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Although the Jade Dragon Flower was rare, its value was not as good as the Blood ginseng. On one hand, the success rate of refining pellets was not high in the Jade Dragon Flower, so if it was consumed directly, the usage would not be as great as the Blood ginseng.

Once a Ranker directly eats a Blood ginseng, their body would become extremely strong, and would produce a strong blood. They would possess a strong power, and if they had a very serious injury, eating them would help.

"Blood Dragons are dragons with powerful bodies. These types of dragons can only appear through evolution, and normally only the Imperial Dragon Race's dragons can evolve into Blood Dragons, but that's a once in a million year experience. This Blue Dragon is a snake, it's not easy to evolve into a Blood Dragon!" Long Xueyi was extremely suspicious.

Chen Xiang saw that Lan Cang was full of smiles, and asked: "Brother Lan, where did the person you asked to guard here go?"

Lan Cang pointed in a direction and said: "Over there, this place is definitely not a normal place. Even if I broke the seal to recover my strength, I wouldn't dare to barge inside. Over the years, there have been many powerful old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who have entered this place. There is even one that hates people so much that he actually sealed my strength. In the future, I must find him and give him a few fierce slaps. "

"I'm going to fuse with this Thunder soul, I'll take my time to see you out. Next time I come, don't come fighting around here." Lan Cang warned her as she turned into a blue light, entering the forest.

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate and spatial orbs, opened the spatial door, and left with Ji Meixian, the beautiful slave that he had just obtained.

They arrived at the forest in the middle of the b.l.o.o.d.y Thunder Mountain Sea. The trees here were all very huge, and the last time a s.p.a.ce Warcraft appeared here, it specially lured a few Rankers to be their food. However, they were killed later on, and Chen Xiang also obtained the spatial bead at that time.

He found a huge tree and poked his finger into a small hole in the trunk. A door opened.

"What is this place?" Ji Meixian could not help but ask.

"left his medicine garden there. It's safer there, your injuries have not recovered yet, I have to help you heal them."

The last time Chen Xiang came was when he was with Hua Xiangyue, and at that time, he had even met Li Tianjun's disciple, Li Baojun.

"Are you really Li Tianjun's successor?" Ji Meixian had suspected it before, but now, he actually knew about the medicine garden that Li Tianjun had left behind.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Not entirely."

Then, he used the key to open the stone door, and entered a medicinal garden that was filled with dense spirit energy. Many of the medicinal herbs were taken by Chen Xiang, and only a few supplementary herbs remained.

Seeing the cave from underground, Ji Meixian could not help but exclaim at Li Tianjun's methods.

"Let me tell you, although I'm your woman … Slave, but this does not mean that you can violate me as you wish. If you have any feelings for me, I will not let you succeed no matter what. " Ji Meixian's voice was ice-cold, this was what she was most worried about. She had already been violated by Chen Xiang once before, and even though he had only touched her body once, he had caused her to harbor such hatred until now.

"Also, if you have the ability in the future, you must help me find my ap.r.o.n!" Chen Xiang said. Only now did Chen Xiang realize that the undergarment was actually so precious to Ji Meixian. It seems like she did not do this just to make that divine robe complete.

"That's what my mother left me." Ji Meixian sighed softly, his tone sounded somewhat sorrowful.

Chen Xiang took out the undergarment and threw it over: "Take it!"

When Ji Meixian received it, she was stunned. It had actually been in Chen Xiang's hands the entire time, but why couldn't she feel it? Furthermore, she was actually played by Chen Xiang for a long time, which angered her to the point that she stomped her foot.

"Didn't you say that you lost it in the Rough and Random profound Land?" Ji Meixian carefully examined the snow-white undergarment, it was not damaged in the slightest. Thinking back then when Chen Xiang had said that it was lost, he spoke as if he was speaking the truth.

"I lied to you." Chen Xiang laughed: "But I really went deep into the Rough and Random profound Land and saw countless of them. In the end, I touched a formation and was teleported out."

Ji Meixian bullied her in her chest and breathed deeply for a long time, only then was she able to calm down. If Chen Xiang wasn't her master, she would have already fought with her life on the line with Chen Xiang, and actually made her worry for such a long time!

"This ap.r.o.n is extremely important to me. I worry about not being able to find it at all times. I've cried many times in the night, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d …" As Ji Meixian spoke, he started crying.

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose, then used his hands to wipe her tears away, "Don't cry anymore, didn't you find me now?"

"So what? Didn't you become your slave?" Ji Meixian felt extremely helpless at the moment. The feeling of being wronged and sorrowful filled her heart, making her unable to control it and causing her to start crying loudly.

Chen Xiang took out the Image Crystal and gave it back to Ji Meixian. When she saw it, she cried even more.

At this moment, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou came out. The two of them wore the same purple dress, Su Meiyao was charming and alluring, carried a threatening aura, Bai Youyou's cold and elegant temperament allowed her to travel thousands of miles, but when she looked at Chen Xiang, her eyes carried a hint of gentleness, causing her beautiful eyes to look like two pearls within an iceberg that emitted warmth.

Ji Meixian stopped crying because she felt a very familiar aura. She turned around and saw the two familiar faces from back then!

"You all..." Ji Meixian hurriedly wiped away her tears. She did not want Ji Meixian and Bai Youyou to see her weak side.

"Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, long time no see. Back then, you chased after us many times, but who would have thought that today you would end up like this. Retribution!" Bai Youyou was beautiful and cold, her voice cold and filled with incomparable killing intent. She hated Ji Meixian to the core.

Ji Meixian took a small breath and regained his calm demeanor. "You guys are seriously injured, I'm afraid this kind of injury is not something that can be cured with normal immortal pills!"

At this moment, Ji Meixian had thought of many things, she had already guessed that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou would have to depend on Chen Xiang to recover their strength, although Chen Xiang still had some time before he reached that stage, it would just be a matter of time.

"Little scoundrel, it must be difficult to subdue this woman. You must have worked hard!" Su Meiyao smiled coquettishly as she walked over to Chen Xiang's side. She pinched Chen Xiang's handsome face and held him in an extremely dubious manner, her face actually full of coquettish and sweet smiles, like a girl in love.

This made Ji Meixian dumbstruck, she never thought that the relationship between Su Meiyao and himself would actually reach such a level.

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