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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:24:24 AM Chapter 453

"d.a.m.n this useless summoner . You only gave me 15 seconds of time here? You puny, useless mortal! My need for fun is not yet fulfilled dammit!" Even after his snake had successfully destroyed the entirety of the Blue Moon, Cheva did not appear to be happy at all .

Instead, he seemed to be enraged as he observed the fragments of the Blue Moon, which were scattering around him like disturbed flies .

"d.a.m.n it! I still want to do more chaos, but my time is never enough! F**k! The Abyss Envoy must have thought that I will act like his, so he purposely shortened my time . Tsk, this brat is trying to outsmart me here…" Cheva thought to himself as he continued observing the area located on his left side .

Here, the fluctuations of  a portal could be felt and seen, indicating the presence of an outsider party trying to make their way in here .

This portal, which Cheva knew to be the result of a technological ability, began to widen and stabilize, eventually reaching the size that of a young star .


This portal, which buffeted powerful spatial winds and s.p.a.ce dust, loomed all over Cheva like a ma.s.sive monster .

To anyone who sees this portal, the will surely feel awed by this, as the sheer majesty of its appearance alone was enough to astound many .

But Cheva did not act like a fan upon witnessing this portal . Instead, his mood became worse at the presence of this portal, and it continued to worsen when he saw something coming out of it . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"… . "

A s.p.a.ceship that was the size of a planet shot out of the portal, bringing an a.r.s.enal of annihilation and destruction weapons on its body .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt Behind this ma.s.sive ship, numerous smaller but still lethal-looking s.p.a.ceships followed, forming a grand fleet that shook those who saw it .

Altogether, all of  these ships formed an astounding formation, which coupled by their sleek looks and deadly weapons, made them look extremely dangerous .


There's no doubt that these group of s.p.a.ceships were meant to be used in s.p.a.ce combat, something that Cheva was excited to partake in .

If Cheva just had the time to fight, then he will use it to start trouble with these newly arrived s.p.a.ce fleet .

But because of the 15-second time limit, Cheva was about to be banished back to the Abyss Plane, which meant that he was robbed of the chance to stir trouble with the fleet .

This was the exact reason that Cheva was unhappy right now .

"d.a.m.n d.a.m.n d.a.m.n! If only these ships appeared when I arrived earlier! If that happened, then I could have destroyed them along with this blasted moon!" Cheva cursed inwardly as he raged against his summoner . "You sh**ty Abyss Envoy . . . You must have known that this s.p.a.ce fleet will be arriving at this time . But even when you knew that, you still did not tell me about it! You… you clearly are trying to ruin my fun!"

"That's your fault for not asking . Don't blame me if you forgot to clarify everything . " Black Alex feebly replied . His soul was currently squeezed tightly inside his body, which was the consequence of Cheva's possession .


"And besides, I did not exactly know that the Cosmic Guards will arrive right now . " Black Alex weakly said as he ignored Cheva's outburst . "I only did some things to force the Cosmic Guard to hasten their arrival . "


"The Cosmic Guards were supposed to arrive numerous hours from now, but after my orchestrations, I thought that they will come here in around 2 hours . " Black Alex continued to say as his voice grew weaker and weaker . "But for them to arrive this quickly? That's not something that I expected… The new information that I sent to them must have been so important that they actually used negative energy just to speed up their travel time…"


This conversation between Black Alex and Cheva happened in just an instant, something that was possible for Cheva and Black Alex in their current states .

"I will never forget this, Abyss Envoy! I will not forget about you tricking me!" Cheva roared out in indignation as his body began to disappear from Black Alex .

The Abyss Plane, which had been tolerating the connection between Black Alex and Cheva, began to make its move at the moment that the 15-second time limit was up .

There were no  Abyssal Gates or creepy tentacles that materialized at this point . Only a powerful suction force from the Abyss Plane appeared, which proceeded to siphon the entirety of Cheva's body .

Even with all the power that he had, Cheva had no way of resisting against this suction force . He was quickly swept away by the power of the Abyss Plane, leaving him with no choice but to let Black Alex off .

This of course served to worsen Cheva's mood, as he now had no possible way to vent his rage . He just cannot do anything while he was being brought away by the Abyss .

"Grrh… . Abyss Envoy . You may have successfully performed and fulfilled a ritual with me . But that does not mean that I will treat you warmly! Right now… you are one of the individuals that I will be observing maliciously! Hehehe… let's see if you can still look down on me once I discover all your secrets and weaknesses!" Cheva thought grandiosely as he stared at Black Alex's body, which he had left floating on the s.p.a.ce .

"Hmph, let's see if you can still act smug at this point . " Cheva smirked inwardly as he saw Black Alex's current plight . "Right now, your body is still paralyzed from the burden that you faced in order to use my power . . . With your Peak Fifth Stage Body bearing the power of a Half-Step Transcendent Being like me, the length of your paralysis will be in terms of minutes… or maybe even hours! Hehehe, what rotten luck you have right now, Abyss Envoy . Do you think you can still do something about this, especially now that you are surrounded by hostile ships? Heh, think again!"


After Cheva thought of these, the nearby s.p.a.ce fleet began to let out warning lights as they discovered Black Alex .

"Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . Unknown ent.i.ty . Please stand down and move away from our path . If you fail to follow our protocol, then we will take appropriate actions on you . "

 Countless more warnings were sent by these ships towards Black Alex, who because of his paralysis, was unable to send a reply .

Upon seeing this, Cheva, whose body was about to be devoured back by the Abyss Plane, let out a cheerful sneer .

"Hmph, consider your current situation… as my little gift for you, Abyss Envoy . " Cheva declared as the s.p.a.ce fleet began flying straight towards Black Alex . "You want to meet many friends and allies, right? Then here they are! Hehehe, you can now ally with these puny mortals, that is if you can survive in the first place…"

Whatever Cheva wanted so say next went unheard as his whole body disappeared, leaving nothing but the traces of attack in his wake . The suction force from earlier has also disappeared, which indicated that Cheva has been sent back to the Abyss Plane already .

"…" At the moment that Cheva bailed out, the clearly agitated controllers of the s.p.a.ceships began to call out to the paralyzed Black Alex once more .

But just like earlier, Black Alex was still unable to give them a reply .

"What in the Abyss is happening here? Did Cheva just left me alone here, paralyzed and helpless against this fleet? Argh! That d.a.m.ned monster! He's clearly petty!" Black Alex thought to himself as he saw the s.p.a.ceships suddenly treating him like  a hostile enemy .

All of these ships' blasters, disintegrators, effulgizers, and plama beams were pointed all over Black Alex's body, leaving nothing, not even the patch of skin on his back  untargeted .

Each one of these armed ships were clearly treating him without any respect, as Black Alex felt that one wrong move can make all of these weaponry pointed at him go off without any question .

There's no doubt that if all of these weapons were fired at once, there's a chance that Black Alex will be injured . After all, he was just a portion of original Alex . His body was meant to be weaker than the original, so getting injured by deadly projectiles is a possible scenario for him .

"The Abyss must be testing me right now . Yes, that should be the only reason that things are going like this . . . " Black Alex thought as the largest of the s.p.a.ceships began barreling straight towards him . With the way that Black Alex is incapacitated right now, there was no way that he can avoid this ship's approach .

 Naturally, this leaves him with no choice but to watch as his body was dragged inside this ma.s.sive ship .  

"Yes, this must be a test of the Abyss… . " Black Alex thought as he tried to not think on what could possibly happen to him now . "I just have to pa.s.s it, and I will surely receive great rewards…"




"Sierra… World Soul… Esper World… . Soul Power… . Sierra… World Soul… Esper World… . Soul Power… . Sierra… World Soul… Esper World… . Soul Power… . Sierra… World Soul… Esper World… . Soul Power… . "

These words began to echo inside Queen Mother's head in a repet.i.tive fashion, with each word seemingly creating a flash of inspiration inside her mind . However, these flashes of inspiration were both fleeting and weak, which made it hard for her to make use of them .

Add the fact that she was currently in her tree form, and Queen Mother's thinking process appears to be stuck in an infinite loop!

But with her tenacity and her willingness to succeed, Queen Mother was finally able to find the perfect link between these 4 words .

This link in the end, has  allowed her to reach the conclusion that she had been looking for since earlier!

"Sierra is the World Soul of the Esper World, which is an Artificial World created by one person . Since Sierra's origin was from an Artificial World, then it means that she's already familiar on how Artificial World works!  This trait… is something that I can use, especially now that the Blue Moon is destroyed!"

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