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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Three – The First Battle

The enemy clearly hadn't thought that they would immediately start fighting without even exchanging a greeting. The mission they had received was to hara.s.s and delay the speed of Zuo Mo's troops.

When Zuo Mo appeared at the front of the battalion, it caused a wave of exclamations from the enemy. What did this person want to do? The camp immediately shifted.

Zuo Mo didn't even bat an eyelash. His upraised sword suddenly swung down!


Zuo Mo charged out first against the enemy.

The generals shouted in unison, "Kill!"

The battalion that had been gathering their power charged out behind Zuo Mo like a overflowing dam!

The thunderous roars caused the enemy battalion to panic even more.

Zuo Mo's face was cold and emotionless. Once again, he raised the sword in his hand.

Everyone unconsciously raised the mo weapons in their hands. King was like a power whirlpool. Their shen power was gathering towards King at an astounding rate!

They felt an indescribable sensation. Usually, they were the ones that sent shen power. This time, they felt as though their shen power was being drawn away.

It was this unique attractive force that made them send out their shen power without even thinking.

These experts of Western Jail Mansion were experienced in battle and reacted quickly. Many of them quickly detected a problem and their expressions suddenly changed!

The shen power that each of them had sent out just now was two times the usual amount!

Not good!

They almost jumped in alarm.

The mo fighting method was different from the other two races. In a mo battalion, each member would send shen power towards the battle general, the shen power would gather at the battle general, and then the battle general would release it in an attack. Due to the condensation of power, a mo battalion's attack was extremely strong.

But the amount of shen power that each mo battalion member would sent out was strictly limited each time. This was the crucial aspect of a mo battalion's skill. Using a one-thousand member battalion as an example, if every person sent slightly less shen power, the amount of shen power that would gather on the battle general would dramatically decrease. But if everyone sent just a little more shen power, it would be a calamity for the battle general. Shen power that surpa.s.sed the tolerance of the battle general's body would cause the battle general to die.

This battalion had followed An Mo for a long time. An Mo's powerful body allowed him to withstand an astounding amount of shen power. The amount of shen power they usually sent was already greater than other battalions.

Yet just now, they had seemed to be possessed, and the shen power they sent was twice the usual amount!

Even An Mo Daren would not be able to withstand such a terrifying amount of shen power!

The minds of these experienced Western Jail Mansion experts blanked in terror. They seemed to see King being overwhelmed by the shen power and explode into countless pieces.

The following scene stunned them dumb.

The scene in their eyes would be deeply imprinted in their minds. They would never forget in their lives. When they talked about the past glories with their descendants, this scene would always cause them to lose focus, and their bodies to shake, and lips to tremble.

On the back of the Copper-Boned Nether bird King, a terrifying amount of shen power shrouded King. Because the shen power was so thick, King's figure even became blurry.

But that seemed to be an illusion. The blurry figure quickly became clear.

The shen power that was so concentrated it was almost tangible furiously flooded into the sword in his hand.

The upraised sword flashed with blinding golden light like a bright sun. They were not able to see the shape of the sword. King held the sun up high, his back straight as he looked down on the world.

Zuo Mo's face seemed so cold and hardened, as if it was made from granite. His eyes were so bright people could not look directly at them. The eyes were filled with dominance and invasiveness.

As the shen power flooded into the gold flow sword, the sword turned into liquid metal. It could not tolerate shen power. But Zuo Mo did not seem to feel it. His eyes looked unmovingly at the enemies in front of him.

His right hand didn't even change from how it had gripped the sword.

He could clearly see the terror and panic on the faces of the enemy. He could clearly see the openings in the battalion that had occurred due to chaos. He could see the enemy's timidity and lack of fighting spirit.

His mind was unaffected.

He was King!

No one could stop him!


The deep roar exploded in people's minds like thunder, deep and with soul-shaking power.

The ball of light that was like a blinding sun in his hand moved down!

The ball of light that was a mix of shen power and liquid metal flew towards the enemy battalion.

The enemy battle general finally regained his clarity. His face was bloodless.


He swore in hopelessness. All of the information said that the new king was weak. He wanted to say to those people, open your eyes and see, this is weak?

But he knew that if he could not stop this attack, everyone would die here today!

He roared ferociously and charged towards the ball of light.

Just as he was about to collide with the ball of light, the light suddenly exploded.

No one could describe this attack!

The blinding ball of light suddenly exploded. Everyone suddenly felt their field of view turn completely white. When their vision recovered, a golden sea of light had completely consumed the enemy battalion. The liquid metal had turned into countless slender dark red lines that swept through in the golden sea of light piercing enemy ranks.

Everyone was astounded by the scene in front of them. They didn't even feel their bodies trembling instinctively.

The weaker enemies had been immediately turned to dust by the golden light. The golden light was stunningly powerful, but what was truly frightening were the bright red slender threads. The gold flows of metal liquid had exploded into metal drops that were the size of beans. These metal droplets were expelled astoundingly fast from within the golden light, almost unstoppable, and able to penetrate multiple people in an instant.

The enemy battalion seemed to have been viciously shredded.

When the light dissipated, there were less than three hundred people standing in the enemy battalion. They were scattered around, their expressions blank as though they did not understand what had happened.

Everyone knew that these people were finished. This battalion was finished.

A short silence appeared on the battlefield.

The surviving enemies had not recovered from the first attack, and the Western Jail Mansion experts behind Zuo Mo had been completely stunned by Zuo Mo's shocking attack.

"An Mo!"

The cold voice broke the battlefield's deathly silence.

An Mo shook and his thoughts came back. His face still held traces of disbelief. If he had only felt loyal to Zuo Mo before due to loyalty to the king, now, he was completely won over by Zuo Mo.

He bowed on the mo steed as he responded, his voice trembling slightly, "Present!"

"Fifteen minutes, clear the battlefield!"

Zuo Mo's tone was unquestionable and decisive.

An Mo was not discontent at all. He accepted his orders without hesitation. "Yes!"

He turned and picked a few dozen steeds to charge towards the enemy battalion. When they came in front of the enemy battalion, those remaining survivors seemed to not realize the arrival of death. They stood there soullessly in shock.

An Mo's heart felt a wave of coldness. He knew that King's attack just now had completely destroyed these people's spirits. Even if these people survived, they would never step on to the battlefield again.

Fei Lei's body shook. His eyes were wide as he stared at the scattered battle formation. He did not know that his face was covered in tears.


This was a king!

He finally saw the birth of the mo's new king!

Everyone was completely won over by the domineering attack. Such a strong attack, this was King! Even they would not be able to do anything against this attack.

He willingly submitted. He suddenly felt that it was good fortune and glory to be able to partic.i.p.ate in this campaign.

Liang Wei's mouth was wide but he could not make a sound. The blood had completely left his face. His fists were balled tightly, and he didn't even feel his fingernails biting into his flesh.

While he was humble on the surface, he was still proud inside. This pride came from his strength. His present strength was that of a top battle general. Facing any kind of situation, he would not be left without any solution. This was the source of his confidence.

Yet Zuo Mo's attack give him an unparalleled blow and shock.

He found that, no matter what method he used, he would not be able to withstand this blow.

In front of absolute power, his plans and tactics were of no use at all. This conclusion was a great blow to him.

How was it possible … …

How could there be such an unreasonable attack in this world?

Yes, unreasonable!

No matter how you responded, no matter what formation you used, no matter how you moved, the other only needed this one attack!

A feeling of helplessness that he never had rose.

Liang Wei had a grimace on his face.

"This is G.o.d-level! So strong!" Pu Yao murmured, slightly unfocused.

While Zuo Mo had rescued them, the process of being rescued was not as shocking and spectacular as the attack displayed in front of them.

Wei quickly recovered. He noticed Liang Wei's grimaced. "Liang Wei has received a great blow to his confidence this time."

Zuo Mo's unreasonable attack had completely upended the battle general system that Liang Wei had studied for so long. The blow was unparalleled.

Pu Yao's thoughts came back and he recovered his calm. "No one can help him on this. If he could overcome this mental barrier, then he can truly elevate himself to the same level as Gongsun Cha and BIe Han."

"His skill right now isn't bad," Wei said.

"A great battle general needs a big heart," Pu Yao said coolly.

"A Zuo is really strong now!" Wei couldn't help but praise. His tone was filled with accomplishment. Even they had not thought that Zuo Mo would grow to such a level.

"He is fated to be king!" Pu Yao said seriously.

The battlefield was quickly cleaned up. An Mo's strength against these defeated soldiers was destructive.

No one was left alive on the enormous battlefield.

Everyone looked towards Zuo Mo with heated gazes. Nothing was more powerful than the truth. Starting from this battle, everyone believe that this was the journey of legend. No one could stop them!

Fight their way to Nether King Palace!

On the back of the Copper-Boned Nether Bird King, Zuo Mo's expression was still cold as he sat like a statue. His expression had not changed after the victory.

Under everyone's heated gaze, Zuo Mo once again took out a gold flow sword.

Without any flourish, the sword pointed forward. The cold order was like flame that caused everyone's fighting spirits to rise.


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