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Chen Xiang's body was initially cracking open, and blood was flowing out from the cracks. But after being nourished by Wu Qianqian's mystical energy, he recovered very quickly.

Wu Qianqian frowned slightly. Her pair of jade hands seemed to possess a very strange ability, which allowed her to clearly feel that Chen Xiang's body was extremely strong.

But this powerful body was still suffering from such a cruel torture, she was very curious about what happened to Chen Xiang!

"His self-recovery ability is very strong. What kind of body is this?" Wu Qianqian was apprehensive, with her help, the speed of recovery of Chen Xiang's flesh that was constantly cracking was even faster, but they had just been repaired, and then immediately cracked again. This repeated cycle made Chen Xiang's body become stronger, as though he had been tempered.

The reason why Chen Xiang was like this was because he had eaten that super Iron bone Dan, resulting in his own bones to breed his own Bone soul, and he had fused with the Bone soul he had obtained while fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood before.

The super Iron bone Dan's medicinal strength had not been completely used up yet. When the twin Bone soul fused with it, the super Iron bone Dan's medicinal strength would thoroughly permeate into his body. He was using the profoundwu physical exercise to digest the medicine even more thoroughly.

"What a dense medicinal fragrance. This level of medicinal fragrance, at least it's a Heaven level Pill!" Wu Qianqian muttered. At this moment, she allowed Chen Xiang to lean on her body, and her jade hand was placed on Chen Xiang's chest, releasing that bizarre healing energy, allowing this energy to flow along with Chen Xiang's heartbeat and circulate throughout his entire body.

After three days, Chen Xiang's skin no longer cracked. Seeing that Chen Xiang had stabilized himself, Wu Qianqian heaved a sigh of relief. Her beautiful face revealed a charming and enchanting smile.

Chen Xiang's body had become stronger after going through multiple tempering sessions. However, it was not at the level of the large success of Immortal Devil Body that Su Meiyao and his group had expected, but it was not far off. After going through so many days of torture, he was already extremely tired. Breathing in the intoxicating fragrance of Wu Qianqian's body, he hugged his delicate body as he slept soundly.

Chen Xiang suddenly woke up after a long time. At this time, he realized that his body had already been washed by someone and he was even wearing a set of very comfortable white clothes.

Chen Xiang woke up and looked at Wu Qianqian with great shock. His surroundings was still filled with white flames, but the place he was at was very special.

However, Wu Qianqian was sitting right next to the pool of water, with a touch of captivating red on her cheeks, and a gentle smile on her face, she blinked her beautiful watery eyes at him, then mischievously stuck out her tongue at him. Wu Qianqian, who was in front of him right now, didn't even bat an eyelid.

"Qianqian, what is this place? It's all thanks to you helping me, otherwise I wouldn't have progressed so smoothly! " Although Chen Xiang didn't understand what had happened, he could guess that Wu Qianqian had changed a lot and become very strong.

Previously, Hua Xiangyue had told him that Wu Qianqian would become the successor to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land and that she was nurturing him.

"This woman helped you bathe and dress you." Long Xueyi laughed and said, "Luckily she was very honest and didn't touch randomly."

When he was unconscious and was being taken care of by a woman, this was not the first time this had happened. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had done this to him before.

"Why are you being polite with me?" Wu Qianqian walked over and waved her hand. The white stone bed and the lake all disappeared, which caused Chen Xiang to be extremely surprised.

"That was just a method to prevent the flames from coming." Wu Qianqian looked at Chen Xiang in shock and laughed softly.

Chen Xiang looked at the plain and beautiful woman in front of him. Every time he saw Hua Xiangyue, he would always ask him about Wu Qianqian, but Hua Xiangyue had never told him about it.

"Long time no see. How have you been? I missed you! " Although Wu Qianqian had changed a lot, he was still very familiar with him. They had lived in the Super Dan Imperial College for a period of time, and their relationship was very good.

"It's alright. The Elder Dan has been taking good care of me." Wu Qianqian lowered his head, and said with a low voice. "I really miss you too …"

Chen Xiang was startled, an indescribable feeling surfaced in his heart, causing him to unconsciously hug Wu Qianqian, and he whispered: "Was it Hua Xiangyue who let you come here to train?"

"Mm, this will help me!" Wu Qianqian's heart was thumping hard, she hugged Chen Xiang tightly.

"You smell so good!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath on the hair by her ear and laughed: "I really want to take a bite!"

"I only became like this after eating a fruit, but I can control the fragrance." Wu Qianqian said in a low voice, then pinched Chen Xiang's chest: "Don't bite me randomly, I'm not tasty!"

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to do something, the whine of a healthy horse suddenly came over.

"It's White Snow!" Wu Qianqian was shocked, she immediately left Chen Xiang's embrace, seeing a white horse covered in white flames. This horse had a golden horn on its head, its eyes shining with a gold light.

Chen Xiang immediately guessed that this strong and st.u.r.dy Single Horned White Horse was the White flame heavenly horse that Yun Xiaodao and the others wanted to catch.

"White Snow said that someone is coming here. They are still in the purple fire domain!" Wu Qianqian stroked the head of the White flame heavenly horse and said with a frown.

The snow in her mouth, was the name of that White flame heavenly horse!

Long Xueyi immediately used her Heaven tour method to probe. Because there was a raging fire here, her mind was affected, but she could still see who was coming over.

"From their clothes, they should be the and the older generation experts. They seemed to be coming for you!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with a cold light, he said to Wu Qianqian: "Qianqian, you go first, the speed of this White flame heavenly horse should be very fast, I'm not afraid of them catching up."

Wu Qianqian nodded his head: "It is indeed fast, very few people can catch up to her. She is a friend that I made a long time ago, we came here together to cultivate, but she is a little mischievous and likes to run around."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Old Pig Dao and the others are capturing White flame heavenly horse, because it can be exchanged for Spar, all their work is in vain now."

"Let's go together, those people are most likely coming for you." Of course, Wu Qianqian was very clear about what had happened to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang shook his head, walked over and kissed her vermilion lips, then said: "I'm here to undergo the Second Nirvana tribulation. These fellows are here to seek death, how can I let them return alive?"

The moment Wu Qianqian kissed Wu Qianqian on her red lips, her face immediately turned very red. She sighed lightly, and said with a face full of worry: "Then you must be careful, these people aren't weak … And you are also undergoing the second tribulation of Nirvana, which is very dangerous. "

Chen Xiang touched her burning cheeks and earlobes, laughed: "It's okay, believe me!"

Wu Qianqian nodded, stood on his tiptoes and also kissed Chen Xiang on the cheek.

"Fragrant and tender, gentle and beautiful. This kind of woman is the most delicious!" Long Xueyi muttered: "I want to eat …"

"You evil and greedy Little Naughty Dragon, stop thinking too much. Go and figure out the strength of those few fellows!"

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