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These old men in front of them, no matter how they looked at it, did not look like good people. Instead, they looked like a pack of old wolves that had starved for a long time. This made Chen Xiang and the others even more vigilant.

Zhao Yiprofound's strength caused this group of old fellows to be wary and not dare to move recklessly. They also knew that for the three youths in front of them to be able to come here, their strength must be pretty good.

"We are only inviting you all to join. With more people, you have more power, so you all might not be clear about the situation here. I can tell you now, there are many teams like us here, but they are all very sinister, so if you fall into their hands, the consequences will be unthinkable. " The old man continued.

Long Xueyi muttered: "This old man is not lying to you all, there are already a few people rushing over."

Ji Meixian also noticed it and quickly transmitted his voice to Zhao Yiprofound.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang and the other two were surrounded by the five groups of people. These people looked very old, only a few middle-aged men.

"Dwarf, I heard what you said from afar. What do you mean?" Are you saying that we are not good people? " A middle-aged man shouted at the old man.

Chen Xiang thought: "You are all not good people."

"You guys came really fast! Alright, let's put it this way now. Since everyone has a part here, let's take them down together and split it equally. " The short elder laughed.

Zhao Yiprofound frowned slightly. She circulated the blue ice energy within her body and prepared to go all out, but she was extremely worried about Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian. Out of the three hundred people, five of them were on par with her.

"Little fellows, you should obediently hand over your things. Otherwise, we will eat you!" An old woman sneered.

"Can you beat him?" Ji Meixian knew that they were in a very dangerous situation.

"It's very difficult. If I were to make a move, there would be around ten people holding me back." Zhao Yiprofound said.

The two girls couldn't help but look at Chen Xiang at this time, but Chen Xiang was still calm and composed, not the least bit worried.

"Master, do you have any ideas?" Zhao Yiprofound asked.

"I am the Leader, from now on don't call me master, call me Leader!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Of course I have a way."

Dragon Subduing School? Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound were immediately filled with suspicion.

"I will tell you about the matters of the Dragon Subduing School in the future. I want to keep you guys in my ring right now, so don't resist me." Chen Xiang said.

Ji Meixian knew that Bai Youyou, Su Meiyao and a White Dragon were hidden inside the ring. She was curious about what was inside.

Zhao Yiprofound and Ji Meixian's body shone with a white light, and then, they disappeared. kept them in her ring, and they appeared in a courtyard inside the White Jade Immortal Palace.

"Brat …" You actually have such powerful Storage magic treasure, quickly hand them over! " A tall old man roared, his eyes bloodshot.

Chen Xiang guessed that these people had been here for a long time. Because there was no Spirit Qi here, they had used up all their things.

"I only have one Nature fruit, you guys can take it based on your own abilities." Chen Xiang used all his strength and threw the Nature fruit high.

Nature fruit s were Heaven level Fruits, they contained a large amount of spirit energy, in the eyes of this group of people, they were just like a treasure, a group of people jumped out one after another to s.n.a.t.c.h the Nature fruit.

A portion of them rushed towards Chen Xiang, who then released a white mist, while he himself turned into a small stone, and was kicked to the side by someone who rushed in.

Just like that, he disappeared in front of this group of people, while those who had the strength to s.n.a.t.c.h the Nature fruit, ended up in the hands of the short elder.

Chen Xiang laughed loudly in his heart. That was not a real Nature fruit, it was something he turned into using a piece of stone.

However, this made the short old man be attacked by a few Rankers, and the people on their side also found an attack. Just like that, Chen Xiang who had turned into a small stone, "rolled" away in the chaos of battle.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop hitting, this Nature fruit is fake!" But no one believed him. He had lost an arm.

"If you don't believe me, I'll search your bodies. This is all I have." The short old ghost was surrounded by the three Rankers. If this carried on, even if there was a real Nature fruit, he would not live to enjoy it.

The experts immediately stopped and looked at the stone that was smeared with the Nature fruit juice. The injured people all had furious expressions.

"It's a deceptive trick! It's said that only people that cultivate the soul can use divine powers to sow discord and make us fight fiercely. We were fooled by that brat!" A middle-aged man shouted in anger.

"Carry the dead back and divide them." The short elder took a deep breath, his expression extremely ugly.

Chen Xiang did not move from his spot, he had to wait for these to leave. They purposely guarded the road, purposely waiting for people to enter, and as long as they pa.s.sed by, they would s.n.a.t.c.h them away.

Inside the ring, Zhao Yiprofound looked at Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, two girls whose beauty made her jealous. She wasn't clear about their ident.i.ties, but from the auras they emitted, she could tell that the woman in front of her, who could make even her heart palpitate, was extraordinary.

"I am the Dragon Subduing School's Elder Long. My name is the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, shouldn't you greet me when you see me?" Long Xueyi who was rolling and playing on the ground suddenly stood up, his hands on his waist.

"Don't believe her." Ji Meixian snorted lightly.

"It's boring, it pierced me in an instant." Long Xueyi continued to hug a large fruit as he sat on the ground and chewed it, while speaking.

"I am really an elder of the Dragon Subduing School and that little scoundrel is the Leader. However, the Dragon Subduing School is not completely formed yet and only has a few members. If you behave a little, I will let that little scoundrel be your Elder or something!"

"Don't underestimate Dragon Subduing School. Under the leadership of my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, you all will learn many supreme dragon martial arts, and before long, you all will be able to sweep through the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth. That Imperial Avian Race of yours is nothing at all."

"You are..." Zhao Yiprofound asked carefully. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's att.i.tude made her more reserved.

"I am Su Meiyao, this is my senior sister Bai Youyou, have you ever heard of her?" Su Meiyao smiled charmingly and slowly walked to stand in front of Zhao Yiprofound.

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao! Hearing the names of these two people, Zhao Yiprofound immediately took a few steps back, his face filled with fear.

"You really are … Ruthless Devil Venerable's disciple? " Zhao Yiprofound asked with a trembling voice.

"What is it? Are we still very famous? " Bai Youyou asked coldly, that kind of cold gaze made Zhao Yiprofound feel chills down his spine.

"What are you afraid of? I have hunted them down for many years. " Ji Meixian patted Zhao Yiprofound's shoulder.

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