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Chen Xiang walked around the forest, looking for some rare demon beasts to hunt. All the good demon beasts had treasures on them, so the flesh and blood beast pills used to refine medicine were pretty good.

"It's another lousy wild boar. I've never seen a beast in its human form before." Chen Xiang had just killed a profound beast.

Just as Chen Xiang was planning to roast the pig, Long Xueyi suddenly spoke out: "There are a few people approaching, looks like they are quite strong, and have the Qi of the Evil Demon on them."

Demon Realm and Devil Realm had many experts hidden inside the city, all because of the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"That's good as well. If others find out that I'm in this forest, those who lied to the Feng Clan will find it easier to believe." Chen Xiang calculated in his mind before he continued to handle the wild boar, waiting for those people to come over.

Long Xueyi's Heaven tour method could sense from very far away, Chen Xiang had already eaten the wild boar that was of the profound beast rank. The few Evil Demon s had not come yet, but they were already very close.

"These guys are really slow!" Long Xueyi snorted: "They seem to have caught a person."

When Chen Xiang was full, he leaned against a tree and rested, waiting for the Evil Demon s to come.

Not long after, those Evil Demon s discovered him and were extremely vigilant.

They were a few extremely bewitching looking men, but they were also bringing along a cute little girl around twelve to thirteen years old. This little girl's mouth was covered by a cloth, and her hands were adorned with special iron chains.

"This girl is a human, this group of d.a.m.ned Evil Demon!" Chen Xiang was slightly angered.

"These are five Demonic Wolves! To be able to turn out to be such a person, it seems that they are of extraordinary background and have quite a high position within the Demon Realm. " Long Xueyi said.

Seeing Chen Xiang, the tall man in the lead quickly took out a bounty slip and compared it with it. The more he looked, the more excited he became.

"This guy is Chen Xiang!" The man said softly and carefully, then winked at the people around him.

"Capture him alive, get him to hand over the blade, and then throw him over to White Sea Imperial Land and the others in exchange for the Relive Dan." The man in the lead said excitedly.

Medicinal pills were very useful to the Evil Demon and her, but they were lacking these things too. This was because they didn't know how to refine pills at all, at most they only knew how to concoct some medicinal liquid.

"Shua", the tree that Chen Xiang was leaning on suddenly turned into dust, these wolf-demons were very strong, when they attacked together, they could actually release such a terrifying power.

Chen Xiang didn't pretend to be sleeping now either. He stood up abruptly and scanned the five slender and tender skin and the beautiful wolf demons. It was very difficult to a.s.sociate them with the wolf demons.

"What are you doing?" Chen Xiang said coldly.

"You are Chen Xiang right! As long as we catch you, we can get fifty Relive Dan. What do you think we should do? " The leading man laughed loudly.

Chen Xiang's fists condensed the power of Devil-suppressing holy power which was especially used to restrain demons. However, when the wolf demons saw that he wanted to resist, they sneered and looked at him as if he was an idiot.

"You foolish human, don't you know who the five of us are?" He held a blood-red scimitar in his hand. The scimitar was filled with a b.l.o.o.d.y aura and it looked as if it was refined with blood.

"I really don't know, but you guys know that I'm Chen Xiang right? I am much more famous than you all. " Chen Xiang actually started laughing.

"Ignorant fool, you just asked around in Dan City and found out that we are Five Sons of Wolf King of the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan. It would not be wrong for you to fall into our hands!"

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "So it's a pack of wolf cubs. No wonder they look so similar. However, you guys don't have the temperament of wolves at all.

You insulting our Five Sons of Wolf King is equivalent to insulting the entire Blood Wolf Demonic Clan. However, since you can exchange for fifty Relive Dan, we won't kill you. The man in the lead should be his big brother, but he was actually very calm.

"Is the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan powerful? Was the Blood Wolf King very strong? How come I've never heard of it? " Chen Xiang had indeed not heard of it, but the Blood Wolf King was a very powerful existence and was very famous in Pill City.

The Blood Five Sons of Wolf King was a famous figure in the Demon Realm. They possessed the pure blood of the Blood Wolves and were both people who had endured the Five Nirvana Tribulations at a young age. If the five of them joined forces, the Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Maiden would be defeated by them.

"Do you see that girl over there? "She is the youngest daughter of the Qin Clan's Patriarch. We jointly s.n.a.t.c.hed her from the hands of the Qin Son and Heavenly Maiden." A wolf demon said proudly.

Chen Xiang let out an "Oh", and wasn't scared in the slightest, he said lightly: "You guys are only so-so, you five made your move, don't you know that I single-handedly exterminated the Feng Clan's Son of Heaven and Heavenly Girl? Feng Clan and the Son of Heaven in White Sea Imperial Land were also killed by me alone. "

"I feel that killing you five wolf-headed monsters is about the same as pressing five ants to death, but don't worry, I won't kill you. I will let you go back alive and cry in front of your old man, Wolf King."

"Is there something wrong with your head? "Don't be too arrogant, when you face those bullsh * tty Heavenly Maiden, it's just that they're weak. Our Blood Wolf Demonic Clan does not even put those weeds in our eyes." The big brother of the wolf demon said lightly, "Hand over your immortal saber, I just happen to be lacking a powerful weapon."

Chen Xiang sighed: "I do want to take out my blade to deal with you all, but that blade has a spirit, it was afraid that your blood would dirty it, and refused to come out no matter what!"

"Go to h.e.l.l!" The big brother of the Five Sons of Wolf King was enraged, he slashed towards Chen Xiang, the blood red curved blade swung down, the entire world seemed to have become red, the blood Qi was filled with red, it was as though he was trapped in a blood s.p.a.ce.

The blood-red scimitar chopped out a huge arc of air, bringing with it a terrifying force as it flashed past.

Chen Xiang lowered his head and dodged the blood colored arc that flew past. The blood colored arc became even larger, and all the large trees in the forest were sliced into pieces like gra.s.s.

The trees that had been cut down slowly melted, turning into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist that scattered into the forest. Even the roots could not avoid it.

"These guys really have some skill!" Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, but the more dense the Demonic Qi the opponent had, the more he would be afraid of the Evil Killing Techniques!

"Haha …" You must know your place now, let's attack together! " In order to catch Chen Xiang, they didn't care that much.

Chen Xiang still did not take out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. He felt that against such a fellow, using his Devil-suppressing mirror would be enough.

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