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After Chen Xiang entered the Rough and Random profound Land, the entire place was filled with experts, especially the immortals who just came out of the Super Old Sacred Land. They were fighting fiercely with Lan Cang inside, and most of them were heavily injured.

Right now, with Chen Xiang causing such a huge commotion in the Green Summit City, using such a vicious method like destroying the Transmission array to injure a lot of strong warriors, he was purposely provoking them, allowing them to enter the Rough and Random profound Land.

What kind of place was the Rough and Random profound Land? It was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's mausoleum, and it was filled with danger. Just by being surrounded by a large group of powerful ancient beasts, it was difficult for the experts from the large ancient powers to enter.

Chen Xiang's intention was very clear, he wanted to lure them into the Rough and Random profound Land, and cause heavy casualties!

"This brat is obviously going to lure us into the Rough and Random profound Land. There are many dangers inside, and all kinds of killing array formations and illusions are spread all over." An old man's voice was filled with endless hatred, because when Chen Xiang destroyed the Transmission array, he suffered from severe injuries, causing him to have no choice but to eat a precious high levelled pill to recover.

"That is to say that your Feng Clan does not plan to enter? The little demon had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method, he was already prepared to enter the Rough and Random profound Land, it seemed like he knew how to open the Emperor's Tomb! If we don't hurry up and decide to go in, the things inside the Emperor's Tomb will really fall into his hands. " An old woman dressed in a white robe said in a sinister manner. Her eyes were as sudden as a wolf's and were extremely frightening.

Even if Chen Xiang was certain that this group of people would think this way, he believed that this group of people would definitely catch up to him. The last time he came here, he did not get discovered because he had used his transformation technique.

Many old fellows were discussing, and all of them were talking about immortals. Even the leaders of the ancient powers couldn't stop themselves from talking. Their strength was far too inferior compared to these old fellows. Moreover, these old fellows were their seniors.

A ray of white light suddenly flashed above Green Summit City, and a crack in s.p.a.ce appeared. A white mist appeared, and waves of white light shot out from the white mist.

"It's the Heavenly Girl!" An old man's expression changed as he whispered.

"The Heavenly Girl above Heaven Realm? Looking at this aura, it should be from the White Sea Imperial Land, I never thought that the Heavenly Girl above the Heaven Realm would be so strong. " The old woman exclaimed.

The White Sea Imperial Land both had a Heavenly Girl in the Heaven Realm and here. The Heavenly Girl in the Heaven Realm was obviously very strong, and now that she was here, it could be seen how serious this matter was.

Everyone saw a gigantic white jade disk fly out from the white mist. On the disc was a round jade house that looked like it could fly from a distance. Everyone was staring at the window of the house.

After the jade hut appeared, it flew towards the Rough and Random profound Land and disappeared in a flash!

"I heard that this is an immortal equipment …" "His speed is really fast!" An Immortal from an ancient power exclaimed.

Just then, a golden light flashed above Green Summit City, and a huge golden ship, over a hundred meters long, that looked like it was forged from gold, appeared, floating in the sky. It shone with a golden light, looking extremely imposing, and there was a mighty golden dragon head at the bow of the ship.

"This is …" The stuff of the Feng Clan's Son, the Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat! "

A light voice came out from the golden ship in the sky: "Feng Clan people, quickly come up!"

The experts of the Green Summit City were immediately overjoyed, and flew towards the Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat.

With the arrival of the Feng Clan's real Son of Heaven and the real Heavenly Girl of the White Sea Imperial Land, it could be seen that they were determined to catch Chen Xiang, seize his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method, and open the Emperor's Tomb.

Both White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan had sent out their important figures, the Son of Heaven and Heavenly Girl from above Heaven Realm, to drive the immortal equipment and chase after Chen Xiang. This caused the other ancient powers to become extremely envious.

There were many ancient powers on this land, but only those who were the most powerful in the Heaven Realm could do so. They could only stare blankly at the land, even though they had experts who had descended from the top of the Heaven Realm, they were still lacking when compared to those in the Sheng Domain.

"Rough and Random profound Land is in the south, but only White Sea Imperial Land and White Sea Imperial Land have moved out, don't you think the Qin family and the Peach Blossom Imperial Land do not plan to partic.i.p.ate? Or do they not dare to offend Chen Xiang? " A young man asked a tall young man wearing a copper mask beside him.

"The Emperor's Tomb is inside the Rough and Random profound Land. According to my a.n.a.lysis, even if Chen Xiang possessed the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method, it would be very difficult for him to open the Emperor's Tomb, so in this short period of time, the Emperor's Tomb would not be opened by anyone! Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land are currently trying to capture Chen Xiang, and this is a grudge between them and Chen Xiang. If Peach Blossom Imperial Land and the Qin family were to interfere, once Chen Xiang grows up in the future, the Qin family and Peach Blossom Imperial Land would have to bear a huge loss. Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land will be the examples of what happened to them previously. " The bronze masked youth said.

"Big brother, you are also a son of the heavens in Heaven Realm, don't you want to fight against these two heavenly women?" the youth asked in a low voice.

"We will meet again sooner or later. The tenth day, the day of rebirth, is the day when the various powers in Di Tian rise to prominence. Our Fire Emperor bloodline is definitely not weaker than the other ancient powers." The bronze masked youth said.

What was unexpected was that at this time, a burst of blood red light suddenly burst out from the sky, it was actually a group of blood red werewolves, it was actually the Blood Wolf Demonic Tribe! The leader of the middle-aged man had a body filled with a blood Qi that shot into the sky, his eyes spurting out blood light as he scanned across Green Summit City.

The middle aged man raised his head and roared, and then rushed towards Rough and Random profound Land!

The Blood Wolf King had actually brought along a few elites from the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan to kill their way here. When they found out that Chen Xiang was here, they couldn't wait to rush over.

"Brother, this Chen Xiang is not so simple, will he surpa.s.s us when he grows up in the future?" the teenager asked.

"How could our Fire Emperor bloodline be so easily compared by ordinary people?" The young man with the bronze mask sneered, "These fellows from Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain are our opponents."

There were many Rankers in the Green Summit City, but none of them dared to enter the Rough and Random profound Land. They only felt the danger from outside, and the reason they gathered here, was to wait for the results. They wanted to see what would happen to the Feng Clan and the White Sea Imperial Land in the end!

In the end, Chen Xiang's calculations were wrong. He never thought that there would be such a powerful person who came down from the Heaven Realm, and that there would be such a powerful treasure. What troubled him the most was that he had been discovered!

He was only at the periphery of Rough and Random profound Land now, so he had to carefully move forward, afraid that those beasts would discover his location. However, he was not afraid of the giant dragon boat and jade house flying in the sky.

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