and not many would believe she had so knowledge at such a young age anyways . "So, how old is your mother? Is she chubby or thin? Does she have any other unnatural physical conditions either now or before she was poisoned? Any diseases? What kind of makeup does she usually wear? Do you know how she was poisoned? Where was she born? Where was your father born? Did she grow up away from where she was born?

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