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"Ji Meixian came too. Could it be that little maid betrayed me? "Impossible, she's very obedient. Furthermore, if she violates the contract, she will definitely betray her master, so how can I not know?"

Although Chen Xiang had turned into a b.u.t.terfly now, he could clearly feel a few strange divine intents locking onto him.

The traitors of the Heaven Realm are much stronger than I imagined. They have grasped some ancient treasures and can detect your aura. Ji Meixian whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang did not respond. He was worried that someone would notice and hurt Ji Meixian.

"These guys are all traitors of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. At that time, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was beaten away by them, so they must have divided the wealth that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had acc.u.mulated, in order to become so powerful!" Chen Xiang guessed that even though he had used all kinds of concealment methods, he was still unable to shake off the pursuers.

"Something's wrong up ahead." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Chen Xiang took a closer look and realized that there was a huge cloud of fog in front of him. The fog was slowly dispersing, and he could vaguely see the Lion Mountain!

Countless gigantic Lion Mountain s had appeared so quickly, which made Chen Xiang very surprised. When he had first seen these Lion Mountain, he had traveled a long way!

"Quick, look at the bottom of Lion Mountain." Long Xueyi said again.

Chen Xiang's consciousness was not as strong as Long Xueyi's. Long Xueyi could turn his consciousness into many eyes, and could even see through them, but he could also see that underneath Lion Mountain, was actually a sea of blood!

The sea of blood was calm, but it emitted an endless evil aura, emitting waves of murderous intent that sent chills down one's spine. Chen Xiang previously thought that his killing intent was extremely strong, but compared to the sea of blood before, it was nothing.

The murderous air that soared into the sky pushed the white mist away, forming a terrifying pressure that filled the sky and caused all living things on earth to tremble. Many strange beasts suddenly roared, and every one of their roars revealed incomparable fear.

Then, something even more horrifying happened. A large number of strange beasts rushed towards the sea of blood and jumped into it.

"What the f * ck is going on?" "Why is it like this!?" This was something he had never thought of before. At this moment, he could no longer move forward, but there were experts chasing after him from behind.

The originally calm sea of red suddenly surged, waves after waves of blood lapped at the huge Lion Mountain, surging wave after wave of huge waves, radiating with a devilish b.l.o.o.d.y light as they majestically rushed over!

This sea of blood was expanding outwards! It was like a starving beast that wanted to devour everything!

The Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat and the jade house in the sky behind them suddenly stopped. After they noticed the Lion Mountain s, they no longer dared to approach them. Just as they decided to return, countless red clouds suddenly appeared in the sky, and thunder rumbled. Blood-red lightning covered the sky and the Xue Lei s rained down like a torrential rain, engulfing the Brilliant Sun Dragon Ark and Jade House.

"It's all because of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. It's probably because they were too powerful, and even used some ancient methods to investigate this place and trigger some formations. That's why something like this happened." Chen Xiang cursed.

The Xue Lei in the sky resembled the b.l.o.o.d.y Thunder Mountain Sea! The Xue Lei, blood sea, and blood cloud enveloped the entire world, causing people to feel extremely terrified. At this moment, Chen Xiang, who was flying in the sky, was dumbstruck as he watched the blood fall a large part of the forest.

"This sea is also part of the surface, could it be that this sea is a part of the Ground killing?" Chen Xiang looked at the Lion Mountain floating above the sea of blood, he looked at the clash of killing intent and the sea of blood roaring, and started to ponder. He came here to comprehend the Ground killing, and now he seemed to have grasped something.

It was not only the White Sea Imperial Land that chased him, but also the Blood Wolf demi-humans. This group of Evil Demon who made their living from blood also became half dead from fright when they saw the terrifying sea of blood. At first, they were still very excited, but when they felt the power the blood possessed, it was already too late.

A long head rushed forward and swept away all of the Blood Wolf Army. Only the Blood Wolf King was able to react in time and resist the terrifying pressure. He jumped high into the sky and was not submerged by the sea of blood.

The Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat and the jade house slowly descended, and the Xue Lei slowly weakened until a large group of people came out of them. Then, the Xue Lei and the blood cloud disappeared.

"As expected, it was these guys who made it." Chen Xiang coldly snorted in his heart: "You almost caused the death of my little maid!"

Chen Xiang flew towards a Lion Mountain. He felt that there must be some kind of array formation that could shrink the ground, allowing them to instantly arrive in front of the Lion Mountain.

The sea of blood suddenly calmed down and slowly retreated. It was clear that the array formation had been triggered just now, which was why there had been such a big commotion!

The Blood Wolf Evil Demon that had just been submerged had now turned into bones. What was inconceivable was that the forest inside the forest was not affected in the slightest. When the sea of blood left, the forest remained as green as green water.

"The strange beasts are coming!" Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang had guessed that these beasts were the descendants of the subordinates of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. Although they were sealed by a strange power, they were protected by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord here.

Thousands of strange mountain-like beasts started to run, as if they were about to stomp on the earth, the sound was no weaker than the terrifying sea of blood and Xue Lei.

Chen Xiang turned back into his human form and flew towards the Lion Mountain. At the same time, he also sent a sound transmission to Ji Meixian, "little maid, come over here!"

Beside Ji Meixian was Bai Hai Tian Nu, a tall lady wearing a blue dress. Her face was covered with a layer of red light, and it was impossible to see her appearance clearly. Her body emitted a killing intent, showing that she was not a weak woman.

"What are you still standing there for?" "Go catch that kid!" This great heavenly woman roared at Ji Meixian. Her tone was extremely bad, as though she was treating a slave.

Even Chen Xiang, her true master, did not treat her in such a way. This girl from the Heaven Realm actually dared to scold her in such a manner.

Ji Meixian knew that it would be safer by Chen Xiang's side, and now that it was right beside her, she quickly flew towards Chen Xiang, and behind her, was a large group of Feng Clan's people, all of them were not too strong, and the stronger ones were all fighting against the beasts.

"Follow closely, try your best to stay close to me. We will pretend to be fighting as we fly towards Lion Mountain!"

Chen Xiang stared at the Lion Mountain in front of him, the mental cultivation method of the Ground killing and a few mystical Spirit grain s continuously surfaced in his mind.

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