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Chen Xiang used a Luotian Gate to come to the Green Summit City, and this city was the closest to the Rough and Random profound Land. Although the inside of the Rough and Random profound Land was hidden an endless amount of killing intent, there were still many people exploring, and some lucky people were able to obtain a lot of good things.

The dangers around the Rough and Random profound Land were not small, but it was definitely a treasure trove. There were a lot of ingredients for refining pills, medicine, and equipment, and even if one had good luck, they would still encounter some rare beasts. However, one must have the strength to kill them, otherwise they would become food for the beasts.

With the advantage of the Rough and Random profound Land in the vicinity, the expansion of the Green Summit City could be considered a relatively large city in the south. Because the distance from here to the middle was too far, the Green Summit City had also built quite a few large ancient Transmission array s.

Not long after Chen Xiang entered the city, he found out that he had been expelled from the Super Martial School. He was a little angry when he first heard about it, but after thinking about it carefully later, he couldn't help but smile.

"Now, I don't have to worry about dragging the burden on the Super Martial School anymore. I have already been expelled by the Super Martial School, so anything I do has nothing to do with the Super Martial School."

Before, Chen Xiang was more or less wary of implicating the Super Martial School. After Huang Jintian came out, the Super Martial School was like the sun in the sky, developing more and more. However, it still lacked a lot of power compared to the ancient powers.

The Super Martial School needed to develop steadily now. If they could become stronger in the future, they would no longer need to fear other powers.

"I wonder what kind of person the Heaven Realm will send down?" The Heaven Realm was much bigger than the Sacred Dan Realm, there must be many powerful immortals here. If they came here like a swarm of bees to capture him, he could only hide.

"It won't be too strong. Although this Tenth Heaven has been reborn, it hasn't stabilized yet. If it's too strong, it won't be able to go down!" Only when these Tenth Heaven have fully recovered their original strength, can the strongest pract.i.tioners from the Heaven Realm s be able to go through this place unhindered. " Long Xueyi said.

"This is to say that the tenth heaven has a mysterious power that restricts the descent of strong people. Is it to prevent the destruction of this world?" Chen Xiang had originally planned to only come to Green Summit City to inquire about the situation.

But now that he knew that he had been expelled from Super Martial School, he had a new plan.

Not a single one of the Rankers that he had lured to the Super Old Sacred Land were dead, and they were only heavily injured. This made him a little disappointed, but what made him happy was that because of this, he had lured all of the Rankers from the ancient powers in the Heaven Realm down!

Although the Tenth Heaven was once the Mortal Realm, it was still extremely dangerous in this vast and boundless land. Even immortals who came down from Heaven Realm were nothing but ants in front of these dangerous lands.

The Rough and Random profound Land near the Green Summit City was a dangerous place, it was a good place to send off the strong warriors.

Chen Xiang did not have any qualms anymore. He felt that it was necessary to let the ancient powers bleed for them and let them know that he was definitely not someone to be trifled with.

If I find any danger in the Super Old Sacred Land, maybe I can escape. By then, even Lan Cang this dragon might not be able to fight against so many strong humans, but the Rough and Random profound Land is different. Those savage beasts are terrifyingly powerful, and there are many mechanisms inside, especially those Lion Mountain killing formations. Chen Xiang had already started a new plan to welcome the immortals from Heaven Realm and wash their faces.

As Chen Xiang walked along the street, he was thinking about his plans. But at this time, the ground suddenly shook, startling everyone.

"A tomb robber with the surname Duan. If you have the guts, go out of the city and fight him." His voice was filled with anger and killing intent, echoing within the Green Summit City.

The Green Summit City forbade fighting. If they met with any enemies, it would be safer to hide in the city.

"If you have the guts to come in and fight me, I'll see if you have the guts to do so!" This was Duan Sanchang's voice. As a small tomb robber from a grave robbing family, he would feel embarra.s.sed to say that his surname was Duan if he did not often cause trouble.

"A villain with the surname Duan who stole my Flying Immortal School's mausoleum. As the head disciple of my Flying Immortal School, today, I must capture you and bring you back." This was another person's voice, and it was also filled with hatred. Duan Sanchang had actually been chased by two people.

"It's not like you f * cking don't know, it's my grandpa who stole your Flying Immortal Grandmaster's grave, it's none of my business. If you want to find him, then go find him." Duan Sanchang sneered.

Everyone was now relieved. This was not an earthquake, but rather a huge battle that had just taken place outside of the city. Now, all of them descended onto the ground.

The streets became crowded and everyone rushed to the city gate. The Flying Immortal School s' origins were not small, and the Duan Clan's notoriety had long spread, everyone wanted to see how the younger generation of the two families would fight, and Chen Xiang was also amongst the crowd.

"Flying Immortal School, I heard that this is an ancient sect just like White Sea Imperial Land, Peach Blossom Imperial Land, and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family!"

"Thousand Saints Peak, Qian Xuan Mountain, Flying Immortal School, and Void Gate. They are known as the Four Great Primordial Sects of the south! The place they are hiding is not the profound Realm, but some dangerous profound Realm, so they don't call themselves sage realm. "

"The strength of the four great ancient sects in the south is on par with Sheng Domain and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family. This tomb robbing son of the Duan Clan, I wonder if he can defeat the head disciple of Flying Immortal School."

Chen Xiang almost vomited a mouthful of blood. That Duan Sanchang was actually the Duan Clan's son of heaven!

"Guys from Qian Xuan Mountain, don't say that our Duan Clan stole your tombs. Your tombs are not so easily stolen, otherwise it would have been long gone." Duan Sanchang said again.

Qian Xuan Shan's men had also come, and everyone was curious, how did Duan Sanchang meet them, was he discovered while digging the grave?

Duan Sanchang laughed loudly: "I understand, you guys were actually jealous that I had just picked up a piece of immortal jade, which was why you guys chased me for over two thousand Li and slandered me in all kinds of ways, all for the sake of finding a justification to make a move on me, and then stole my immortal jade! Heh heh, it's just like the ancient records of our Duan Clan.

In a place inside the city gate, a sloppily dressed Duan Sanchang was facing off against two well-dressed handsome men.

"Yoh, to think that you two were even chief disciples. Even I, Duan Sanchang, could not catch you and chased after me for a good two thousand Li. You guys are really too weak to even touch my fur. If the Duan Clan isn't weak and gets sealed one after another, then you sage realm experts, Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s, no matter what sect you're from, you're just trash. " Duan Sanchang ridiculed.

At this moment, Chen Xiang suddenly thought of a plan. He also said with a mocking tone: "The Four Great Primordial Sects and those Sacred Realm and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family are all the same, when they rob others, they are all righteous. When they kill others, they are right, but when others kill them and rob them, they are said to be evil villains."

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