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The Earth's Core Fire Realm was divided into many levels, each level was arranged according to the color of the Fire Soul, and were red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple!

Amongst the Fire Soul, the purple Fire Soul represented the best Fire Soul, but the Tianyang fire soul and Earthly fire soul that Chen Xiang had previously obtained both surpa.s.sed the purple Fire Soul, so they didn't have any special colors. Even his current Heaven fire soul was only the color of ordinary flames.

He wanted to see what sort of region underneath the purple fire domain was and what sort of flames there were!

Within the purple Fire Soul, a sea of purple flames spewed out fire from the depths of the blazing fire energy. The flames of the entire Earth's Core Fire Realm were all three thousand meters high, and the sky was the hottest place. No one dared to casually fly above the fire domain.

"White flames?" Chen Xiang flew for two days before pa.s.sing through the purple flame region and arriving at an area covered in white flames.

At this point, his entire body felt a burning pain, his body combined with the Heaven fire soul, the only way to make it here was to come here. If it was anyone else, they would have probably died halfway, but he still had to continue forward!

Within the vast expanse of white colored fire domain, Chen Xiang could not feel any signs of life, and he also did not see any of the legendary spirit medicines or precious stones, nor did he see any powerful fire-attributed demon beasts.

He had only walked for half a day in the white fire domain, and was already at the limit of what he could endure. His entire body was in extreme pain and heat, unless he used profoundwu diamond armour s to enter, which meant nothing to him.

"Just stay here. With me here, you can relax and cultivate." Long Xueyi laughed. She also wanted to go out for a stroll now, so she was naturally not afraid of the flames here.

Chen Xiang had set up an array which could hide in one place and form an illusion array. However, it was not a simple matter to set up an array formation in this white fire domain.

After laying down the array, Chen Xiang took out the super Iron bone Dan, and the golden light it emitted made the white flames here much weaker.

"The fire energy here is really good. I wonder if it can be used to strengthen my Fire Soul and make it stronger?" Chen Xiang thought as he ate the Iron bone Dan.

An entire Iron bone Dan burst out from his abdomen, gushing out a large amount of bizarre energy that drilled into his bones and then gushed out from them, strengthening his muscles, blood, and meridians!

If one were to cut open Chen Xiang's body, one would be able to see that his blood, muscles, and bones were all gold!

He activated the body tempering sacred art, the profoundwu physical exercise, and used the Fire G.o.d method and the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu as support. This way, he could completely unleash the power of this super Iron bone Dan and temper his body even more appropriately.

After the profoundwu physical exercise was activated, the medicinal power surged into his limbs and bones, a stronger medicinal power shot straight into his spirit, at the same time tempering his soul!

At this moment, his entire body was shining with a golden light, as if he was a holy king. His entire body circulated with a golden light, causing the white flames in the surroundings to lose their l.u.s.ter.

The reason he chose to eat the Iron bone Dan here was to make use of the flames here to achieve an even more ideal goal. He circulated the Fire G.o.d method, absorbed the intense white flames, and entered his body.

Right now, his hair had been tempered to an incomparably tough state, and when he used this terrifying white flame on his body, it brought him a great deal of pain!

"My Bone soul has changed!" Chen Xiang was suddenly shocked, he had been cultivating for ten days now and the mysterious Bone soul hidden in the bones suddenly released a strange white light that was nourishing all the bones in his body.

Only when one's physical body is strong enough will Bone soul be born, and Chen Xiang's Bone soul was obtained when fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood!

"Your bones have given birth to another Bone soul, now the two Bone soul are fusing together, this is too shocking, it's unbelievable. If you succeed in fusing them, what would happen?" Long Xueyi said in shock.

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang let out a wild roar, and his body immediately spewed out a burst of flames.

"Your Fire Dragon kungfu soul is finally about to evolve. If you aren't very strong, you normally won't be able to use your martial spirit as you wish. You need to cultivate your martial spirit to a certain degree before it can display its full power!" Su Meiyao said.

"Looks like he's going to have his Immortal Devil Body broken through. If he broke through, then he could cultivate in the Sacred Body. Legend has it that no one has ever been able to reach that level!" Bai Youyou said.

Large success of Immortal Devil Body! And Chen Xiang was just a Nirvana Stage, it was hard to imagine. He could probably shake a Nirvana Realm warrior with his bare flesh, plus that terrifying Innate Qi, his strength was unimaginable!

The twin Bone soul s could not exist together, and had to fuse together. However, the fusion process made Chen Xiang feel as if all the bones in his body were going to split, and he was in so much pain that he wished he were dead!


Chen Xiang's body suddenly spewed out a gold light, bringing about a very terrifying Qi, which completely destroyed the array he had set up, causing the clothes on his body to be destroyed, and his robust body to continuously spew out blood, his muscles tensed up, and was already cracking.

Just when he felt that he could not take it anymore, a refreshing fragrance suddenly came over. The fragrance of the virgin was intoxicating for Chen Xiang, as if there was some strange power that caused him less pain, and it became quiet!

Her jade face that was breathtakingly beautiful was filled with worry. She saw that Chen Xiang was powerless and fell down, flying over gently like smoke.

Chen Xiang only felt that he was lying in a embrace that was as gentle as water, which made him feel extremely comfortable. He forcefully opened his eyes, and saw a familiar, yet somewhat unfamiliar, beautiful face!

This woman was actually the number one beauty of Super Martial School, Wu Qianqian! Although her clothes were simple and unadorned, her elegant and refined temperament made people feel that she did not seem like someone from the mortal realm. Her delicate and refined face carried a trace of mature charm, and at this moment, her eyebrows were slightly knitted.

"Qianqian!" Chen Xiang powerlessly shouted in alarm. He did not expect Wu Qianqian to actually appear here, the Wu Qianqian in front of him was indeed the he recognized. However, she had changed a lot. Although she was simple, she had an invisible n.o.ble aura around her that gave off the aura of an empress!

"Hold on!" Wu Qianqian could tell that Chen Xiang was using some extreme methods to cultivate. She was not afraid of Chen Xiang's blood dirtying her, and just let Chen Xiang lie in her arms.

Back then, it was Chen Xiang who helped her fuse with the Blue Star Fire Soul, allowing her to step onto a road of strong people. She never thought that this kind of thing would actually turn the tables on her, but she didn't think that she was helping Chen Xiang.

Wu Qianqian had changed a lot, she was as gentle as water and her entire body was releasing a strange and gentle fragrance, as though it could melt a person. She gently hugged Chen Xiang and a layer of silver white mist shrouded her hand as she gently caressed the cracks on Chen Xiang's body.

"This woman …" "Just what kind of fortuitous encounters did you have to be able to emit that kind of strange body fragrance and release this kind of energy from the living dead?!" Su Meiyao was extremely shocked.

"Chen Xiang's body is very strong, it is definitely not something that can be repaired with ordinary spirit medicines, but she can just lightly touch it!" Bai Youyou exclaimed.

Chen Xiang, who was originally in incomparable pain, now felt very comfortable, but it didn't last for long as the pain and comfort accompanied him at the same time, causing his body to gradually become stronger as well.

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