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This place was indeed a Lion Mountain. He could clearly see that there were many runes on the ground and the place he was at was a large formation formed by many trees. As long as they were transferred from other Lion Mountain, they would arrive at this place and be trapped.

Not only was he able to see through the illusion array, his surroundings were incomparably clear as well. The reason why Long Xueyi was able to see the changes that occurred in the surrounding gra.s.s and trees was because her soul had reached a superb state.

Chen Xiang now understood why cultivating the Ground killing was so difficult. It turned out that his spiritual sense was still too weak, this Heaven Earth Killing Method was indeed not simple, his previous spiritual sense was already very strong compared to other people's, but learning the Ground killing was still very difficult.

Now, he could clearly feel the subtle changes in the ground, allowing him to become more familiar with the ground. The many difficulties within the Ground killing were easily solved, and he managed to raise his Ground killing to another level.

Chen Xiang walked a few steps and suddenly saw a group of people appear. All of them were currently inside the illusion formation, and with just a few steps, Chen Xiang felt like he was traversing a thousand miles through the world inside the illusion formation.

The short old ghost saw that Chen Xiang had suddenly appeared in their territory, causing him to be surprised.

Chen Xiang was not afraid in the slightest. He shook his head and laughed, "I have already escaped from the illusion formation. However, you guys are already too late, you will never be able to leave this illusion array. "

The short elder looked like he had been stabbed by a blade, he was immediately enraged, he summoned out a long sword and thrusted it towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang only took a few steps forward and he was already far away from the array. In front of the short elder and the others, it was as if he had suddenly disappeared.

"Shrinking step... "This!" They were not ordinary people, and all of them had vast amounts of experience and knowledge, but this kind of Shrinking step was only a legend, and Chen Xiang actually learned it! With just a few steps, he crossed a large distance!

This was the progress of the Ground killing! Chen Xiang had mastered it now!

After leaving the magic array, Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound came out from the Serene Jade Ring. Chen Xiang didn't know what they were talking about with Su Meiyao inside, but he didn't ask. He guessed that it was Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao asking about their master.

"Are we going to find the Emperor's Tomb soon?" Zhao Yiprofound asked, but she did not mention anything about the things inside the ring.

"No, the Emperor's Tomb is not inside the Lion Mountain, I don't even know where he is. In short, I won't be here anymore." Chen Xiang shook his head, he seemed to be extremely mysterious and had the appearance of an expert.

"Why? If you aren't here, you can't walk safely through the Ground killing. " Ji Meixian did not understand.

Chen Xiang walked towards the Lion Mountain's stone tablet. He could clearly feel the stone tablet.

"I had thought that the Emperor's Tomb was inside, but now I am wrong, this is only a place with G.o.d slain method, if you want to enter the Emperor's Tomb, you have to find the Heaven Earth Killing Method and cultivate until the fire breaks out!" Chen Xiang scratched his head with his finger and said: "And just like what little girl Zhao had said, there is something I need to enter Emperor's Tomb for. It's not a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, but a very special thing."

"Oh? How did you suddenly know so much? " Zhao Yiprofound now knew just how powerful Chen Xiang was. In a situation where she and Ji Meixian were surrounded by a group of people, it would be difficult for them to even escape, but Chen Xiang had easily resolved the situation.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am currently reading the inscriptions on the stone tablet. It seems that not only is the G.o.d slain method hidden here, there is also a powerful *!"

He was startled, and then pulled Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound, and after walking a few steps, Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound only saw the ground suddenly shrink, and they only took a few steps forward, and arrived in front of a stone tablet.

"The legendary Shrinking step is really scary. It seems like no one can catch this guy in the future." Zhao Yiprofound exclaimed in his heart. If not for Chen Xiang pulling them away, he would have left them in the dust a long time ago.

"I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse to have formed a Master-servant Contract with him." Ji Meixian really wanted to learn the Shrinking step, but she knew that even if Chen Xiang was willing to teach her, it would be difficult.

Chen Xiang looked at the green monument carefully, he used his hand to gently caress the inscription on it, only to see the monument suddenly shrinking, becoming a palm sized green jade tablet.

"This is the G.o.d slain method." Chen Xiang looked at the jade tablet with focus, and poured all of the killing intent acc.u.mulated in his body into the green jade tablet.

A wave of murderous intent suddenly gushed out from the jade token, causing Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound to retreat a few steps in fear. They only saw that the green jade token had many finger sized words flowing out, countless of ancient characters drilled into the center of Chen Xiang's brows, it looked extremely strange.

"It seems that even if we were given the G.o.d slain method, we wouldn't be able to learn it. We don't have enough killing intent." Zhao Yiprofound said.

"Of course, if we were to acc.u.mulate such a degree of killing intent, we would probably lose our true names, but he didn't! If one day he can control this murderous intent, maybe he can … " Ji Meixian did not continue. She felt that it was somewhat impossible.

"Becoming a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is not easy. Although it looks like he has a bright future ahead of him and has obtained the inheritance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, it does not mean that he can become a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." Zhao Yiprofound shook his head.

After Chen Xiang fused with the G.o.d slain method, the corner of his mouth raised slightly. Using his consciousness to attack, this was the best way to trick others.

He was not in a hurry to learn it. Even the Heaven Earth Killing Method needed to be comprehended bit by bit, and time was not something that could be learned just because he wanted to.

"Leader, you said that you have another * *. What is that?" Seeing Chen Xiang's smile, Ji Meixian could not help but feel gooseb.u.mps.

"Hehe, that is a very powerful pill refining technique. The Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is really powerful, with a proficiency in everything, but his skills in pill refining have never reached the level that he expected." Chen Xiang laughed, "What kind of * *? was created by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord? " Su Meiyao asked anxiously.

It's called the Heavenly Alchemy, using the heaven and earth as the furnace and the myriad of objects as the medicine. If that's the case, in short, it's very powerful, when I have time, I must try the kind of crazy pill cultivating techniques that were written above. Chen Xiang's face was full of excitement.

The Heavenly Alchemy, even hearing its name, felt that it was powerful. Su Meiyao was really looking forward to see how powerful this art of alchemy was.

"So we're going back now?" There are no other secrets in this Lion Mountain? " Ji Meixian didn't dare believe it when he thought about how only this little thing was hidden within the countless Lion Mountain.

Chen Xiang said: "We do have good things, but only if we are alive. There are a lot of Lion Mountain s that contain a large amount of mines, but those Lion Mountain s are very dangerous! There are countless Lion Mountain s here, and many of them have large amounts of resources, all of which were left here intentionally by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. As for his intentions, even I am unable to guess. "

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