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Li Renshan possessing the Heaven Earth Killing Method was something that everyone knew, even the Alliance Master's disciple wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away, but he did not have the guts. If an old man suddenly appeared here, this Ling Xian Shop would be done for, unless the Alliance Master arrived.

"Pu Kangxin, what happened?" A middle aged man walked in. The middle-aged man was dressed in green, and his appearance was somewhat similar to that of the pavilion master.

"City Lord, this man cheated in Ling Xian Shop, and wanted to swindle for medicinal ingredients. Luckily I managed to expose him, or else Ling Xian Shop would have suffered heavy losses." He was the disciple of the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master, so his words had a lot of weight. Furthermore, he himself was of the Pill Sect's rank, a Alchemist with a chance of becoming a Dan King.

Chen Xiang could tell that these people in front of him were in a sorry state as if they were about to be annihilated. They were often black people here, this Ling Xian Shop was just like the rumors said, a dark shop.

"Li Renshan is the descendant of the Dan King's Li Tianjun, there's no way he would cheat. There's no need to doubt that he would win if he had several Dan King s with him." Lu Guanghe frowned and looked at Chen Xiang.

"How about this, little brother, just concoct another batch of pills for everyone to see." Lu Guanghe said, "Okay, you said that I cheated, then do you dare to bet with me?" Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a cold light as he looked at Pu Kang's letter.

Pu Kangxin sneered, "Your cheating skills are so brilliant. How could I dare to gamble with you? Unless you use our pill furnace!"

Chen Xiang said: "Sure, but your bet is a bit bigger. I've always played it big."

"What are you going to bet?" Pu Kang's confidence wavered. When Chen Xiang took out something that could make people bleed from his head, he and Lu Guanghe wanted to take action and s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

"Heaven Earth Killing Method!"

Everyone immediately took a deep breath, this Heaven Earth Killing Method was a hot potato, but its value was hard to estimate.

Chen Xiang guessed that the Dan Alliance's chief should be from the Flying Immortal School. The Flying Immortal School was one of the ancient powers and was strong enough to swallow the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"What are you guys betting with me for?" Chen Xiang's voice carried ridicule. Although Lu Guanghe was a City Lord, he couldn't take out something that could compare to a Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"Hmph, I knew you guys couldn't afford to gamble. Since that's the case, I don't need you to take out the bet!" You just slandered me for cheating. As long as I can win, I will chop off your head.

Everyone knows the value of this Heaven Earth Killing Method. If you can't even exchange with ten heads, you should feel honored. "

The muscles on Pu Kangxin's face twitched. He was infuriated. This little kid in front of him actually looked down on his head so much and belittled him so much!

"Forget about ten, even if there were a hundred of him, he wouldn't be able to match up to the Heaven Earth Killing Method. What's the use of having an old guy like him? " This was Duan Sanchang's voice. When he received the news, he immediately dared to come.

Chen Xiang had just used a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to kill an elder of the Flying Immortal School, and now that he was using Li Renshan's ident.i.ty to act high-profile, he definitely had a plan.

He wanted to press Duan Sanchang to death, but right at this moment, Chen Xiang said with a sneer, "Are you betting or not? Using your head as the wager for the Heaven Earth Killing Method is very worthwhile. "

"I bet!" Pu Kangxin was certain that Chen Xiang only won because he relied on the pill refining furnace. Previously, he asked Chen Xiang to use the furnace that they had prepared, so he was very confident.

"Brother Shen, they are only stalling for time. If the old fellows from the ancient powers were to come, you would be in trouble." Duan Sanchang whispered to Chen Xiang.

Of course Chen Xiang could tell, but he was confident.

He chose a Destiny box, and inside it were all Iron bone Dan's medicinal ingredients. He had refined a super Iron bone Dan before, and he was extremely familiar with it, so refining it wasn't difficult at all.

"Take it, this is the pill furnace for you." Pu Kangxin pa.s.sed a grey pill furnace to Chen Xiang. One could tell at a glance that it was of poor quality, even some of the Alchemist present secretly despised Pu Kangxin, and thought that he was actually this shameless.

Many Alchemist would not be able to produce Iron bone Dan using abandoned herbs even if they used a good furnace to refine pills, let alone such a low grade furnace!

But Chen Xiang did not say much, he wanted to convince the other party wholeheartedly! We have to make it impossible for Pukang to frame him.

Chen Xiang took out his supplementary ingredients. Although these supplementary ingredients were grown using creation divine liquid s and were the key to refining the trash medicine into a pill, even if he did not use these supplementary ingredients, he would still be able to succeed. It was just that the difficulty would be higher.

Duan Sanchang was extremely nervous. He knew that many strong warriors would arrive soon, especially those immortals who were in Super Old Sacred Land. At this time, he suddenly remembered Chen Xiang's intention for doing this. He actually wanted to lure all those immortals into the Rough and Random profound Land, and that would be the place of true death!

"This fellow is too evil, if a group of immortals were to die, the Heaven Realm would definitely explode." Duan Sanchang's heart was thumping hard.

Chen Xiang started to concoct pills steadily from the beginning, which made Pu Kangxin extremely nervous. However, he had already made up his mind that he would not act shamelessly even if he lost, no matter what he said, he wouldn't give his head away.

They were waiting for the big shots of the Flying Immortal School to arrive. Otherwise, when the experts of the other ancient powers arrive first, the Heaven Earth Killing Method will run away and they would definitely be punished.

"Don't worry, he will need at least an hour to refine a Iron bone Dan." Pu Kang replied to Lu Guang and sound transmission.

But just at that moment, Chen Xiang opened his eyes, opened the lid, only to see a gold light flashing from the pill furnace, he actually succeeded, although there was only one, but its quality was high, it was extremely difficult.

Everyone could feel the dense fragrance of the medicine and the scorching hot air on top of the Iron bone Dan. It was obvious that it was fresh from the oven at a glance.

Pu Kang was extremely confident and immediately shouted angrily: "Impossible, you must be cheating! You used such a poor pill furnace and you can still refine so quickly, you must have used some unknown method! Hmph, you didn't learn well at such a young age, and are just trying to trick me, the Ling Xian Shop, into coming here. Today, I will teach you a lesson in place of Li Tianjun. "

Everyone immediately rushed out of Ling Xian Shop. Pu Kangxin was being shameless, but everyone could tell that this kind of shameless fellow was hated by everyone, because Pu Kangxin's strength and background was too strong, not many people dared to make a sound.

City Lord Lu Guanghe was also inside the Ling Xian Shop. He coldly laughed, "This is intentionally causing trouble. Li Renshan, I must capture you today!"

Chen Xiang had already antic.i.p.ated this a long time ago and he was extremely calm. Can you teach me a lesson in place of Li Tianjun? You don't even have the right to clean his shoes! "You old dog, if I defeat you today, your head will be mine!"

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