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Golden dragons came one after another, their roars shaking the entire sky. Golden light flashed in all directions, and at the same time, golden lightning danced around. It was like a gigantic electric net that enveloped the entire world.

Although he was a dragon who had evolved step by step, he still knew that the secret method Chen Xiang used was from the Imperial Dragon Race.

Hundred Dragon Holy seal, Hundred Dragon Strike, each dragon's strength is two times that of the previous ones. By the 100th time, it might even be able to destroy the heavens and the earth!

However, Chen Xiang's strength was still unable to reach the level of a hundred dragons, it was only ten dragons, but they had created an additional unfathomable sky ditch on the ground!

"Did I win?" Chen Xiang muttered as he stood by the side of the large hole that was several hundred meters wide, looking at the bottomless pit.

"That woman wouldn't have turned to dust, right?" Chen Xiang was extremely worried, in his eyes, Ji Meixian was worth a lot, much more than any immortal medicine.

He took out the Heavenly Blood Contract, but what made him feel at ease was that Ji Meixian's Master-servant Contract had already merged with him, and at this moment, he could feel that Ji Meixian's weak life force was gradually becoming stronger.

In the deep pit, a weak gold light suddenly appeared. Upon closer inspection, it was Ji Meixian floating up slowly, and the protective divine clothes appeared outside her body. She had already fainted.

"Haha, elder sister You You, in the future, this woman can help you wash your feet!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh, then ate a few pills to recover his Innate Qi and at the same time, strengthen his exhausted soul.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou heaved a sigh of relief, as long as Ji Meixian was alive, she was not at ease. She had many enemies in the Heaven Realm previously, but only Ji Meixian could find them easily and place them in constant danger.

Now, this woman had already become Chen Xiang's female slave, and was no longer a threat to them. With the relationship between Chen Xiang and them, Ji Meixian still had to listen to their orders, it was better than killing Ji Meixian!

Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, who was originally a high and mighty Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, would have to serve the two of them in the future. When they thought about this scene, a beautiful smile appeared on both of their faces.

"Brat, look. I borrowed a place to fight and now you're causing this. You've caused me to die." Lan Cang ran over and shouted at Chen Xiang with a miserable look on his face, as if he was worried about something.

"Killed you? This place has always been a ruin, so what's the big deal? " Chen Xiang placed the unconscious Ji Meixian on the ground and fed her a Relive Dan, allowing her to recover even faster.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n, I also know this place is no big deal. I also wanted to destroy this place a long time ago, but I promised someone that I would help him look after this place. I don't want this place to be destroyed, because this is the place he was born in." Lan Cang glared at Chen Xiang, and started pacing back and forth by the side of the pit.

"Just fill it in. You're a dragon, so this matter won't trouble you." Chen Xiang laughed, he did not know the seriousness of the situation.

"Is the person you are talking about Wu Canghong? I know him. If he blames me for it, you can just say I did it. "

This place was the Super Old Sacred Land, the birthplace of the human royal family, so Chen Xiang thought so.

"Bulls.h.i.t, can Wu Canghong, this brat, control me? His grandfather's grandfather's grandfather even has to kowtow to me when he sees me! " Lan Cang's words scared Chen Xiang silly.

Wu Canghong's strength was not weak at all. He had already went to the Heaven Realm a hundred thousand years ago, so the strength he had now could be imagined. Furthermore, he had cultivated the same divine way as, so he definitely had a certain position in the Heaven Realm.

"Then... Then, who can order you around, Big Brother? " Chen Xiang had already planned to slip away. This Super Old Sacred Land had many secrets in the first place, and only this place was safe. Moreover, this place was like a great world.

"Wu Canghong's ancestor!" Lan Cang's face darkened, a blue light flickered in her eyes as she looked at Chen Xiang sinisterly.

Chen Xiang quickly thought of something. According to what Lan Cang had said, the Royal Family of that person must be an ancient power, like the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family! Previously, he was curious as to why there were no ancient powers in the Mortal Martial Realm. So there were actually those, the Mortal King Clan of the Continent of the King.

"Then can big brother apologize to him for me?" Chen Xiang forced out a smile.

"Then what should I do?" Lan Cang said snappily.

"If he's still alive, then his strength must be very strong. Naturally, he wouldn't care about such a small thing. He definitely won't chase you down." Chen Xiang said.

"Bullsh * t. That old fellow likes to fuss over nothing. What else do I have to be afraid of?" Lan Cang felt a headache coming on. If he had known earlier, he would not have lent this place to beat Chen Xiang up or drive him to other places.

Chen Xiang's eyes turned as he suddenly thought of a good idea. He giggled and said: "Brother Lan, looking at your Dragon Power, you should be cultivating the Thunder power, right? You're really amazing, there are very few lightning attributed dragons."

"Don't try to get close with me. This trick is useless. You have to be responsible for this trap, you have to fill it in!" No …. It's not you, it's you and this human girl. " Lan Cang rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang, and said while hugging his chest.

Chen Xiang never thought that the Hundred Dragon Holy seal would actually be able to create such a big pit. If they were to fill it up, it would definitely take a long time, and they would also have to move some huge mountains to fill it. For and him, that would be extremely dangerous.

He took out a Leihun fruit, and these kinds of fruits contained Thunder soul. He had used a Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seed last time to exchange for a gold mountain, and it could be said that he had used a grain of sand to exchange for a gold mountain.

The Leihun fruit looked like a transparent pearl, inside it flickered a flame with electric wire coiling around it, and when the electric wire was activated, one could clearly feel the terrifying Thunder power inside.

The Leihun fruit quickly attracted Lan Cang's attention, staring at him intently, as if it wanted to swallow the Leihun fruit whole.

"This is …" Thunder soul, where did you get this from? " Lan Cang was very unhappy. Why would such a good thing appear in front of a human brat like Chen Xiang? This was simply a waste of heaven's treasure!

"I picked it up, and gave you a chance to exchange with me for this Leihun fruit, but you need to have something good." Chen Xiang laughed, he knew that Lan Cang would definitely not let go of this chance, Thunder soul s were extremely important to him, he had evolved from a snake to a monster, he wanted to one day suppress Imperial Dragon Race, so he thirsted for power!

"You have to fill this hole before I'm willing to exchange." Chen Xiang smiled craftily. He was not lacking in Leihun fruit s, if he could get some good stuff, it would be worth a lot.

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