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"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The golden-armored man was no longer able to remain calm. With an angry curse, a bolt of purple lightning struck his body, causing him to spit out a large mouthful of blood.

Chen Xiang's clothes were tattered and his hair was a mess, but he was clearly unharmed. He laughed madly: I specially prepared this Nirvana Doom dinner for you, don't thank me, enjoy yourself!

The Nirvana Doom of six people, and five of them were extremely strong, the Nirvana Doom they welcomed was definitely not weak!

's current physical body was very strong, specifically aimed at his flesh. On the other hand, the bodies of the Feng Clan and the warriors of the White Sea Imperial Land were not as strong as Chen Xiang's, so they could only use the Innate Qi to block.

Other than crazily cursing Chen Xiang in their hearts and mouths, there was nothing else they could do. If they killed Chen Xiang as their master, the Nirvana Doom that they would face would become even stronger and they would be seen as interfering with the Nirvana Doom. From then on, they would receive even more ferocious attacks.

A circ.u.mference of five kilometers was sealed off by the terrifying Robbery power. It was extremely difficult to escape, and one could only leave after crossing Nirvana Doom!

The violent thunder did not stop, it was concentrated and strong, because these Robbery power were condensed above the Earth's Core Fire Realm, causing the strong lightning to also contain a strong scorching energy. When it struck onto a person's body, it not only exploded with lightning, but also exploded into a large cl.u.s.ter of white flames.

In merely a few moments, those few experts were all struck by the lightning, until they vomited blood. On the other hand, Chen Xiang endured the pain as he was struck by the lightning, and at the same time, activated profoundwu physical exercise to refine his body.

Those few experts wanted to tear Chen Xiang's body into a thousand pieces, and actually dragged them into the Nirvana Doom. For uninvited guests like them, not only would their Robbery power strengthen, they would also have to face a few trials and tribulations that were specifically aimed at them.

When they had first entered, they had a haughty att.i.tude and viewed Chen Xiang as an ant. But now, in front of their Nirvana Doom, they were but mere mortals struggling on the brink of life and death.

When they saw Chen Xiang calmly sitting there while being struck by lightning and using the lightning to temper his body, they were so angry that they nearly vomited blood. But what made them furious was that every time Chen Xiang was struck by the lightning and his entire body was covered in blood, he would recover at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

They were jealous of this ability. They wanted to rush over and mince Chen Xiang into minced meat, but they could not get distracted now, otherwise, they would be burnt to ashes by the heavenly thunder. Their souls would be destroyed.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, quickly stop cultivating. You will only cause the heavens to become angry if you use the power of your Nirvana Doom to strengthen yourself. The power of your Nirvana Doom will become even stronger, and you will cause our deaths!" The golden-armored man let out a roar. His golden armor already had a few holes on it.

Chen Xiang endured the pain and laughed madly: "Just what I wanted, I wanted to kill all of you, who told you to kill me?"

The Nirvana Doom became more and more terrifying, the dense purple lightning was like a torrential rain, crackling and crackling as they continuously struck down. That destructive aura spread throughout the entire Earth's Core Fire Realm, and even people outside the Earth's Core Fire Realm could feel it.

It was originally just thunder and lightning, but now it had been struck down by fire and thunder together. The Purple Flame Thunder had turned into a White Flame Thunder, and now there was a faint golden color.

"Golden flames! That's a place that even immortals wouldn't dare to enter!" An old man saw the pale golden flame thunder and moaned in despair.

The faces of these five experts were all filled with despair, fury, and fear. The person who forced them into such a predicament was right before their eyes, yet they couldn't kill him.

Chen Xiang saw that the faces of these five people were ashen, their eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an aura of death. The despair and fear they revealed made him couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Who said I was an ant? Haha... What are all of you who were killed by ants? "You are even inferior to insect ants." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he was struck in the head by a thick pure gold fire lightning.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have already been reduced to ashes. However, his body was only cracked open from head to toe. The sight of it made one's heart palpitate with fear. Just how powerful was his physical body!

From the beginning till the end, Chen Xiang had never used his Innate Qi to resist the heavenly lightning, only using his terrifying physical body.

The eyes of the five Rankers reddened in anger. They could imagine that Chen Xiang had waited for them intentionally, then triggered the Nirvana Doom of these six terrifying Rankers, then used the Nirvana Doom to temper his body!

Chen Xiang had actually used their lives to temper their bodies. This made all of them feel a sense of hatred, as if they had been eliminated. They had lived for so long, and had this kind of strength and position that many people admired, but in the end, they had become the sacrifices of a little ghost.

They were unwilling to die just like that. This would only make them die a useless death!

"Even if I die, I will kill you. We definitely will not let you succeed!" The golden-armored middle-aged man roared.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "I can send you guys on your way now, you have given me great help in attracting this powerful Nirvana Doom, I will not let you all die without a complete corpse, I will chop off your heads and send them back, this is the honor you deserve, haha …"

The five experts were covered in wounds, they had eaten a lot of Relive Dan s, but it was to no avail, because the Nirvana Doom was too terrifying, in a blink of an eye they had used up all of their Innate Qi, so their bodies were not able to resist.

The dense amount of golden fire bolts came in wave after wave, and would break apart during this period of time. Chen Xiang took this opportunity to fly over, summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and like slashing gra.s.s, he decapitated the two elders.

Green dragon demon-slain broadsword! The elders of the ancient powers all knew how powerful this blade was. They really wanted it, but now, they had no choice but to die under this blade.

"You all died a useless death. This is a divine knife, rest in peace." Chen Xiang laughed.

EAA Chapter 337 - Radiant Translations The remaining three people started cursing. They were used as bait to lure powerful Robbery power s and help others refine their bodies. Would they die in peace?

"If you do not attack me and stay in your power, then you will definitely live for a long time. You can only blame yourself for not listening to my master's warning; my master's warning is not that he will deal with you, but that you have to bear my endless revenge!" Chen Xiang said indifferently and chopped off the heads of the three people.

After putting away the heads of these five people, an even more terrifying wave of golden fire bolts descended and crazily struck his body. Right now, he was the only one who could endure the attacks from the Nirvana Doom, if he was even the slightest bit careless, he would die!

The golden flames were powerful enough to almost make him release his profoundwu diamond armour to resist, but now was a good opportunity. If he succeeded, he would be able to win with his Immortal Devil Body.

"Feng Clan, White Sea Imperial Land! "Just you wait. The first thing I'll do after I get out is to make you regret doing what you did today!" Chen Xiang said coldly in his heart.

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