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Jing Xingliang and Mu Jialan, the heavenly daughter of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, were together. Beside them were a few disciples from influential forces, who looked to be quite strong, with a total of ten people.

However, Yun Xiaodao and the others did not seem to be afraid at all.

"d.a.m.n fatty, you were the first to insult me, don't blame me for being impolite!" Jing Xingliang was filled with anger, no one had ever called him a white-faced monkey before, but what made him unbearable was that this fatty with a cheap mouth actually suspected that he was gay!

Seeing that Jing Xingliang was going to go berserk, Zhu Rong quickly kept his mouth shut and calmly retreated a few steps, hiding behind Xiao Chou and the others. One of them was Great Strength Race while the other one was a Kylin thunder eagle, both of them were very strong.

"White Faced Monkey, it was you who provoked us so many times! If you didn't stop us, we would have caught that White flame heavenly horse long ago. You caused us to lose hundreds of billions of yuan, no matter how many times you sold your chrysanthemums, they wouldn't be able to afford it!" Yun Xiaodao said angrily.

Chen Xiang was using the Heaven tour method to watch, and when he heard the conversation between Zhu Rong and himself, he nearly fell flat on his face.

"These two things are probably trying to anger Peach Blossom Prince to death!" Chen Xiang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Jing Xingliang was so angry that her whole body was trembling, her white jade-like handsome face, her muscles twitching, her eyes looked like they could shoot out two fire dragons at any time, extremely terrifying.

Just as Jing Xingliang was about to attack, two black figures suddenly flashed out, a young man and a young woman suddenly appeared.

Chen Xiang recognized one of the men. It was the son of the Qin family, Tian Zi. He had fought with the White Sea Prince before, and his name was Qin Meng.

The girl beside Qin Meng should be the Heavenly Daughter of the Qin Clan. Her name was Qin Yao. Not only did she possess a peerless beauty, she also had extraordinary strength.

Then, another lady dressed in a white dress slowly flew over. It was Ji Meixian!

Just as Ji Meixian arrived, followed by the Feng Clan's Heavenly Girl, Feng Yuhe!

Feng Yuhe wore a long ponytail, dressed in a luxurious blue dress, giving off a n.o.ble aura, but her entire person looked extremely cold, as though she was thousands of miles away.

Four Heavenly Daughters, two Heavenly Sons! This was the Heavenly Maiden of the two great Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and two great saints in the south, representing the strongest younger generation.

The girls did not try to hide their appearances at the moment. Each of them had their own unique characteristics and different temperaments. All of them had the same thing in common, that they were all very beautiful and powerful!

Ji Meixian naturally knew that Chen Xiang was rushing over. Her spirit sense was very sharp, especially towards Chen Xiang.

The relationship between these heavenly women was quite good, but the Son of Heaven and the Son of Heaven often fought each other. At this time, they were only here to watch a show.

Xv Weilong's slanted eyes swept across the group of people in front of him and coldly said: "Are all of you going to attack together?"

"You guys think too highly of yourselves. I can handle you all by myself!" Peach Blossom Prince's killing intent surged, he took out a long sword and fiercely thrusted at Yun Xiaodao.

Just then, everyone felt as if a dragon suddenly flew over. The exuberant blood aura, terrifying Dragon Power, and boiling hot air made everyone feel like it was a fire dragon.

The one that came wasn't a dragon, but was close enough, it was Chen Xiang who cultivated the top Dragon extinction, the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu that he could unleash a strong Dragon Power!

Chen Xiang jumped from the distance and stood in front of Yun Xiaodao, using two fingers to pinch his sword.

"You're thinking too highly of yourself, you reckless white monkey!" Chen Xiang laughed, and Dragon Power appeared from the tip of his finger, breaking the sword that was of good quality.

The four heavenly women and the two heavenly sons were suddenly moved. They instinctively took a few steps back, because they could sense that the person in front of them was very dangerous.

"Chen Xiang!" Mu Jialan screamed.

"Smelly brat, we've let you show off. We've painstakingly brewed for so long, and we've angered that white-faced monkey. What did you do at such a crucial time?" Zhu Rong slapped Chen Xiang's head and said unhappily.

Chen Xiang laughed and then looked at the four heavenly women. "These heavenly girls are not bad, they are barely able to be my female slaves, you better not have any designs on them!"

The four heavenly girls were immediately furious and embarra.s.sed. Chen Xiang actually dared to publicly humiliate them, these aloof and elegant heavenly girls.

"Insulting our Qin family's heavenly daughter, you are courting death. Take this!" Qin Meng struck out with his palm, but Chen Xiang dodged.

"I'll leave these guys to you. I'm going to transcend the Tribulation!" Chen Xiang threw down those words, and disappeared in a flash.

"Son of a b * tch. It's one thing to steal our limelight, but at least we have to s.n.a.t.c.h it to the end. Let's just kill this annoying white-faced monkey and leave!" Zhu Rong took out a huge mace and smashed it towards Jing Xingliang.

When Xiao Chou saw the four heavenly girls, anger filled his face, and he muttered in a low voice: "Master, this guy, he did it on purpose, this time the matter is blown up!"

Qin Meng had originally wanted to chase after Chen Xiang, but because Chen Xiang wanted to undergo tribulation, he didn't dare go.

"Yuhe, aren't you going to kill that brat? Didn't you suffer a great loss at the hands of his sister? " Ji Meixian said. Being chased away by Leng Youlan, she felt that this was the only humiliation in her life. But now that Chen Xiang wanted to take her in as a female slave, she saw it as one of the most shameful things!

"I'll get my revenge sooner or later. This guy has a woman like Xue Xianxian, but he's still so dishonest. Men are indeed not good people. If there's a chance, I'll definitely teach him a lesson!" After Feng Yuhe finished speaking, he left with a belly full of anger.

Mu Jialan sighed. She had always been good to Chen Xiang previously, but she never thought that Chen Xiang would actually want to take her as his female slave. On the other hand, Ji Meixian was open-minded, because this was not the first time she knew that Chen Xiang had this thought.

Yun Xiaodao and the others were very strong, so strong that they surpa.s.sed the expectations of the Heavenly Sons. Furthermore, these few people did not even know how to write the word "shameless". The six of them attacked together, and their moves were extremely sinister. Their six hands specially picked out vital spots to strike, piercing their eyes, scratching their kidneys, stealing peaches from monkeys... They only lasted an instant, and Jing Xingliang was already sent flying on the spot, spitting a few mouthfuls of blood.

After sending Jing Xingliang flying, they ran off without looking back, which made everyone start cursing. Of course, they were chasing after the White flame heavenly horse.

This White flame heavenly horse had a white, and hundreds of billions of Spar were rare. If they were to be auctioned off, it would be the business of hundreds of billions of Spar.

Chen Xiang ran very fast, and soon after, he entered the Earth's Core Fire Realm. Along the way, he released his divine sense and gathered the conversation of the people in the forest, only then did he find out about the Earth's Core Fire Realm.

"White flame heavenly horse, a demonic beast that possesses a strange white Fire Soul. No wonder Xiao Dao and the rest are chasing after it with all their might!" Chen Xiang knew that the horse was very precious, but he needed to make a breakthrough first, because after the Heaven Earth Killing Method appeared, it led to many other powerful ancient powers, with even more powerful warriors.

Chen Xiang entered the Earth's Core Fire Realm, and this was a sea of flames. A large piece of land was burning with a raging inferno, and deep down, the color of the flames would be different.

He released the Suzaku fire wing, and flew inside for three days. Only then, in the area of green flames, he estimated that the layer below him was blue fire, and then purple fire!

Two days later, he confirmed his guess and indeed, he had come to the area of Purple Flame. This place was quite far from Pill City and was a place where very few people could enter.

"The purple fire domain is truly fierce. Even I can feel the pressure. I wonder just what level is down there?" Chen Xiang continued to fly.

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