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Chen Xiang had already hidden himself to concoct pills for more than half a year now, but the ancient powers were still searching for his traces. Now that the Earth's Core Fire Realm had appeared, a large group of experts once again appeared in Pill City.

The reason Earth's Core Fire Realm appeared was because the heat in the center of the earth had already exceeded its limit, and burst out with an intense flame from the center of the earth. The area that it covered was around the size of several Continent of the King s.

Those City Lord who had noticed that something was amiss had already moved their cities and avoided the calamity before the Fire Domain had formed. However, there were still many cities that failed to escape, turning into ashes in the sea of fire.

Earth's Core Fire Realm was a very dangerous place, but there were countless gems inside, all erupting from the earth's core. These gems could not melt in the scorching heat of the earth, which showed just how strong the heat resistance was.

Furthermore, there were rumours that some fire-attribute medicinal herbs would erupt from below the earth's core!

Medicinal ingredients that could survive in the earth's core, no matter what, were all very precious, especially for those who cultivated the fire attribute.

Other than this, there were also many other rare fire beasts that rushed towards the forests near the Earth's Core Fire Realm. They absorbed the fire energy that the Earth's Core Fire Realm spewed out, using it for cultivation.

The more powerful demon beasts entered the Earth's Core Fire Realm. It was said that there were a lot of fire type demon beasts that specialized in controlling flames.

Chen Xiang was also near the forest. In the past half year, he had been focused on concocting pills, but he could still feel the changes outside. Fortunately, he was not very close to the Earth's Core Fire Realm, otherwise, he would have turned this place into a sea of fire.

Long Xueyi was in charge of lookout. After she discovered that something was amiss, she used her Heaven tour method to fly even further away and investigate. She immediately determined that it was caused by the core of the earth, but it did not affect Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had already refined over a thousand sets of Iron bone Dan's medicine together. With such a large number of Medicine aura being compressed by his powerful mana, it formed into a small ball of mist, causing the Yanlong furnace to constantly tremble. At the same time, he was consuming more and more Innate Qi, because he had to release even more powerful flames to maintain the temperature necessary to condense the pill.

At this time, the quality of the Medicine aura in the furnace was very high. If Chen Xiang did not have the support of his mana, he would not be able to suppress this vast wave of Medicine aura.

If he did not have to, he did not want to use this method of pill refinement anymore, because it was simply too strenuous. If not for him consuming a large amount of medicinal pellets every day to recover his Innate Qi and Fa Li, he would not have been able to hold on for this long.

However, there were still some effects, especially for the high and scary quality. Although he had not succeeded in condensing the pill yet, the Medicine aura in the pill furnace made him excited.

The mountain forest that Chen Xiang was in was also very strange. Although they were near the Earth's Core Fire Realm, the trees here did not die from the heat. Instead, they released a cool energy that enveloped the entire mountain forest.

Therefore, it was the best place for many of the demonic beasts to live. These demonic beasts all had their own special methods, which was to absorb the anger of the Earth's Core Fire Realm outside the forest.

Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou, Teng Ying, Xv Weilong, Zhu Rong and Lian Mingdong. The six of them were also searching for the strange beast in the forest.

They were not the only ones who were looking for the beast, many of them were, especially Yun Xiaodao and the rest, if they did not have enough Spar s, they would have to walk on foot to return to the Super Martial School.

Inside the cave, Chen Xiang had already reached the final stage of condensing the core!

"At the last moment, you have to hold on!" Su Meiyao saw that Chen Xiang's face was covered in perspiration, his face was pale as he shouted anxiously.

It was not easy to successfully condense a super Iron bone Dan. At this time, all of the Innate Qi in Chen Xiang's body was being drained, and the Heaven fire that was formed from the converging Genuine qi of five elements could only barely hold on.

Fortunately, he cultivated the divine way and had that bizarre Fa Li. It was extremely effective in suppressing those ferocious Medicine aura.

The trembling pill furnace weighed tens of thousands of pounds at the moment. The super Iron bone Dan was made from thousands of medicinal ingredients and they were all squeezed together to form a pressure.

Chen Xiang's furnace was not an ordinary furnace, it was a Yanlong furnace, a Holy level Dragon Tool, otherwise, it would not be able to withstand such pressure.

The entire small mountain started to shake following the pill furnace, and Chen Xiang was getting closer and closer to successfully condensing the pill!

After an hour, the mountain where Chen Xiang was at became quiet. The Yanlong furnace was shining with a red light, like a red gem, and when Chen Xiang was refining this super Iron bone Dan, he used the power of the Yanlong furnace, causing it to return to its original state.

He opened the lid and golden light gushed out in all directions. It was as if he was holding a miniature golden sun in his hand.

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang's eyes were stung by the super Iron bone Dan's light.

The golden light this Iron bone Dan was emitting made Chen Xiang feel a slight change in his body.

"It's not as heavy as I imagined, it's about the same weight as an ordinary pill, but its quality is just too high, it's already at the Heaven level Pill stage!" Chen Xiang found it hard to imagine that he would actually be able to successfully refine such an unusual Heaven level Pellet.

"There have been a lot of pa.s.sersby these days. Something big seems to have happened outside." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang needed a lot of time to digest this super Iron bone Dan, he did not want to be disturbed. Right when he was about to lay down a few more array formations, Su Meiyao said: "We might as well go outside and cultivate in the sea of fire!"

Long Xueyi nodded his head, "That's right, that place is the result of the eruption of the earth's core, even some of the old fellows would not be able to reach that place!"

Chen Xiang spent a day to adjust his condition, and then left the cave. The moment he released his spiritual sense, he could feel the direction of the Earth's Core Fire Realm.

After that, he madly rushed over, not even trying to conceal his appearance.

"Hmm? These auras are very familiar! " Chen Xiang was startled, he then used his Heaven tour method and flew towards the Qi.

"It's Xiao Dao and the rest. They're finally here!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I didn't think that I would get into a fight with the Peach Blossom Prince."

Yun Xiaodao and the others were looking for the strange beast, while Peach Blossom Prince and the rest were here, they could not avoid running into it, since they were all from the strong younger generation.

"Go and greet them. First break through, then fight with the Heavenly Sons." Su Meiyao said.

"Why is it you again, Peach Blossom White Faced Monkey? You really are like a woman, pestering us all day long, are you done yet?" We have no interest in men, and our scholars are much more innocent than you are. " Zhu Rong patted Lian Mingdong's shoulder. He was unhappy, because when they were chasing the strange beast, they were suddenly stopped by Peach Blossom Prince.

Lian Mingdong glared at Zhu Rong fiercely, but that Peach Blossom Prince was even angrier. Especially after knowing that this group of people were all Chen Xiang's friends, he couldn't help but want to kill them all and lure Chen Xiang out.

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