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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Two – Mist Eye Tablet

The Black Gold Seal Soldier and Lil' PaG.o.da sat together on the ground. The two gluttons had blank stares, their bellies swollen. All of their symptoms pointed to one thing—they had ate too much~

Zuo Mo looked at the Mist Hall that was now empty of mist and felt proud.

Never underestimate the power of gluttons.

This mist energy was clearly strange. Fortunately, it was now in the bellies of these two gluttons. The only thing Zuo Mo worried about now was that these two would have indigestion. However, after inspecting them, there didn't seem to be any problems. Other than the Black Gold Seal Soldier's face that was slightly green and Lil' PaG.o.da's eyes swirling the two appeared fine.

It was unexpected to Zuo Mo that the danger had been resolved like this. However, Zuo Mo immediately put his attention onto the Mist Eye Tablet when he relaxed.

This thing was still slowly producing mist. The mist floated in the air and did not dissipate.

He thought of Silly Bird's peck. Had she found it an eyesore?

With Zuo Mo's understanding of Silly Bird, it probably wasn't so simple. Silly Bird was a bit proud usually but never rash in her actions.

Many thoughts swirled through his head. He stared at the Mist Eye Tablet for a while and then suddenly reached out towards it.


Pu Yao and Wei's alarmed shouts sounded at the same time.

Yet Zuo Mo did not encounter any attacks. The Mist Eye Tablet that had been unusually frightening just now was easily picked up.

Pu Yao and Wei were stunned.

Zuo Mo was also slightly surprised. He had been prepared to be attacked just now yet the Mist Eye Tablet did not react at all and allowed him to move it. The Mist Eye Tablet was light in his hand as though it was nothing. It did not seem to be carved from a stone. Zuo Mo realized that it was a treasure. It would be strange if it really was just a stone carving.

He tried to channel shen power into it. Suddenly, the Mist Eye Tablet gave off a warm and gentle light. A great suction force came from the mist eye, and Zuo Mo was unable to dodge in time and was sucked into the mist eye.

A Gui reacted the fastest. She moved with the suction and fell into the mist eye.

Silly Bird was a step late in her reaction. The light of the Mist Eye Tablet dissipated and it fell to the ground. Silly Bird stared at the Mist Eye Tablet by her feet and her eyes started to narrow. Her expression gradually became vicious and savage. She clearly was angry.

The other Little ones were puzzled.

Silly Bird suddenly pecked at the tablet. Its sharp bird beak thrust through the air and created blinding red energy. A burning wisp of fire lit up at the tip of the beak.

She pecked viciously on the mist eye!


It was an endless mist sea.

So the inside of the Mist Eye Tablet was like this!

Zuo Mo thought carelessly. He raised his head to look at the sky. The sky was grey and did not have a sun. the mist under his feet was endless like a white ocean. Zuo Mo felt that the scenery was a bit like Cloud Sea Jie.

A Gui was standing silently by his side.

Suddenly, the mist sea under his feet twisted, and an astounding presence covered Zuo Mo and A Gui.

Zuo Mo felt his body freeze and was unable to move. He was shocked. A Gui's eyes lit up with purple fire, but before she could move, she was also paralyzed.

At this time, the mist sea under their feet slowly rose.

The mist rose and changed to form a mountainous figure. The giant's body was completely made from mist. It was hundreds of zhang tall and its face was blurred and indistinct.

The mist giant's shadow covered Zuo Mo and A Gui. A strong feeling of pressure formed. In front of the mist giant, Zuo Mo and A Gui were as small as ants.

"Who are ye? Why have ye disturbed my sleep?"

The voice of the Mist Eye Tablet was like thunder and rumbled through the mist sea magnificently. The presence he gave off was dangerous and vast. Even a person as fearless as Zuo Mo felt it was dangerous.

Just as the mist giant finished speaking, suddenly, boom, an enormous sound exploded in the mist sea without any forewarning.

The mist sea shook, and the body of the mist giant also shook.

"d.a.m.ned phoenix! d.a.m.ned stupid bird! The archenemy of my race! I swear to fight thee to the death!" The mist giant's furious bellow echoed in the mist sea. The mist sea seemed to turn into a storm and roiled.

Affected, Zuo Mo felt the power restraining him seemed to ease off slightly. With a shout, his sun shen power activated, light emitting from his body. He twisted abruptly and managed to break free.

A Gui was not slower than Zuo Mo to respond. Purple energy flashed through her eyes and she also broke free of the restraining power.

Without hesitation, Zuo Mo gathered all of his shen power. The gold axe of light appeared in his hand with a shout. His body seemed to be made from G.o.d, a domineering and masculine presence spreading. He was like a G.o.d coming down to earth!

[Sun Shen Axe]!

A Gui and Zuo Mo were in sync. [Undying Ghost] activated, and she suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, she appeared behind the mist giant. A wisp of grey mist was sent into the body of the mist giant.

The mist giant suddenly gave out a sky-shaking roar!

"Sun Tribe! I will kill you!"

The mist giant waved his hand and a thick ball of mist the size of a small hill shot towards Zuo Mo like a cannon.

Zuo Mo's eyes were wide, all of his shen power rippling. The light axe in his hand was almost tangible. The bright sun shen glyph appeared on the axe. In this moment, Zuo Mo's body gave off bright light like an enormous sun.

Zuo Mo did not feel any fear towards the mist coming towards him. He was like the ancient hero walking out of the epics and sagas, brave and peerless!


The strong furious shout exploded in the mist sea.

The almost-tangible mist was cut open by Zuo Mo effortlessly from the middle!

The two halves of the mist ball started to burn and turned into two b.a.l.l.s of fire.

Zuo Mo charged towards the mist giant, like a fiery meteor, with his remaining momentum. The sun shen axe in his hand created countless dazzling sparks as it brushed through the air. The bright glow made it seem as though it had just been taken out of the forge.

Of course, the attack of the mist giant was not so simple. It suddenly slapped at the mist sea, and a wall of mist headed towards Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo's vision darkened. The mist wall covered his vision, and the power was suffocating!

At this time, Zuo Mo didn't have one stray thought in his mind. His spirit boiled, all of the fire and dominance of the Sun Shen Methodology stimulating every part of his muscles and blood. He was like a scorching sun that burned fearlessly!


A blinding golden axe energy came from the sky and smashed onto the incoming mist wall.

Without any sound, the mist wall was as fragile was paper, easily cut apart by the axe energy.

The fast axe energy was like a flash of light that entered the enormous body of the mist giant. The mist giant's body froze, and all of the mist sea seemed to freeze for a moment.

Boom boom boom!

b.a.l.l.s of blinding light exploded from inside the mist giant. The body formed from mist energy was completely destroyed by the terrifying force of the explosions.


The furious shouts of the mist giant caused the entire mist sea to twist furiously and shift!

Now there was only half of the the mist giant left. Suddenly, the endless mist sea gathered towards the mist giant at an astounding rate.

In a flash, the damaged body of the mist giant recovered.

"I will kill you!"

The howls of the mist giant echoed. The entire mist sea moved like a colossal monster. A power as vast as an ocean immediately surrounded Zuo Mo.

The mist giant continued to rage!

b.a.l.l.s the size of mountains flew out of the mist sea. Each mist ball seemed to have all the features for a face. However, that face was twisted as though it was enduring some great pain.

"This is Mist Ghost Head from the Ghost Mist Tribe!" Wei suddenly explained.

These enormous mist ghost heads headed for Zuo Mo and A Gui like meteors. A Gui was flickering in and out of view, moving easily as it danced between the sky filled with mist ghost heads.

Zuo Mo was not as agile as A Gui when moving. He decided not to dodge, the sun shen axe in his hand cutting down the mist ghost heads in front of him.

Boom boom boom!

After twenty continuous blows, Zuo Mo's arm felt sore, his energies twisting, and the sun shen axe in his hand showing signs of collapse.

Zuo Mo was shocked. These mist ghost heads were hundreds of times stronger than the previous mist b.a.l.l.s!

He could see them everywhere he looked. The mist ghost heads were endless, and smashed towards him from all over.

d.a.m.n it!

Zuo Mo was forced to start dodging. However, Zuo Mo was left much more disheveled than A Gui.

Zuo Mo quickly ended up in dire straits. Continuing like this was not an option. He had to find this guy's weakness! Otherwise, dragging this out was not of benefit to him.

As he dodged, he urgently asked Wei, "What weakness does it have?"

Wei had started to think about this problem early on. He heard this and said, "The Sun Tribe is the bane of the Ghost Mist Tribe to start with. It's just that you are not strong enough. If you were able to practice the [Sun Shen Beam], you should be able to kill him."

Zuo Mo felt depressed hearing this. Wasn't this a waste of words? Not to mention the [Sun Shen Beam] other than the [Sun Shen Thorn] and the [Sun Shen Axe], Zuo Mo hadn't learned  anything else.

"Then what other options do I have?"

Wei's eyes suddenly lit up. "Delay him for a while, maybe A Gui can do it!"

"Really?" Zuo Mo was suspicious.

"You can only try." Wei wasn't too sure.

Zuo Mo suddenly saw A Gui who was appearing and disappearing. He felt that Wei's idea was not reliable. He knew A Gui's strength. There was a great gulf between her and the guy in front of them. He had to admit that the big guy in front of them was much stronger. He was one of the strongest shen users he met, weaker  than Shi but stronger than Big Brother Qing Lin!

And they were fighting on the other's home territory.

There was nothing to do except try their hardest!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. He thought of the shen glyph remanent that he had comprehended while travelling to Calm Brightness Jie, and the green strand wrapped around his wrist suddenly unwound.

The hair-thin green strand was like a nimble snake. It stretched its body along the rippling waves of air.

While dodging, Zuo Mo forced himself to calm down. A dot of light suddenly lit up on his fingertip.

The light was not dazzling, and did not attract the attention of the mist giant.

Zuo Mo started to draw in empty s.p.a.ce with difficulty.

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