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"Is this the power of the earth? Very powerful! " Chen Xiang looked down at the ground, and looked at the mountains and rivers that were naturally formed, as images of these mountains and rivers began to surface in his mind.

This land once stood above the Nine Heavens and was known as the Tenth Heaven. Later on, it was divided into countless small worlds, but in the end, it was not destroyed.

Chen Xiang could feel the terrifying power of this land right now. Even though it had once declined, no one could conquer it.

He floated in the air, feeling the pressure of the earth, clenching his fists tightly, a towering mountain shadow suddenly appeared behind him, an invisible aura overflowing from him, but it only lasted for a short period of time, before the majestic mountain shadow disappeared.

"It's very difficult to learn, the Heaven Earth Killing Method can only be grasped through 'comprehension', it's not something that can be learned in a day or two." Chen Xiang sighed lightly. He had only touched the edge, but this allowed him to unleash a very strong power.

Chen Xiang felt that his own realm was not enough, and was unable to comprehend the Ground killing. According to the description on the Ground killing, to completely master the Ground killing, he first had to understand the Spirit grain s in the earth, and feel the spirit lines contained within from the rivers and mountains, in order to be able to unleash the power of the earth.

Right now, he could vaguely feel that the Spirit grain on the ground was operating, but it had not reached the stage where he could see it all. As for what to do, the Ground killing did not explain, he only wanted him to comprehend it.

"This feeling is very familiar!" Chen Xiang frowned slightly as he looked at the verdant mountains in the distance. There was a large forest there.

"It's that d.a.m.nable Ji Meixian woman!" Long Xueyi snorted: "When are you going to bring her in and help us wash our feet?"

Chen Xiang floated to the ground and muttered: "After Ji Meixian's soul awakened, she has recovered the memory of the Heaven Realm that year. She has an innate strong spiritual sense, so she should be able to easily sense the Spirit grain that the earth naturally contains! "

"Of course, otherwise she would not be so strong in the Heaven Realm, the skills she uses in battle are indeed very natural, it must be because she used that Spirit Perception to comprehend the Heavens and Earth, this woman is truly strong! I'm very curious to know who was the one who perished. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang immediately released a pair of small Suzaku fire wing s, flying towards Ji Meixian.

"Your little bald disciple and that d.a.m.n fatty are over there. They seem to be fighting." Long Xueyi used the Heaven tour method, and his consciousness immediately flew over.

Zhu Rong and the rest were indeed there, he had also seen Chen Xiang using the Heaven tour method, but he did not expect them to actually catch the White flame heavenly horse!

This White flame heavenly horse had a white Fire Soul, it was indeed very precious and valuable, but it had its own master. Although Wu Qianqian said that this White flame heavenly horse was her friend, it meant that she had already subdued it.

"It seems like this bunch of fellows have gone mad from poverty." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, then increased his speed and flew over.

Yun Xiaodao and the others finally managed to catch a priceless White flame heavenly horse, but the heavenly sons and daughters of the heavens came out at this time, wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h the White flame heavenly horse.

No one would have been moved by the White flame heavenly horse worth hundreds of billions of Spar, not to mention the fact that the Heavenly Maiden and the Son of Heaven had been searching for this horse for a long time. Now that they saw that it had fallen into the hands of those ruffians, they were very unwilling to give up so easily.

The Peach Blossom Prince had even more of a reason now, because he was previously disfigured by the combined attacks of these ruffians. His entire body was paralyzed, and it was not because the Peach Blossom Imperial Land had given him some pills to consume, but rather because he was still lying in bed.

"Why are you surrounding us?" Yun Xiaodao looked at the people around him.

The Heavenly Lady of the Qin family and the Heavenly Son were both dressed in black, and dressed very simply. They were both staring at the White flame heavenly horse which was covered by the golden net.

When Ji Meixian and Feng Yuhe were together, White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan had a good relationship with each other. Because they hated the Super Martial School very much, they had already secretly teamed up with him. Beside them were two handsomely handsome men. They were the chosen sons of heaven that had just been selected by White Sea Imperial Land and White Sea Imperial Land, and their strengths were no weaker than the two sons of heaven that had died earlier.

The main purpose of these two new heaven's chosen sons was to kill Chen Xiang and establish their prestige. This would allow their position to be more stable and their prestige to rise.

She had no intention to make a move, she had never wanted to provoke Chen Xiang. This was also what her mother had instructed her to do when she left the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, but now that she thought about Chen Xiang wanting her to become a female slave, she felt a little angry.

"Xiao Dao, don't you know the manners of this group of people? All the good things in the world belong to them, and looking at their faces, you can tell that they want to s.n.a.t.c.h the White flame heavenly horse away. " Xiao Chou said coldly, he had already prepared for battle, and no matter what, he would not hand over the White flame heavenly horse, they did not want to walk back to Super Martial School.

Zhu Rong shouted: "You are all people with status, you are n.o.ble heavenly sons and daughters, you cannot be so shameless, if you want to fight, you have to fight, do you want to bully the young with numbers?"

Jing Xingliang really wanted to spit on Zhu Rong's face. Last time, it was just Zhu Rong and the others who were shameless and did not even hit him, causing a group of people to gang up on him. You still have the nerve to choose a bill of lading?

"Scholar, isn't your father the Island Master of Lotus Island? Quickly reveal your father's name, if these guys surround us, this White flame heavenly horse will be taken away. " Zhu Rong said in a low voice.

"They won't eat this! Didn't you say before that you're a coward to go out and mention your own father's name? " Lian Mingdong said in a low voice.

"But the situation now is different!" Zhu Rong looked at the furious Jing Xingliang, his heart feeling somewhat apprehensive.

Both of Xiao Chou's fists were condensed with terrifying G.o.d powers, releasing waves of golden light, his voice was cold: "The one who has enmity with us here is only this White-Faced Monkey, what do you mean by surrounding us?"

When Jing Xingliang heard the three words "White Faced Monkey" once again, the anger in his heart could no longer be suppressed. With an explosive roar, he took a step forward until Xiao Chou became even stronger, and chopped towards Xiao Chou's shining skull.

"Protect the Heavenly Horse!" Xiao Chou bellowed, his body releasing a burst of gold light, forming a translucent golden bell, which enveloped him in an instant.

When Jing Xingliang's palm struck the bell, his terrifying power actually dissipated into the bell, becoming a clear and melodious bell sound that shook the earth.

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