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During the past few days when Chen Xiang had been in the Earth's Core Fire Realm, while he was cultivating his flesh and blood, he had also extracted a large amount of rich Innate Qi s from the white flames to cultivate. At this point, his physical body had already surpa.s.sed his expectations, and his Innate Qi had also improved.

If one could successfully pa.s.s the Second Nirvana tribulation, not only would one's skin color be refined again, one would also be able to obtain a large amount of Power of giving, and their strength would increase by many times!

However, if he was only able to trigger the Nirvana Doom by himself, he was worried that the power of the Nirvana Doom was not enough, because his current physical body was very strong.

The fusion of the two Bone soul not only made his bones even stronger, his entire body had also received a huge improvement. With the help of the Devil-suppressing blood s and the Yulong blood s in his body, his self-recovery ability became even stronger, and he felt that even if he cut off one of his arms, one of his bones would quickly grow out.

"Only with a stronger Nirvana Doom can I reach the level of full mastery!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly. He had already decided to go all out, he wanted to see how the large success Immortal Devil Body was like!

"Of these five people, three of them crossed the seven tribulations of Nirvana, and the other two crossed the eight tribulations." Of these five people, three of them crossed the seven tribulations of Nirvana, and the other two crossed the eight tribulations. Long Xueyi said.

The method of using Nirvana Doom to raise one's strength was something only those demon beasts with powerful fleshly bodies would do. For example, those dragons.

Chen Xiang had always been curious as to why Long Xueyi didn't need to undergo his tribulation. It was only later on that he found out that these Imperial Dragon Race who cultivated the divine way didn't need to undergo Nirvana Doom, but there was another type of tribulation awaiting them.

It was not strange that the elderlies and elderlies of the White Sea Imperial Land would come here to find him, because he had appeared in the forest once before and had been in the Earth's Core Fire Realm for almost a month.

Their carefully nurtured Son of Heaven had been killed by Chen Xiang. Although these two ancient powers did not lack people like Son of Heaven, if they were to be killed, it was equivalent to slapping their faces hard.

Furthermore, Chen Xiang had killed many of their clan elders and the White Sea Imperial Land s had also been robbed of a large number of their precious Fire phoenix purple gold s. Their shops in the Pill City had been burnt to ashes because of Chen Xiang, so they no longer cared about Huang Jintian's warnings and had sent their seniors to deal with Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, you are really here!"

This middle-aged man was wearing a golden armor and had a strong fire resistance. He waved his hand and released a strong wave of energy, blowing away a large amount of flames. This caused a s.p.a.ce to appear in this white fire domain that was not wrapped in white fire.

Seeing that the middle aged man had revealed his hand, Chen Xiang could tell that it was a technique used by the Feng Clan, while the other middle aged man had Innate Qi Qi, belonged to the White Sea Imperial Land.

These two middle-aged men were both martial artists that had crossed the eighth tribulation of Nirvana Realm. As for their appearance, it could be seen that they had extraordinary talent. Compared to them, the other three elders of the seventh tribulation were much weaker.

Chen Xiang was not afraid at all, at the moment he had already started to circulate the energy in his body, releasing the energy, which in turn caused a burst of Nirvana Doom, because the energy in his body had already reached its limit.

Chen Xiang was surrounded by five Rankers, making it difficult for him to escape. These Rankers would not kill Chen Xiang if they had the chance to capture him alive, as they really wanted to obtain Chen Xiang's Divine Blade and Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu.

The white fire domain's flames reached a height of over a hundred zhang, enveloping the entire sky. Only those who cultivated fire experts were able to reach this place. From the looks of it, Chen Xiang's Robbery power was mainly made of lightning.

The five experts surrounding Chen Xiang all cultivated fire, otherwise, it would be difficult for even the strong Nirvana Stage to reach this area.

"These guys have Fire Soul, which is why it is able to counteract the heat. Two of them should be for pill refining, I think they might be Dan King." Long Xueyi guessed.

The few of them surrounded Chen Xiang, secretly setting up a barrier, stabilizing the surrounding s.p.a.ce, preventing Chen Xiang from escaping.

"You two are indeed the strongest dogs in the Feng Clan. You actually found me here." Chen Xiang sneered.

"Stop being stubborn, you are already a prisoner. Obediently hand over the immortal blade and Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu." In his eyes, Chen Xiang was like an ant.

"Any one of us can crush you to death. If you resist and obey us, maybe you will continue to live." Although Chen Xiang had done many earth-shattering things, he had enormous potential and was also an outstanding Alchemist.

But now that they were surrounded, they felt that they could pinch Chen Xiang to death anytime, and wasn't afraid of him in the slightest.

"Is that possible? If you don't kill me, you will definitely suffer my master's revenge. " Chen Xiang laughed sarcastically: "My master can also crush you with one finger, why didn't you ask for the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu from him, and instead asked for it from me? Didn't you think I was easy to bully? All of you are only at this level! "

"Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land will send you five seniors to kill me today. I will make them regret stealing my things."

"You don't have a chance to go out. No one knows what happened today." An old man lightly said, "Hand over the immortal sabre, you are not fit to use it!"

"All of you, chop off your heads. You are not worthy of living." Chen Xiang laughed: "I can speak words too, why didn't you do it?"

That golden-armored middle-aged man disdainfully said, "Because we are stronger than you. You are just an ant. We can let you die at any time!"

"Feng Clan, White Sea Imperial Land, I will remember! I will not rely on my master's power to kill all of you. I will use my own power, and I will let you know whether or not I am worthy enough to use the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword! " Chen Xiang laughed, his laughter was filled with overflowing hatred, filled with an endless killing intent, enveloping the scorching Earth's Core Fire Realm, causing people's hearts to tremble.

"It's actually a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword?" The five experts were emotionally moved, and their faces all revealed expressions of greed and ecstasy.


Just as they were prepared to grab onto Chen Xiang, a purple lightning bolt suddenly descended from the sky and destroyed the enchantment set up by the five experts, striking Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang howled, allowing the violent thunder to enter his body, allowing the Thunder power to surge out from his body.

The expressions of the five Rankers changed, they suddenly felt that Chen Xiang was undergoing a tribulation. And from the Robbery power, it seemed like he was not someone they could easily defend against.

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