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Of course the Returners wanted to use Alex. That's the only reason that they are interested on inviting him here on their secret meeting.

After all, what else could they do with Alex at this point? Make him contribute something, even if he had just recovered from injury?

Even Alex who was confident about his current strength knew his limitations, so he had already expected that the meeting will go this way.

What he did not expect however, was the Great TImeMaster's bluntness.

She did not even use any tricks or schemes to inform Alex that she and the other Returners intend to use him.

Instead, she just straight up told him the truth, as if it was going to make her point better.

  [Great TimeMaster]: As expected, your sharp mind has seen through our plan, Alex. So what do you say about it? Do you want to partic.i.p.ate in it?

[Alex]: Hah? You're asking me? Hmph, why don't you ask your allies first? Are they even okay with this plan? And why did you choose me anyway?

[Great TImeMaster]: You want to know why? Heh, fine then. I shall tell you!


The conversation between Alex and the Great TimeMaster was still as casual as it can be, but after Alex challenged her, the look on the Great TimeMaster's body suddenly changed.

Gone were here calm disposition and her poised body.

Instead, an agitated aura and tense pose can be felt from her, something that changed the Great TimeMaster's over-all persona.

[Alex]: !!!!

Now, the  Great TimeMaster appeared if she was willing to do anything just to make Alex agree with her, no matter what he does or says.

Such look made Alex shiver, as he realized that what he says at this point will be directly related to his life.

Fortunately for him, the Great TimeMaster's long-winded words allowed him some time to think about his next moves.

[Great TimeMaster]: All the other Returners in this meeting are fine with this plan. They even advocated it, as they are all eager to see you reach Half-Step Transcendence Level. So don't worry about us withholding your resources. As long as you agree with this plan, we will give you all our support.

[Alex]: ….

[Great TImeMaster]: Oh, and as for why we chose you, the reason to that is just simple. You are one of the rare Travelers who reached the Sixth Stage just after traversing 5 different worlds. Such talent can only be contained by a monstrously talented being, and these kinds of beings are a.s.sured to reach Transcendence!

[Alex]: ….

[Great TimeMaster]: That's why we are offering this plan to you Alex. We knew that you are a perfect fit for it, and I am sure that you will accept it!

[Alex]: ….

[Great TimeMaster]: But don't expect that you're the only one that will be offered with this plan. We're also planning to offer the Holy Order Envoy Delia the chance to reach the Half-Step Transcendence Level. After all, she's just as talented as you, so she's bound to reach our level sooner or later….

[Alex]: ….

[Great TImeMaster]: There, that's the answer to your questions, Alex. So what do you think now? Are you interested on this plan? Please say something. If you don't, then I will accept your silence as a yes…

[Alex]: Tsk, fine. I will start talking now, woman.

[Great TimeMaster]: Good! Now just say Yes or No!

[Alex]: …


Even though the Great TImeMaster was one sly woman, even Alex could feel that the interest in her voice was genuine.

This just means that this plan that she's offering to Alex was real, and that she was serious on making it happen.

But even if he had the feeling that this plan was genuine, Alex knew that he cannot just agree with her.

Even if this plan will help Alex reach Half-Step Transcendence Level in a higher rate, he could not just trust what this woman would do next.

[Alex]: …

[Great TimeMaster]: …

[Alex]: …

[Great TimeMaster]: You've been silent for a few seconds already, Alex. Does that mean that you're partic.i.p.ating in our plan?

[Alex]: Partic.i.p.ate? Partic.i.p.ate my a.s.s! Why would you think that I will accept your plan? Do you think you can easily sway me this way? Hmph, for your information, I don't need your help! I have my own way to reach Transcendence, so your meddling is not needed anymore.

 [Great TimeMaster]: Hm? You're saying that you do not need our help? Are you sure about that?

[Alex]: I am sure about it, and you can't change my mind.

[Great TImeMaster]: ….

With all the doubts swirling in his mind, Alex chose to not immediately agree with the Great TimeMaster's offer.

Why would he even agree, when he's not sure about all of its details? Does the Great TimeMaster actually expect Alex to easily agree with her?

If she wants to make Alex agree, then she should offer him with something better!

[Great TImeMaster]: Ah, that's too bad then. I guess whatever 'Deal' you made with the Abyss while you were in coma will be your major problem then. Tsk, tsk, tsk, and here I thought I can help you with that.

[Alex]: !!!

Luckily for Alex, the Great TimeMaster has actually offered a substantial information to him at this point.

But the contents of this information did not make Alex feel lucky anymore. Instead, it just made him cramp up, as he realized that the Great TimeMaser had played with him again.

[Alex]: You… how could you have see-

 [Great TImeMaster]: How could I have seen the 'Deal' that you made with the Abyss while you're in coma? Please, Alex. I am the Great TimeMaster. In this world, I am the one with the highest level of power. There's nothing in this world that can escape my sight, and that includes the time that you made your 'Deal' with the Abyss.

[Alex]: !!!

If Alex could stand up and run away now, he could have done it already, as he realized that the Great TimeMaster has gained the upper hand on him.

Not only did she know that Alex will be coming into this meeting, she had even seen the 'Deal' that he made with the Abyss during his coma!

With this kind of knowledge held by the Great TimeMaster, there is no way that Alex can be at ease with her.

[Alex]: ….

The Great TimeMaster seemed to have noticed Alex's discomfort, although it did not do anything to deter her approach. She even began pushing forward, making Alex more and more uncomfortable.

[Great TimeMaster]: All the other Returners here were curious on how you were able to make a fast recovery after your 7-month coma. They did not believe that you could just heal that fast, given the fusions that you did. But no matter what they did, they were not able your secret.

[Great TimeMaster]: But I… I know what made you heal fast. It was that 'Deal' that turned you like this…

[Alex]: ….

 [Great TimeMaster]: Sigh, that 'Deal' that you made with the Abyss was pretty tough, even for someone like you. Are you sure that you can uphold that Deal once your 'time' comes? Because if you don't, then you will-

[Alex]: Okay, I get it. You know about the 'Deal' that I had with the Abyss. So what? Will you be using that knowledge to blackmail me on cooperating with you? Hah, I did not know that you can do things this way too!

This is it for Alex. This is the point where he had to ascertain his stance in the meeting.

Because if he doesn't, then he's bound to be just swept away by his opposition…

[Great TimeMaster]: Hey, I might be old and cunning, but I will never blackmail the person who saved my daughter. If I did that, my daughter will just be mad at me…

[Alex]: Oh, so you're now trying to make yourself look kind? If that's what you're doing, then what's with all of this weird messages to me? Are you just trying to coddle me?

[Great TimeMaster]: Alex, I am here to help you, and not blackmail you. Can't you even see that?

[Alex]: I see no signs of help from your words, Great TimeMaster. All I see is a woman who wants to use me in her twisted plan….

[Great TImeMaster]: ….

Alex may not feel that he was close to winning this argument, but he was sure that as long as he keeps his momentum on, he will be able to invalidate everything that the Great TImeMaster will  tell him now.

All that he needs to do is push on, and he might be able to get out of this meeting unscathed.

But before Alex could even revel on his chance to win, a sudden action from the Great TimeMaster made him quickly lose his optimism.

[Great TimeMaster]: ʌ̷̛͈̑̓ᴉ̸͖͎̑͂͘ʇ̷̢̞̱̻̀͑́ɐ̵̟̖̭̯́͘ɯ̸̷͚̥̣̫̳̰́̋̈́͝ɐ̸͖͙͉͉̆ǝ̷̡͔̭̥̘͐̐ʇ̸̝̫͈̈́́͑̂͝ǝ̷͖̦͉̂͒̓͝ɹ̷̳͔͍̟̪͊̿u̸̹̇̕ɐ̴̴̡̯̫̳̤̳̘͌̓̋̂̿̅͊̈ͅɐ̶̝̍ǝ̷̢͚̳͙͌̓ʇ̶̖̫͎̳̪̽ǝ̵͉̳͈͕͍̒̄ɹ̵̩̾̊̒u̷̬̅̾͘ɐ̴͖̠̹͓̔̈́̑̊͠ɯ̸̶̠̳̗̫͂̋s̸͍̭̈́̈͒͋̾ǝ̶̢͖̗̲͖͆̿͛̇ɹ̵̧̙͈͖̦͊̅̋͠͠ʌ̸̣̩͉̾ᴉ̵̡̹̭̭͗̈́̿͌͐ʇ̸̣͈̬̪͊͑̾̒n̷̢̡͎͓̈́ʇ̸̹͙̣̭̓͂ǝ̴̛̟̟͔̹̑̑̍͑ͅɯ̶̧̱̙̼͈͆̈́̌͆̚

[Alex]: !!!

Surprisingly, the Great TimeMaster began speaking in a language that Alex did not expect to hear!

And what it made it worse was the fact that Alex was familiar with this language.

This language after all came from the Abyss Realm, something that only Abyss Monsters or those corrupted by them can say!

[Great TimeMaster]: ʌ̷̛͈̑̓ᴉ̸͖͎̑͂͘ʇ̷̢̞̱̻̀͑́ɐ̵̟̖̭̯́͘ɯ̸̷͚̥̣̫̳̰́̋̈́͝ɐ̸͖͙͉͉̆ǝ̷̡͔̭̥̘͐̐ʇ̸̝̫͈̈́́͑̂͝ǝ̷͖̦͉̂͒̓͝ɹ̷̳͔͍̟̪͊̿u̸̹̇̕ɐ̴̴̡̯̫̳̤̳̘͌̓̋̂̿̅͊̈ͅɐ̶̝̍ǝ̷̢͚̳͙͌̓ʇ̶̖̫͎̳̪̽ǝ̵͉̳͈͕͍̒̄ɹ̵̩̾̊̒u̷̬̅̾͘ɐ̴͖̠̹͓̔̈́̑̊͠ɯ̸̶̠̳̗̫͂̋s̸͍̭̈́̈͒͋̾ǝ̶̢͖̗̲͖͆̿͛̇ɹ̵̧̙͈͖̦͊̅̋͠͠ʌ̸̣̩͉̾ᴉ̵̡̹̭̭͗̈́̿͌͐ʇ̸̣͈̬̪͊͑̾̒n̷̢̡͎͓̈́ʇ̸̹͙̣̭̓͂ǝ̴̛̟̟͔̹̑̑̍͑ͅɯ̶̧̱̙̼͈͆̈́̌͆̚

[Alex] Y̵̨̛̱̰̮̌̆õ̸̖̂̈́ư̴̶͖̟̍͌͆̔̀͒̐̏l̷̟̦̿̓̄i̷̗̠̹̟͆̒̅t̷̳̓͗̋t̷̪͙́͘͠l̸͎̼̯̣͒e̴̙̞̠̲̍̉͒́

[Great TimeMaster]: W̸̡͓̎̀̅͜h̶̙̬̰͖̦̔͐̚ä̴͈́̆̓t̶̂̑̂͋͘ͅ'̴͍̥͒̎̅̔̐ś̷̴̺̘̮͖̓̓̔̾͊̃͋͘͜t̸̤̣͇̓̈́̾h̴̜̘̝͓̪͝ẹ̸̶̛͖͓̏̌̾̚͝m̸̤̠͗̈́ą̷̧̗̪̓t̷̡̡̠͓̭̀̆̍̑̕t̸̪̞̣̆̅̈́̅ͅe̸̮͒͂͊̀r̶̴̰̠̜͚̝̩̞̈͛̒͘͜͠͝l̷͇̂̌̌i̴̳̭̜̞͛̌ṫ̷̬̗͔͔̂͝t̵̖̳̩͕̣̀́̎͘l̸̟̼̼̍̂̕ę̸̷̞͊̃̉̌̊̔̏o̷̹͖̪̐̌̚͝͝n̷̠͊e̵̱̣̫̐͝͝?̵̸̢͍̖̺̫̟̿̓͐͂̌́͝Č̸̙̗́̕ȁ̴͓̗t̸̷̢̪̟͇̼͚͎̪̓̊͌̀̊̕͝g̶̙͋̿o̵͚͎͑ẗ̵̴̘̻̳͍̯̰̋͛͗͑̽̿̓͗͜ỳ̸̧̌͊ǫ̶̬̟̝̬͒͌u̶͙̇ŕ̵̸̝͖̗̭̯̱̘̄͐̆ͅt̴̰̀͝o̵̧̭̖͠ͅn̴̯͖̏͆̽̿g̵̪̣̳̃͐̅̒̚ǘ̸̯̙̭̓͐ë̷̝̘̟́͐̚?̶̧͖̰͍̺̿̽̊

[Alex]: Grrr…..

[Great TimeMaster]: Hahaahahah!!!!!

All the bravado and bl.u.s.ter that Alex summoned at this point  has quickly disappeared at the moment that the Great TimeMaster started saying these words.

 Every counter-argument that Alex tried to offer were of no use to him too, as he realized that the outcome of this meeting had already been decided.

[Alex]: ….

[Great TimeMaster]: …

[Alex]: S-so, t-this plan of yours, when will it take effect?

[Great TimeMaster]: Oh, as long as you accept the plan now, we will immediately give you the resources that you need. Besides, this is the only time that we can give you what you need, since you have to go to your next world tomorrow.

[Alex]: If I accept this plan, what would happen to my followers who will be left behind here? What will you do with them?

[Great TimeMaster]: Don't worry about your followers. Even if you and Delia leaves, your group will still stay intact, and we won't disturb it. Of course we would destroy them if they try to attack us in the future, but I'm sure they would not be that stupid…

[Alex]: I see. So you really are serious on making me and Delia reach the Half-Step Transcendence Level quickly. You even made sure that my followers will be safe…

[Great TimeMaster]: As the one offering this deal, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of your followers. They can't die after all, since you have to use them once you come back here.

[Alex]: …

[Great TimeMaster]: Hm, do you have anything to ask me yet? Come on, I have all the time this day. So feel free to-

[Alex]: There's no need to waste my time anymore. I accept your deal.

[Great TimeMaster]: Hehehe, great decision Alex! You will never regret it!

[Alex]: ….

As much as Alex wanted to disagree with the  Great TimeMaster, her revelations had rendered him unable to remove herself under her influence

 Because of this, he can only grit his teeth as he accepted her offer.  

[Alex]: I hope I won't really regret it. But after everything that you had shown me today, I doubt that will be the case…

[Great TImeMaster]: Alex, why do you still sound suspicious of me? I just ẅ̸͔̘̗̱͙́͐͗͘a̷̮̘̯͇͓̿̏n̷̩̩̱̭̟̚͝ț̴̷̢̜͍̞̔̓̊̒̊̑͝͠ẃ̴͇̘̒͂h̸̩̜́ä̶̺̯̠͚́̓͛t̸̹͓͎͉͒́͘ͅ'̴̢͖̮̫̩͂̇š̷̸̟̰͌̿̽̉̍̈́̇͠ͅb̵̯͔̫͋̚͝e̴͚̦͚͎̎̌͝ș̸̢̢̱͓̽ţ̴̴̛̫̘̬̫̅͑̃̃́̅f̵̯̳̋̔̆̀̔o̴̲̲͍͋͜r̴̵̬̥̬̯̈́͐̔͒̋́͗͝y̶̢̰̼̲͗ơ̸̡̗̳͖̇͌̃́u̴͓̟̞̪̱͂͌̉̚!̷͇̞̘̈́̈́́̾̑

[Alex]: Tsk, and that's one of the reasons why I don't trust you! How the h.e.l.l could you even speak that?

[Great TImeMaster]: You will know in due time, Alex. But for now, you should accompany me towards my treasury. You have to get all the resources you need for your power-up, so we can't waste time! Come on, follow me!

[Alex]: ….


What happened after the meeting were events that could have made Alex happy, but with his current state, the only thing that he felt as he obtained countless precious resources was just numbness.

Yes, just numbness.

After all, what else can he feel after all revelations that the Great TimeMaster showed him?


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