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Zhao Yiprofound saw that Chen Xiang had not moved for more than two hours, and could not help but become restless. Previously, she had personally witnessed the Lion Mountain burning with terrifying blue flames, and was worried that this Lion Mountain would do the same.

"Is this also a Lion Mountain that can move?" Zhao Yiprofound asked.

"No, this Lion Mountain can't move, but it can hide ten Transmission array s. Only one of these ten Transmission array s can be teleported to a safe place." Chen Xiang said: "I am trying to find a way to differentiate the Transmission array."

Chen Xiang spoke the truth with a headache, because he did not know how to make the choice within the ten Transmission array s. The stone tablet did not specify which one was the safest option, nor did it say where the Transmission array would go if he was mistaken.

After a short while, Chen Xiang opened his eyes and sighed.

"Looks like we have to take the risk this time. Let's go find those ten Transmission array s first."

"Don't kill us!" Zhao Yiprofound was a little unhappy, because he wasn't very confident now.

"Don't worry about me. You can leave by yourself." Chen Xiang glanced at her, then headed towards the top of the mountain.

There were a few paths for every safe Lion Mountain, but Chen Xiang had chosen the last path, he felt that he could approach the Emperor's Tomb this way.

The Lion Mountain was very big, it was not easy to find ten Transmission array s from there, and they were even hidden very easily. Fortunately, Chen Xiang had found some clues from the stone tablet, and was able to find a rough direction for him to head towards.

Chen Xiang had been relaxed along the way, because he was the most important person in this group. Whether or not he could get out was entirely up to him, and he believed that it wouldn't be too hard to get out.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were extremely worried for Chen Xiang, but they had no choice but to believe in Chen Xiang. Seeing Chen Xiang's relaxed look, they felt extremely unhappy in their hearts.

"This is the first Transmission array, mark it well." They came to the center of a few large trees. This Transmission array was actually formed from a large tree, and if one did not see some strange patterns on the ground connecting to a large tree, no one would be able to see it.

Chen Xiang swept the dust off the ground and carefully observed the Spirit grain. Seeing how serious he looked, Ji Meixian and the others secretly cursed, they did not expect Chen Xiang to be proficient in these Spirit grain s.

"This Transmission array is very unreliable. The location of the teleportation is a dangerous group of Lion Mountain. Chen Xiang shook his head.

"Do you have any demon beasts in Lion Mountain?" Ji Meixian suddenly said to Chen Xiang: "I sensed something, it's something that can move, and it's a rare item that absorbs a large amount of plant essence."

Chen Xiang replied as he furrowed his brows, "Only dangerous Lion Mountain would have Demonic Beasts. This Lion Mountain is safe, there shouldn't be anything else."

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound also realized that something was amiss. They could feel the fluctuations of energy.

"Little Naughty Dragon, let's go take a look!"

Chen Xiang could also feel it now, that it was the rich essence of flowers, plants and trees, frantically being sucked out by something. Even if he wanted to use the Devouring magic kungfu, it wouldn't be easy to extract all these energy.

"It's good stuff, don't let that woman have it." Long Xueyi shouted as he and Feng Ziprofound flew out.

Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian immediately rushed over, only some naturally formed spirit objects had a chance of absorbing the wood essence.

Sure enough, they soon saw a thumb-sized white pearl crazily devouring some multicolored mist, which was the essence of the nearby plants and flowers.

"This is …" The Caomu heavenly Dan, you have to obtain it! " Su Meiyao shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang had never heard of it, but from Su Meiyao's reaction, he knew how precious this Caomu heavenly Dan was.

However, Feng Ziprofound and Zhao Yiprofound were even faster than him, and arrived beside the Caomu heavenly Dan in an instant. Both of them reached out to grab the Caomu heavenly Dan at the same time, but surprisingly, the Caomu heavenly Dan turned into a ray of light and shot into the ground.

"little maid, quickly feel where that thing is and tell me." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted.

Ji Meixian replied: "I can't sense it, but this thing seems to know how to restrain its aura."

Long Xueyi immediately released one hundred and eight divine intents, unleashing the Heaven tour method to its limit as he sent all of his divine intents into the ground, searching for the Caomu heavenly Dan.

Feng Ziprofound and Zhao Yiprofound also used their divine intents to search for Caomu heavenly Dan s on the ground, but they suddenly felt an enormous pressure from Chen Xiang's divine sense, causing them to jump in fright. They thought that there was some old fellow in the vicinity, but they immediately realised that the divine intent was actually emitted from Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang possessed such a terrifying divine intent, it was completely against the norm. This caused Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound to be extremely shocked, as they looked at Chen Xiang with extreme vigilance.

Now, Chen Xiang could not care so much, he had to obtain that Caomu heavenly Dan. Ji Meixian was also extremely curious about that thing, and it was actually able to instantly disappear from the range of her spiritual perception. Only she knew that the consciousness Chen Xiang released was Long Xueyi's, and that Imperial Dragon Race cultivates the divine way.

"Found it, hide underneath it!" Long Xueyi said, only to see Chen Xiang's body releasing a burst of white light, and crawling into the ground.

Long Xueyi actually went out to capture the Caomu heavenly Dan herself, but right now, only she could get her hands on it quickly.

"What's that?" Zhao Yiprofound felt a powerful being suddenly running out of Chen Xiang's body, but she could not figure out what it was.

"None of your business. If you run into any good stuff, just get it based on your own abilities. Don't even think about stealing it!" Chen Xiang looked at Feng Ziprofound warily. He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword because both Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were holding onto weapons.

At this moment, Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "That thing's speed is extremely fast.

The moment she finished speaking, a white pearl of light flew out. Chen Xiang waved her sleeve, releasing a large amount of water vapor, enveloping the Caomu heavenly Dan that had just flown out, and then, a wave of cold energy surged out.

Seeing that, Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound jumped up.

"It's mine!" Chen Xiang roared out angrily as the sound wave shattered that huge block of ice. He then used the spatial extraction technique to grab that Caomu heavenly Dan.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were furious, they were much stronger than Chen Xiang and were the first ones to discover the Caomu heavenly Dan, almost getting it, but in the end the Caomu heavenly Dan ran away and landed in Chen Xiang's hands.

Seeing Chen Xiang holding onto the small pearl that was emitting light, Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound's eyes burned with envy and greed, and they immediately flashed and arrived in front of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was furious in his heart. They had clearly fallen into his hands, but these two people still wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

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