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Ji Meixian and Lan Cang were both shocked. This move of Chen Xiang's seemed to dominate the earth, creating such a powerful force that would attack!

The sound of the river jumping on top of a few mountains was extremely real. The surging momentum made it impossible for anyone to doubt that this was just an illusion.

This was indeed not true. There was only 'potential'! This was the most shocking power of the Great River Mountain and River. As long as he could simulate this' Force ', it would be enough!

Chen Xiang's Killing heart was violently jumping, killing intent crazily gushed out, transforming into a shocking imposing manner that merged with the flowing water of the mountains!

Several mountains fell down with unstoppable force, shaking the earth and shaking the mountains!


The few large mountains smashed down and the ground was pressed down by the aura. The powerful golden palm that Ji Meixian had condensed immediately dispersed and split apart again, the energy soaring to the sky and floating in the air, causing the clouds in the sky to churn, making sounds of whirring.

Ji Meixian was submerged within, but what surprised Lan Cang was that those illusory figures did not dissipate, but continued to firmly press down on him.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to prepare the Heavenly dragon seal, he saw a gigantic golden bird claw suddenly grabbing out, ripping apart the Mountain River Diagram.

A long whistle split the air, Ji Meixian transformed into a golden ray and shot out. She was covered in golden feathers and had a pair of extremely beautiful golden wings on her back, looking like it was cast out of gold.

Her eyes suddenly flashed with two gold lights, shooting towards Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang immediately dodged, and the place he was at earlier became a deep crater. It could be seen how terrifying the golden light that shot out from her eyes was.

"This woman …" I know what kind of background she has, no wonder she's so powerful, and even reincarnated! " Long Xueyi suddenly said in surprise.

"What kind of background?" Chen Xiang frowned, because suddenly, Ji Meixian's pair of golden wings flapped, exploding out with countless terrifying golden lights that shot out like rain from the sky.

Chen Xiang immediately used the profoundwu cover hood to protect himself and at the same time, released a wild roar.

Using a sonic wave like the Dragon Roar to attack this light ray was still effective, the power was scattered by the waves of the dragon's roar.

"She belongs to the Imperial Avian Race, she's just a different type of being, because she has the blood of a human! Just like how a member of the Imperial Dragon Race has human blood. " Long Xueyi said.

"What Imperial Avian Race?" At this time, Chen Xiang was simply unable to get close to Ji Meixian, and the attack he released, was very easily torn apart by Ji Meixian's huge golden claw.

The current Ji Meixian was several times stronger than before, the mysterious power she had was even more dense, especially her golden wings. Every time they flapped, countless gold lights would burst out, as if they could pierce through everything!

The ground was pierced by the light rays like a beehive, and each hole was very deep!

"It means that the Imperial Feather Race is a race formed by the powerful bird-type beasts with powerful bloodlines. For example, the phoenix, the Golden-winged Great Peng, and the Vermillion Bird were all powerful birds with feathers! As long as their bloodline can allow them to reach the peak of Heaven Realm in the future, they will be enemies with our Imperial Dragon Race! " Long Xueyi said.

This Ji Meixian was actually the same as Long Xueyi, both were from a mysterious and powerful race like the Heaven Realm, but Ji Meixian was half human and half bird.

"Her blood should contain the blood of the Undead Bird and the Golden-winged Great Peng. I think that one of her parents is a descendant of the Undead Bird and the Golden-winged Great Peng combined. After that, he combined with a human and allowed her to have this kind of blood!" Long Xueyi continued to speak, "According to the Imperial Avian Race's bird nest rules, this woman cannot have the bird nest that she left behind in the Imperial Avian Race. Once she reaches a certain point in her growth, she will be expelled, and she cannot tell anyone about her origins and ident.i.ty.

This was probably the reason why Ji Meixian was so mysterious in the Heaven Realm. Now, both Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou understood why Ji Meixian was so strong now.

"If you want to defeat her, you better use the Hundred Dragon Beast among the Heavenly dragon seal, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to defeat her. One must know that she is someone with a much higher cultivation than you, if it was someone with the same cultivation as you, she would have already lost long ago. If this goes on, you will definitely lose. " Long Xueyi said.

When he used it, all of his power and mana would be drained, and at that time, even a child would be able to kill him. Furthermore, when he used it, he would also need time to prepare.

"Use all that you can for close combat!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang had thought of it long ago, but it would be difficult to get close to Ji Meixian now!

"Black Tortoise Body Splitting Technique!" Chen Xiang's body suddenly released some water vapor, and nine illusions that were the same as him appeared.

Furthermore, these illusions could not be dispersed. He used some of the techniques on the Seventy-two changes to make his clone look more real and imitate some of his Qi.

Ji Meixian's spiritual sense was extremely strong, so she was able to distinguish the clones. Therefore, she only locked onto Chen Xiang to attack him, but the clones were only air in her eyes, she did not care about them at all.

Two more clones appeared behind her. Although she could feel them, she did not believe them. Chen Xiang, who had locked onto the ground, threw himself into the golden pond and endlessly released that terrifying golden light. She must not lose, otherwise she would become a slave!

"Shadow Shift!" Chen Xiang used the move inside the Black Tortoise Divine Technique to exchange with the clones. He rarely used this move, but it was very useful now, able to let him get closer to Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian suddenly realised that Chen Xiang's original body had disappeared, and his expression changed because Chen Xiang had appeared behind her back!

Chen Xiang's eyes flashed, and countless of needle-like red lights shot out, and in the blink of an eye, they had penetrated Ji Meixian's body, and every single red light had broken her meridians, making her unable to circulate her energy!

"Heart Piercing Demon Eye!"

yelled in a daze, his face was filled with shock. At this time, Chen Xiang's eyes shot out two more beams of devilish light the size of thumbs, piercing through her heart.

At that moment, Ji Meixian was sure that Chen Xiang had obtained the inheritance of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. The Heart Permeable Demon Eye was a devil art that the overlords of the Heaven Demon Realm didn't have. If she had known that Chen Xiang was this strong, she would not have been so careless!

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