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The two sides finally started fighting. The Heavenly Son of Heaven had also chosen to take action, they wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the White flame heavenly horse.

Just as Feng Clan's Heavenly Girl Feng Yuhe was about to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heavenly Horse, a head suddenly dropped from the sky. Seeing the head that rolled down, Feng Yuhe and the new Heaven Child of the Feng Clan immediately screamed in fear.

This was the head of one of their Feng Clan s. After Dan King was sent to capture Chen Xiang, he did not come back, and now that his own head was here, it meant that the person who killed Dan King was here.

The person who killed the Dan King was very likely Chen Xiang!

As long as Ji Meixian sensed that she was nearby, she would not attack. Amongst these people, the person who hated Chen Xiang the most was probably her, not only had she been played by Chen Xiang with that clean and pure ice jade body, she was even lost a key part of her protective immortal robe.

As long as she saw Chen Xiang, she would have liked to pinch him to death, but she could not, and she did not have enough strength.

Chen Xiang threw heads out one after another. These were the five experts that Chen Xiang had killed earlier that day in the white fire domain. Among them, two were Dan King.

"Chen Xiang!" Feng Yuhe shouted loudly, his voice was filled with fear. Amongst the five heads, three of them were from Feng Clan, and one of them was from Dan King. However, all of them had been chopped off by Chen Xiang.

The new son of the White Sea Imperial Land was also panic-stricken. The Dan King was one of the most influential forces in the ancient times, but now his head had been chopped off by someone.

"Hehe, why are you calling me? Do you want to be my slave? " With a wave of his hand, he kept the five heads. He felt that using these heads to attack White Sea Imperial Land and the other two Feng Clan was a very satisfying thing.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, some people were happy while others were sad. Yun Xiaodao and the others were obviously all smiles.

Jing Xingliang and Xiao Chou also stopped, Jing Xingliang glared at Chen Xiang fiercely, as long as he could obtain Chen Xiang's divine blade, his strength would increase by a lot.

"Did you kill the Dan King of our Feng Clan?" Feng Yuhe's jade face turned cold, she held onto the sword hilt and pointed the sword tip at Chen Xiang.

"They came to throw their lives away. They are all senior figures, but they actually tried to ambush me while I was undergoing my tribulation. You old fart powers are nothing special after all." Chen Xiang laughed.

If others were to make a move when undergoing tribulation, not only would they harm others, they would also make themselves suffer. However, if the Chen Xiang in front of them did not die, those few old fellows were also dead.

When Chen Xiang went through the tribulation in the Demon Realm that day, his entire Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had already declined. Now, he used the same method to kill off a few of the great figures of Feng Clan and Feng Clan!

"How embarra.s.sing, five old fellows went to a.s.sa.s.sinate a little kid, I didn't think that their heads would be chopped off in the end, haha …" This is great news. " Zhu Rong laughed, making the expressions of the Feng Clan and the Heavenly Sons of the White Sea Imperial Land turn even uglier. They wanted to take this d.a.m.n fatty to squeeze more oil from him.

"You sent five old fellows to kill Elder Brother Shen. Now that these five old fellows are dead, are you going to blame Elder Brother Shen? Do I allow you to kill people and not allow others to rebel? Is there something wrong with your heads? " Yun Xiaodao sneered.

"Humans are the kind that people hate the most. Now, I understand why humans like them are so arrogant and strong. It's because they are very shameless." Teng Ying said.

If news of Chen Xiang killing two of the Dan King s got out, it would definitely cause a huge sensation in Dan City. Furthermore, he would ruthlessly slap the White Sea Imperial Land and the Feng Clan in the face.

"If there's nothing else, then we'll be taking our leave." Chen Xiang clasped his hands at the Heavenly Sons and was about to turn around.

"Leave the White flame heavenly horse behind!" The one who spoke was the son of the Qin family, Qin Meng.

Chen Xiang looked at him, shook his head, and sighed: "I don't have any huge grudges with the Qin Family, if you repeat what you said just now, White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan will be the previous examples of your Qin Family!"

"Leave the White flame heavenly horse behind!" This time, the one who spoke was actually Jing Xingliang, but the moment he finished, he received a fierce glare from Mu Jialan.

"Does your Peach Blossom Imperial Land have enmity with me?" Chen Xiang frowned as he looked at Jing Xingliang.

"My Peach Blossom Imperial Land is not afraid of your Super Martial School!" Jing Xingliang sneered.

"He cannot represent the Peach Blossom Imperial Land!" Mu Jialan didn't dare to provoke Chen Xiang, and because of a small conflict between him and the Feng Clan, it ended up like this.

From start to finish, the ones who suffered the most were the White Sea Imperial Land and the Feng Clan, but Chen Xiang was completely fine, the Super Martial School did not lose even a single hair.

Chen Xiang was the only one who took revenge on the White Sea Imperial Land and the Feng Clan. Since Chen Xiang did not involve the Super Martial School in this, one could tell from just this that Chen Xiang really could not be provoked.

"The White flame heavenly horse is my friend, whether or not I stay will be up to you guys!" Wu Qianqian's soft, angry voice floated over as she wore a light yellow plain long skirt. Her indifferent and refined temperament completely suppressed those heavenly women.

When Wu Qianqian saw that the White flame heavenly horse was trapped by a golden net, she glared at Yun Xiaodao and the others fiercely. Then, with a wave of her hand, the White flame heavenly horse turned into a golden light and entered into the profound beast bag at her waist.

"Ah... Qianqian, this thing is yours? "Why didn't you say so earlier? It caused us to spend so many months and so much precious time to capture him." Zhu Rong's face was filled with grief, Yun Xiaodao and the others were all stunned, then all of their faces were filled with sorrow, the hundreds of billions of Spar just flew away like that.

"You guys also said that White Snow has been following me for a long time. In the future, you all are not allowed to have any ideas about her." Wu Qianqian put her hands on her waist, puffed out her cheeks, and scolded Yun Xiaodao and the others like a big sister.

They were all from the Triumph Martial Yard, so Wu Qianqian was definitely a big sister inside.

Chen Xiang smiled and said to the Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Sisters. "Now, if you want to keep the White flame heavenly horse, it's equivalent to stealing it. However, you guys should be doing this quite a bit, right?"

"All of these things are basically a waste in the hands of you fellows!" Jing Xingliang lost a bottle of Peach Blossom Immortal Dew, causing him to be extremely poor. Right now, he was also in a hurry to earn more Spar, if not he would be ridiculed by others in the future.

"Master, let me slaughter this white-faced monkey." Xiao Chou was somewhat unable to hold it in.

Chen Xiang took out a ten feet long black iron rod. This was something Duan Sanchang had dug out from the tomb of the Demon G.o.d's son.

"Take it!" Chen Xiang had specially picked this stick for Xiao Chou.

Xiao Chou held it in his hand and waved it around a few times, then laughed out loud: "The weight is just right, this rod is called a monkey stick. Come, white faced monkey, come and hit it for me, haha …!"

Jing Xingliang was so angry that white smoke rose from him!

"Today, let us, the young people of Super Martial School, exchange pointers with the various Heavenly Sons." Zhu Rong laughed. He spoke very easily, because the one fighting would definitely not be him.

The cultivation levels of the Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Ladies of the ancient powers were much higher than the young generation of the Super Martial School. But Chen Xiang and the others were not afraid at all!

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