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Zhao Yiprofound looked at Ji Meixian, and her eyes sparkled, she suddenly felt that Ji Meixian was very scary. Previously, she had bullied and humiliated him, but now, he was trying to curry favor with her.

But she knew Ji Meixian's strength, in her eyes, he was nothing more than ashes, she could blow him away with a single breath, so she was not afraid that Ji Meixian would harm her.

Ji Meixian's way of thinking was indeed not bad. Zhao Yiprofound nodded to her, then called Feng Ziprofound over. Although there were some conflicts between them, they had no choice but to work together now.

Then, I will wait for them to find two, then I will tell them the rules inside. Then, you will pretend to discover the rules, find the other Transmission array, and leave the killing array to the last person. When you guys get close to that killing array, I will activate it. After Chen Xiang found out about Ji Meixian's plan, he began to discuss it with Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian was an old man to begin with. Now that they had teamed up with Chen Xiang, even though Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were strong in one side, they were merely young chickens who did not know the limits of the heavens in their eyes.

"Master, that Zhao Yiprofound must be left for me." Ji Meixian said, although she called Chen Xiang Master, but her tone did not sound like a female slave at all.

"Good!" But don't torture her to death, if we want to get close to the Emperor's Tomb, we have to rely on her. That man is weaker than Zhao Yiprofound, there's no use in keeping him. " Chen Xiang said.

The three of them split up and searched for the Transmission array. Ji Meixian searched for two days, pretended to have stumbled upon one of them by chance, the one he and Feng Ziprofound each searched for five days later.

"You also know formations?" Zhao Yiprofound saw Ji Meixian squatting on the ground, staring at the Transmission array formed by the big trees, caressing the runes with her jade hands.

"I know a little, but I have learned it before. These Spirit grain are all very ancient, and the Spirit grain that the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain have in their possession right now should be created using these Spirit grain as the foundation." Ji Meixian said, she really did understand a little. After all, she had been in the Heaven Realm for many years, and she herself was from there.

"Chen Xiang is still in the Lion Mountain, because he needs a lot of energy to activate the Transmission array. If he wants to activate it, he will have to use a large amount of Spar, and at that time, we will definitely be able to find him. However, he might have other methods, so it would be better for us to find the other Transmission array." Ji Meixian stood up, and looked around: "We've already found four, and they aren't too far apart, making them easy to monitor."

"From the looks of these four Transmission array s, there should be a set pattern to the positions they are at. I think I should be able to find the other six from them."

Zhao Yiprofound did not dare to underestimate Ji Meixian. After all, Ji Meixian was also a daughter of heaven, and if she was given time, she would be able to grow to her level in the future, and she would even be so proficient in array formations, so it was rare to see a daughter of heaven like this. Whether it was the Heaven Realm or the Mortal Realm, the Son of Heaven and the daughter of heaven's main goal was to raise their strength, and not do anything else.

Chen Xiang told Ji Meixian the rules. As Ji Meixian followed a few tracks, he explained the rules, which surprised both Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound, because all of these were laid out by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then. But now, a small heavenly girl like Ji Meixian was actually able to see through the rules, they were clear that this required a very complicated process of calculation.

They all heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Chen Xiang was still in the Lion Mountain, they would have hope to find him. And right now, they could monitor those Transmission array s.

"The ninth!" One more to go! " Ji Meixian pretended to be tired as he sweated profusely.

"Don't stop, continue to find the last one for me." Zhao Yiprofound's voice became stern. If she did not see Ji Meixian proficient in formation, she would have already slapped him or scolded him loudly.

"Yes sir!" Ji Meixian replied softly. She knew she wouldn't have to endure for long.

Chen Xiang had been hiding in the vicinity of the killing array, the moment someone arrived, he would immediately activate it!

That killing array was actually a trap. If one did not completely understand the contents of the stone tablet, one would not know that it was a killing array.

Ji Meixian was already prepared. When the killing array opened, she would immediately use her divine clothes to block.

"This is the last one, but this one is a bit strange, hurry and come over!" Ji Meixian purposely had a face of shock, looking at the runes on the ground.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound immediately entered the forest. They discovered that the runes on the ground were different from others, they were even more profound and looked extremely powerful. It made people suspect that this might be a Transmission array that could bring them away.

"Do you know how to open this Transmission array?" Zhao Yiprofound asked.

Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, and said in his heart: "I know!"

With a thought, he used his soul consciousness to trigger the hidden source of the killing array. He saw that the killing array suddenly burst into a red light and countless red long swords suddenly shot over from all directions.

Ji Meixian had G.o.d's Robe to protect her, the terrifying Sword Qi was unable to penetrate her body, but was able to send her flying.

In that moment, Zhao Yiprofound and Zhao Yiprofound immediately released their treasures to block, and retreated out of the killing array at the same time. However, the powerful Sword Qi released by the killing array destroyed all their treasures, and in a few blinks of an eye, they were covered in blood.

This wasn't the end. After the red light disappeared, it shot out many fire dragons that coiled around their bodies, causing them to let out miserable cries.

Although Ji Meixian had been knocked out, her internal injuries were severe. She still had lingering fear in her heart at this moment, because if she did not have the Divine Robe protecting her body, she would have been burnt into countless pieces of meat by now.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound did not die because they were supporting themselves with their terrifying power.

After the flame pa.s.sed, the killing array released a terrifying cold air. All the trees within several feet of the killing array were frozen and then shattered. Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were frozen to the point that they couldn't move, followed by bursts of purple lightning that shot out from the killing array, striking the two people.

Zhao Yiprofound did not die, she opened her eyes wide, she could see Ji Meixian meditating in the distance, it annoyed her so much that her teeth were itching for action. Of course she could see that Ji Meixian had a powerful treasure, much more powerful than their immortal equipment, which made her extremely jealous.

And what was even more infuriating was that Chen Xiang had appeared at that moment, he was standing right behind Ji Meixian, and even gave him a spirit pellet!

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were so angry that their bodies almost exploded. Even if they used their toes to kick, they could already imagine that Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian had teamed up and tricked them!

Ji Meixian ate the Relive Dan and recovered most of his strength. He stood up to follow behind Chen Xiang as he walked towards the killing array with a smile.

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