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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:24:23 AM Chapter 454

"Crackle… . " While Queen Mother was entranced with the discovery that she had made, a small split on s.p.a.ce suddenly materialized beside her . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

This spatial split, which appeared to be similar to the portal used by the Cosmic Guard earlier, was small in size and only leaked out weaker spatial winds . Nonetheless, even with the spatial split's apparent weakness, it appeared to be extremely stable .

This stability was proven when two figures came out of this spatial split, with the way these two moved making it  look like they just came out of a door .

"…I definitely felt that you transformed yourself back into a World Tree . But for you to look like this is just… weird . " One of the two figures said as it leaned its body towards Queen Mother .   "I thought that a World Tree will look similar to a treant . But you actually looked better than one! Hehehe… . I wonder what kind of experiments I can do with your current body…"

"Stop thinking about those things, Professor Frances . We're still in a mission here . " The second figure retorted as it glared at the first speaker, who turned out to the Professor Frances . "If you want to play with Queen Mother's body, do it later once we are done . But for now, remember what you should do!"

"Yes, Alina . I know that . Can't you just allow me to marvel at this piece of f**king beauty? Tsk, when will you fix that strict att.i.tude of yours?" Professor Frances replied as she gave Alina, the second speaker, a withering look .

"I will worry about my att.i.tude once we're done here . " Alina replied as she moved her gaze away from Professor Frances .

Alina then landed her eyes on Sierra, who was looking at her and the professor with a mild gleam in her tiny eyes .

"Mommy!!!" Of course, the overly-attached Sierra had this reaction once she saw Alina . "Are you here to play with me? I'm so f**king bored here! I am just guarding a big-a.s.s tree that won't even entertain me! Huhuhu… can you just take me away from this s***y place?"

"…I'm afraid I can't do that right now, Sierra . There's something important that you must do here, so I cannot let you leave yet…" Alina replied with a guilty expression on her face .

"Hm? Why do you act like that mommy? Is there anything bad that will happen here? Oh please, tell it to me already . I don't want to f**king die early… It's just c**ppy if I end pathetically like this!"  Sierra cussed out in her adorable voice, which made Professor Frances sigh out loud .
"…" Although this is the nth time that she heard Sierra cussing out normally, Alina was still rendered silent by her antics .

Even when this baby was already a month old, she still retained her crude language, which draws out exasperation from Alina all this time .

And the fact that Queen Mother and Professor Frances continuously taught Sierra a lot of strange things did not help matters at all .

"Oh, don't worry Sierra . With me here, you will be safe no matter what you do . " Alina replied in the calmest tone that she could ever muster . "You just have to do one simple thing, and once you're done, I can play with you again . That's just it, ok?"

"… . Just one simple thing, mommy? Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, Sierra . Just one . "

"…Okay mommy!  I shall do that simple thing that you want me to do! But what do you want me to f**king do exactly?" Sierra replied, with the end of her words turning into a sudden question . "Do I have to flex off my powers on the insignificant pieces of s**t here? Hehehe, if that's what I will do, then I will be happy to do that mommy!"

"Hey! I don't plan on making you do that Sierra! Where did you even managed to think up of that?"

"But mommy… daddy told me that flexing off your power on weaker enemies is very cool! He said that everyone f**king loves it… . " Sierra replied with a quizzical look present on her face . "Is daddy wrong?"

"Yes, Alex is wrong . He is definitely wrong . "

"What? Aww… . That f**king sucks mommy…"

"Sigh… . Just don't listen to any of Alex's 'advices anymore . Most of that are just nonsense anyway…" Alina quickly replied as she pinched the bridge of her nose . "Just ignore him when he gives you any of his talks . That's the best thing that you should do with him . "

"Okay mommy… so back to what we were talking earlier! What do you want me to exactly do?" With the matter about Alex's improper stories now handled, the impatient Sierra immediately went back to the original conversation . "If I will not torment weak opponents, then will I be scamming them? Hey, that does not sound bad…"

"No! That's not it too!" Alina almost shouted out as she ma.s.saged her temple . "Tsk, your task is nothing related to that… What you were supposed to do was -"

"Sierra, you were supposed to use your power as a World Soul to possess the Four Moons World . " Queen Mother, who had been silent this entire time, suddenly said as she interrupted Alina .

 Queen Mother's voice came directly from her own soul, telegraphing its sounds directly on the brains of Alina, Professor Frances, and Queen Mother .

"Due to the evidences that I and Alex had gathered for these past days, I am sure that the World Soul in this world is non-existent . This means that given a chance, someone like you, who is a World Soul of an artificial world, can do the impossible and try to possess this world!" Queen Mother continued to say as her leaves began rustling with agitation .

"W-what? You want me to possess this world? Can I even do something like this s**t?" Sierra, who was rendered silent by Queen Mother's sudden words, was able to recover her speech quickly . This little baby did not easily accept what Queen Mother just said, with her quickly criticizing the plan .

"…" Upon hearing this retort from Sierra, both Alina and Professor Frances smiled wryly, as Sierra now sounded similar to Alex . Of course with their current situation, these two did not point this similarity out .

"Sierra,  you know that a World Soul possessing a soulless world is something that had not yet happened . Or maybe some World Souls tried that in the past, although they all failed… . Nonetheless, it is obvious that attempting to possess a world  will lead to unknown results, and you can be possibly harmed . " Queen Mother replied in response to Sierra's question .


"You were asking if you can possess this world? Yes, you can possess this world . The Blue Moon is already destroyed, which means that you can now access and invade the weak consciousness of the Four Moons World . What's just left for you to do is to start the possession…"


"But you know about that already, right, Sierra?" Queen Mother said in a whisper as her leaves all went still . "At the moment that the Blue Moon was destroyed, you already had the urge to possess this world… . Don't lie to me . I felt it earlier . "


"You felt that, yet you still did not attempt to do it . Why did you hold yourself back?" Queen Mother suddenly inquired as her branches began to tilt on Sierra's direction . "Is there something that is troubling you here?"


Alina, who had been listening intently to the conversation between Sierra and Queen Mother, only narrowed her eyes slightly as she heard what Queen Moher said . As for Professor Frances, she appeared to be trying to keep a poker face, although she was failing on it miserably .

As for Sierra, she went silent for an unbearably long amount of time, as if what Queen Mother said was enough to strike her speechless .


The time that she went silent was so long that Queen Moher and Alina began to feel slightly worried about the delay that they were having .

Fortunately for them, the little baby gave her reply before anything unfortunate happened to them .

"Hmph, so what if I had the urge to possess this world? Do you even know what will f**king happen if I succeed on this possession?"  Sierra said as she let out a sneer . She crossed her chubby arms in front of her as she began clicking her tongue against her almost toothless mouth .

"You know that the Esper World, the world that I was based in, was purely made up of digital codes and date . With these kind of attributes, we can say that the Esper World is just similar to a world created from dreams or mind-based abilities . The Esper World is not a material world, and it can only be accessed by soul-based beings…" Sierra continued to say as she tapped her temple .

"Right now, with my current state, the Esper World is in safe hands . Even if it is still in paused mode, the health of its citizens are still enclosed with my f**king protection . " Sierra muttered in a low tone . "If you just let things to go on normally, then once I become a Stage 7 World Soul, all the problems that the Esper World had will be solved in one fell swoop . "

"Yes, I know that Sierra, but-"

"If I successfully possess this world, then the Esper World will be affected by it too . " Sierra said out loud as she let out a hmph . "In essence, because of the material properties of the Four Moons World,  my possession of it will turn the Esper World into a material-based world . All the living things inside it will be material-based too, which means that we can now interact with them in a normal manner . "


"I know . It f**king sounds weird . But that's what will happen if I succeed on possessing this world . " Sierra mumbled as she noticed the hesitant looks on Alina and Professor Frances' face .

She then began laughing as if she found a good joke on the things that she had uttered .

"Hehehe,  isn't this just f**king great? From being digital, the Esper World will now be material! Now, you don't need to f**king open up a machine anymore! You can just walk in normally, and boom! The Esper World will be accessible! Hehehe, everyone will be happy from this, right?"


"Hmph, this transition might sound good in theory, but all of you f**king know that turning the Esper World into a material world will pose greater risks on it!" Sierra said as she gave Alina a complicated look .

 "These risks are the reason why I don't want to possess the Four Moons World! This possession, if done successfully,  will place mommy's homeworld at risk . I… I cannot just f**king do something like this! I don't want to put mommy's beloved world in danger in exchange for just some boost in power!"


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