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Ji Meixian did not want to intervene, she could feel that Chen Xiang's strength had increased by a lot now. Previously, she had already fought Chen Xiang to a standstill, and although she had also gained a lot now, she did not have the confidence to defeat Chen Xiang.

She did not know much about Wu Qianqian, she only knew that Wu Qianqian was the number one beauty of the Super Martial School, that she spent all her time in seclusion in the Super Dan Imperial College, that she was an outstanding disciple of the Triumph Martial Yard, that she was the strongest young female disciple of the Super Martial School, and that Wu Qianqian knew how to refine pills.

Now that Wu Qianqian had subdued a White flame heavenly horse, his strength had increased by a lot.

Although Yun Xiaodao and the others were more of a rogue, they were definitely not weak. If they were to work together, it would be easy to kill a Sky Child or a Sky Girl.

"d.a.m.ned bald donkey, today I will kill you!" Jing Xingliang had already endured it for a long time. When he made his move this time, he released his strongest power and smashed towards Chen Xiang and the others with his palm.

He swung the iron rod, striking towards the center of the energy flow. The Great Strength Race's divine power turned into a golden light and wrapped the entire iron rod, sweeping across and creating a violent gale of energy, causing the places where the Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Girl stood to be smashed into pieces.

"Master, leave the White-Faced Monkey to me!" Xiao Chou shouted, wielding his iron rod, he attacked Jing Xingliang.

The battle between the two was on the verge of breaking out as they started to fight on the side.

"Attack!" Feng Yuhe bellowed, only to see her and the new son of the Feng Clan rushing towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang only felt a gust of wind blowing towards him, but this gust of wind was like countless sharp blades, wanting to cut him into pieces.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have already turned into minced meat. However, Chen Xiang was someone who had mastered Immortal Devil Body;

Feng Yuhe's face was covered in frost, her entire body releasing a dense killing intent, which turned into a burst of cold wind. As her blue dress fluttered out, the cold lady's hand was extremely ruthless, it was all a killing move, as though she had a deep grudge with Chen Xiang.

Although the Heavenly Son of the Feng Clan was newly selected, his strength was not bad, and the force of his palm was extremely sharp. However, later on he knew that if he did not use weapons, he would not be able to harm Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang and the Feng Clan's Son of Heaven had attacked him together, but they could at most touch his clothes. Every single time, they would feel that they were about to pierce through Chen Xiang's body, but Chen Xiang was still able to magically avoid them.

It had to be known that Chen Xiang was facing two strong warriors who attacked together. Each of the attacks he dealt with was a killing move, whether he blocked or dodged, it was extremely dangerous for him to split apart.

The heavenly daughter of the Qin family did not make her move, but upon seeing Chen Xiang's strength, their expressions became extremely solemn. Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan did not have any intentions of fighting at all, but seeing how much Chen Xiang's strength had increased, they did not feel good about it.

"Is that all the Son of Heaven and Woman of the Feng Clan have?" Chen Xiang laughed in disdain, and struck towards Feng Yuhe's jade palm, in that moment, the mountain shook and the ground shook, the weather changed, Chen Xiang's arm was suddenly covered with gold scales, her entire arm looked like a dragon claw.

This time, Chen Xiang used the power of his Martial Spirit. His arm was intertwined with lightning and fire, his Dragon Power was overflowing, his palm had already turned into a dragon claw, the aura that gushed out from the Dragon Power gushed out from the gaps of his scales, releasing a weak dragon's roar.

"Don't even think about succeeding!" When the Feng Clan saw that Chen Xiang wanted to deal with him, he thrusted his sword towards Chen Xiang's back, but after piercing through his clothes, it was difficult to get even half a step into his body again.

Chen Xiang's dragon claw collided with Feng Yuhe's jade palm! Immediately, golden light flashed as lightning danced wildly. With an explosive sound, the ground began to crack!

Even though Feng Yuhe's Innate Qi was gentle, its power was not small. Chen Xiang's Dragon Power was fierce and tyrannical and it was vigorous. Combined with his frightening power of the Fire Thunder Dragon's soul, it made that wave of Dragon Power even more berserk, pressuring Feng Yuhe.

The sleeve of her arm had already been shattered into pieces by Chen Xiang's power. Her jade-like arm was cracked open, and was dripping with blood.

She was sent flying. Only she understood how powerful that palm from Chen Xiang was, and she could clearly feel several waves of energy merging together. There was the power of her physical body, the power of thunder and fire, the terrifying Dragon Power, and a wave of indescribable coldness.

Feng Yuhe had only exchanged one palm with Chen Xiang, and was already severely injured, and was even attacked by an unknown cold Qi. At this moment, her entire body was trembling, and her face was green, not only her arm was destroyed, her body was also severely injured.

Chen Xiang had just used the Hail magic wind, and this made him unable to stand up for the moment. He turned around to look at the son of the Feng Clan who had just given him a sword strike, the son of the Heaven, who had just been elected as the Son of Heaven, had already garnered the jealousy of many people in the Feng Clan. He had to kill Chen Xiang in order to consolidate his position.

This son of the Feng Clan was not weak at all. If Chen Xiang had not used the profoundwu diamond armour s to protect his body just now, even if his Immortal Devil Body had matured, a little bit of his skin would have been pierced through.

"Chen Xiang, die!"

The Heavenly Emperor of Feng Clan focused his energy on the sword, the sword aura caused the sky and earth to change colors, it was extremely powerful, the sword aura caused people's hearts to turn cold, bringing along Sword Qi, it stirred up the leaves on the ground and shattered them, the sword tip on Chen Xiang's forehead released a cold light, filled with killing intent. At this moment, it was as if he had become one with the sword, turning into a rainbow of light and piercing towards Chen Xiang!

"So powerful! As expected of an ancient power, to be able to reach such a level in swordsmanship at such a young age!" The Heavenly Child of the Feng Clan that Chen Xiang faced had a much higher cultivation than him, at least to be able to pa.s.s through the five stages of Nirvana Tribulations.

This sword was extremely fast, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was extremely slow. Everything around him became extremely slow, he used all his senses, and he could hear the heartbeats of everyone around him, he could even clearly hear the sounds of other people bleeding in their veins.

It was as if he had blended into the earth itself. He could capture all the movements of the land. He could feel all the movements in the surrounding air. He could even hear the faint sounds of the sand.

Chen Xiang suddenly understood that if he wanted to comprehend Ground killing, he had to engage in this kind of life and death battle. Only by moving his Killing heart, could he integrate it into his nature and comprehend the killing methods of nature.

A dense Innate Qi suddenly surged out of his body. This was Genuine qi of universe, the majestic Genuine qi of universe rushed into the air, and the afterimages of countless towering mountains suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang.

The shadow flashed, after that, it fused into Chen Xiang's body, and a majestic Qi surged out from his body.

"I will give you a quick death!" White gloves appeared on Chen Xiang's fist, but Slaughter G.o.d's Hand did not release any killing intent, because the killing intent had already turned into an imposing Qi, forming a terrifying force.

"The power of 10,000 mountains!"

Chen Xiang's fist collided against the tip of the sword with the force of a mountain river, causing people to feel as if they were facing ten thousand towering mountains. That power, that momentum, were simply impossible to resist, as if it was the power of nature itself.

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Chen Xiang's fist had yet to even touch the sword tip, but the sword had already been crushed into dust by the incomparable aura, and the Feng Clan Tian Zi's entire body had exploded, following that, his body became a ball of flames and was burnt to ashes!

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