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Ling Xian Shop was the largest pill shop in Green Summit City. There were many types of pills here, and all of them were complete, and their prices were much higher than Dan City's. However, Ling Xian Shop's business was still booming, and many people found it difficult to reach Dan City.

The three story tall Ling Xian Shop was shrouded in white mist, just like an immortal pavilion. Just by standing at the entrance, one could smell the dense aroma of medicine, causing one to feel relaxed and happy.

"I really can't tell that this is a black shop." Chen Xiang thought, the Ling Xian Shop looked very grand, as though he was a powerful industry, for the sake of reputation, these shops would usually not be lazy.

"He's probably someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong. He's the only one with a strong background here. If he doesn't have any strength, then the only thing he can do is endure being tricked." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang walked into the Ling Xian Shop and quickly found the place where the Destiny box were placed. There were hundreds of these Destiny box here, the most expensive one was 2 billion, and the cheapest one was over a million. Most of the people who came to buy Destiny box were all from Alchemist, and most of them were trying to try their luck by buying some half-dead rare medicine.

Amongst those expensive Destiny box, most of them were precious high-grade Spirit Medicines, but they were pretty much dead.

Li Renshan was quite famous in the circle of Alchemist. Previously, he had defeated a few Dan King s in Pill City and even obtained Heaven Earth Killing Method s. It was just that the streets were not covered with portraits of Li Renshan, so there were not many people who recognized his face in Green Summit City.

"This little brother, your flames are extraordinary, to have such skills at such a young age, I presume your pill refining skills are not weak, why don't you buy a Destiny box to gamble with?" An old man smiled kindly, but a deceptive glint flashed in his eyes from time to time.

Chen Xiang had that intention, he just wanted to gamble, if this shop was shameless, he would reasonably destroy Ling Xian Shop.

"There's actually a medicinal ingredient for the Blood-Cleansing Poison Pill, that Destiny box worth 1.5 billion." Su Meiyao said. Long Xueyi had already told Su Meiyao about the unique characteristics of the Destiny box s.

The Blood-Cleansing Poison Pill was a type of high level detoxification pill that could cure many powerful poisons. It was of little use to Chen Xiang, but the value of the pills in his collection was still there. This was the pellet with the strongest detoxification ability of the middle grade Ground level pills, they had a lot of market value.

"This one!" When Chen Xiang took down the Destiny box, the old man at the counter was extremely shocked. Originally, he had only planned to trick Chen Xiang to buy a hundred thousand or so million, but Chen Xiang had actually taken down the one and a half billion!

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am here to gamble on pills, if I can refine the herbs in this box into a pill, your Ling Xian Shop will have to return the 1.5 billion Spar to me, and even give me a set of ingredients."

The old man was startled, then suddenly thought of something, he was a Alchemist, he had long heard of the great gamble in Dan City, the young man in front of him was very similar to the Li Renshan in the legends.

Could it really be Li Renshan? The old man was secretly worried, when Li Tianjun's successor made such a huge bet, it was not a joke!

"What is your surname, little brother?" the old man asked.

"Li!" Chen Xiang replied with a smile, causing the old man's legs to soften. This little kid, who had caused Dan King to lose everything, had actually come to Ling Xian Shop.

Chen Xiang straightforwardly bought the Destiny box and took out the pill furnace. The people around him had already been attracted over, it was rare for someone to bet pills, they were all very interested in waiting for the results.

After the old man had a discussion with the big shots in the Ling Xian Shop, he informed the Flying Immortal School and the City Lord, telling them to think of a way to get rid of this Evil G.o.d.

"Pavilion Master!" Seeing a man in cyan walking over, the shopkeeper hurriedly called out.

When Chen Xiang came, he had already asked around, this pavilion master of the Ling Xian Shop was the son of the Green Summit City, his name was Lu Quqing, after going through the Three Nirvana Tribulations, as the boss of this dark shop, he definitely did not have a good character.

After buying the Destiny box, Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace and opened it.

"The Blood Cleansing Poison Pill isn't too difficult." Chen Xiang laughed.

"This little brother is truly worthy of being Li Tianjun's successor." Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, the pavilion master could not help but be worried. If the Blood Cleansing Poison Pill was refined, they would have to compensate him with a high quality medicinal ingredient that was worth more than two billion.

Everyone in the Ling Xian Shop looked at Chen Xiang in shock. This handsome youth with tender skin was actually Li Renshan, who had caused such a commotion in Pill City. He actually came to the Green Summit City.

Many people immediately thought of something terrifying. After Li Renshan obtained the Heaven Earth Killing Method, he disappeared for a long time, and now that he had appeared in the Green Summit City, there was a high chance that he was here for the Emperor's Tomb.

When Chen Xiang was at the Ding Sheng pill shop in the Pill City, he had consecutively refined all the trash medicines from the Destiny box into high quality spirit pellets. Everyone could tell from this that he had some tricks up his sleeves and during the bet, he would definitely win the bet.

Chen Xiang was not feeling any pressure while concocting a middle Ground level pill. It only took half an hour to concoct the Blood Cleansing Poison Pill, causing Lu Gong Qing's face to be as green as his clothes.

"Hehe, I've won. Give the Spar back to me and give me another set of good herbs!" Chen Xiang smiled as he held the two Blood Cleansing Poison Pills.

"You cheated!" He thought about it, but still felt that this Li Renshan, other than having the ability to refine pills, was just a little imp. Furthermore, he was being chased around by those ancient powers, he did not need to be afraid.

"When did I cheat?" Chen Xiang never thought that this fellow would actually dare to act shamelessly in front of so many people.

Everyone already knew that the Ling Xian Shop often played this trick, but no one dared to make a sound. With the Flying Immortal School and the City Lord's support, fighting against the Ling Xian Shop was equivalent to seeking death.

"The pill in your possession isn't something that you just refined. You are indeed cheating. You are probably using this method to swindle me in the Pill City. However, you are unable to swindle me." A white haired old man walked in from outside.

"What a joke, that day there were a few Dan King s present, they all confirmed that my pill was just concocted, are you stronger than those few Dan King s?" Chen Xiang sneered, but this was what he had been hoping for.

"Perhaps you were lucky that you managed to successfully refine it. Now, let's not talk about your time in Pill City." For example, the Blood Cleansing Poison you have concocted today, I could tell that these two pills were not freshly concocted. It must be a trick of yours to concoct them. " The white haired old man said.

"Before I came here again, I heard that this Ling Xian Shop is really good at this kind of trick, and now it's true!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Dan Alliance's Alliance Master is my master. Even though I am not Dan King, I have been in the field of alchemy for many years, so I definitely won't lie." A proud light flashed in the eyes of the white-haired old man.

Alliance Head's disciple? The background was indeed huge, and could scare a lot of people, but it was nothing to Chen Xiang.

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