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Refining multiple sets of medicinal ingredients required a very strong consciousness to suppress the Medicine aura, because at that time, there would be a lot of Medicine aura!

After twenty portions of the Iron bone Dan's medicinal ingredients were refined and merged by him, he would have to continuously heat them up with flames, maintaining them in an active state and preventing them from solidifying. Then, he would continue to add another twenty portions of medicinal ingredients and refine the twenty portions once more, fusing them with the Medicine aura he had refined before and compressing them so that the quality of those Medicine aura would become even higher.

In the past, Chen Xiang would only take a very short time to refine pills, but now, he needed a very long time. He estimated that it would take at least half a year, because when the later stages of the Medicine aura get compressed to a certain degree, it would take a long time to be suppressed.

----- In a desert in the southern region of Human Realm, a few men were walking on the hot sand with slow steps.

"I never thought that Lian Mingdong's father would actually be the Lotus Island's Island Master. Now that he has been taken back, it means that he is the young master of the Lotus Island!" Zhu Rong sweated the most, but a fatty like him was not only sweating, he was also sweating.

Zhu Rong sighed, "This guy is asking for a beating. I always thought he was a pitiful, poor Elementary Scholar, but who knew he was such a little tyc.o.o.n. If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have given him that much of a discount."

Yun Xiaodao looked at the scorching sun in the sky: "d.a.m.n Fatty, it's all your fault for buying that lousy map, look at where you've brought us to, we're all about to die from the heat!"

Yun Xiaodao took off the clothes on his upper body, revealing his tanned and strong muscles.

Xv Weilong stayed silent throughout the journey. He only glared coldly at Zhu Rong.

Yun Xiaodao, Xv Weilong, and Zhu Rong, under Huang Jintian's guidance and help, had already reached Nirvana Realm. They were currently heading towards the old Continent of the King, but because the ancient Transmission array was too expensive, they couldn't bear to leave it, so they walked towards it.

Other than the three of them, there was also Chen Xiang's disciple Xiao Chou, as well as the archaic that was guided by Chen Xiang to join the Super Martial School.

Xiao Chou was still a bald youth, naked, with a dead blade of gra.s.s in his mouth.

Teng Ying was an Archaic Descendant, and after transforming, he would become a handsome young man. Right now, even he was unable to endure this kind of terrifying heat.

"I say, Teng Ying, don't wear that armor, it's even hot when I look at it!" Zhu Rong muttered. He was wearing a full set of blue armor, which was unbearable to look at.

"d.a.m.n fatty, what does it have to do with you?" It's all your fault? "You miser, if not for buying an outdated map and making us work so hard!" Yun Xiaodao rolled his eyes at him.

"Little Yun, you can't blame me for this. You can only blame that stingy Leader for letting us walk to Pill City. He hasn't even paid us a single fare." Zhu Rong clenched his teeth and said.

Xiao Chou looked at Teng Ying and laughed: "Bald Eagle, can you transform into your original body so that we can ride you to the other side?

Teng Ying rolled his eyes: "Didn't this old lunatic say that I can't go back to my original body? If I get discovered, it will be troublesome.

The Kylin thunder eagle was indeed a treasure all over, and Zhu Rong kept thinking about the scales on his body.

"Now your life is in danger, if you become a Kylin thunder eagle, you will be able to fly out very quickly, and when the time comes, you can just change back. In this kind of desolate place, there won't be many strong warriors." also advised. Thinking about how cool it would be to be able to ride on an Primordial Beast.

Teng Ying had already gotten familiar with these guys long ago, and it was not the first time Yun Xiaodao and the others had intentions to get close with him.

"d.a.m.n fatty, don't even think about it. You're the one who led the way, and this is all your fault!" Teng Ying snorted.

In the endless hot desert, the scorching sun emitted waves of terrifying heat, making the entire desert feel like a huge steamer, steaming hot.

"There's something strange about this desert. We are at the Nirvana Realm after all, yet it's so hot that it looks like a dog!" Xv Weilong grabbed a handful of silt and stared at the sand in his palms.

"Oblique Dragon, you've said this dozens of times. Those with no brains can tell that there's something strange in this desert. You don't need to remind me." Zhu Rong used his leg to stir up some sand, sighing helplessly.

Teng Ying thought for a moment, then said: "I thought of one possibility, that is that there is a very powerful flame energy below, maybe the legendary Earth Core is releasing heat!"

Zhu Rong clapped his hands and said, "That's right, it's very likely that it was formed very recently. We have already traveled here for more than a month, and should be able to pa.s.s by soon.

Teng Ying's face suddenly became ugly: If the earth's core is unstable, then maybe even more heat will come out from this place. The earth's core is said to be a place where the fire dragons can burn.

Yun Xiaodao shouted loudly, "If we don't hurry up and leave, won't we be in danger?"

"Bald Eagle, what are you waiting for? Quick, transform!" Xiao Chou shouted.

"This place is very close to Pill City, Dan Fragrance Pure Land is still very powerful here, you don't have to worry about being captured." Zhu Rong also urged her: "Hurry up and transform!"

It changed as soon as he said it, and Teng Ying's body erupted with a blue light, which stirred up a berserk aura. All the people around him were blown away, and immediately, sand swirled, and a sandstorm arose.

Then, a Qilin appeared. It had deep blue scales all over its body, and its body was as large as an elephant. It had a pair of blue steel wings.

Blue flames gushed out from the surface of his body, but there was no heat. He flapped his powerful steel wings and roared!

"Hurry up and come up!" Teng Ying sent a few sound transmissions to Yun Xiaodao and the others.

Teng Ying's sudden transformation had made Yun Xiaodao and the rest eat a lot of sand, but they did not say much as the four of them jumped onto Teng Ying's back.

Teng Ying flapped his wings, flying high up in the sky, using his fastest speed to fly forward.

"If it was like this a long time ago, we would have arrived at Dan City a long time ago. This is f * cking great. If I had such an Archaic strange beast as my mount, hehe …" Zhu Rong said smilingly as he blew the cool breeze in the air.

Teng Ying roared, expressing his dissatisfaction.

"My poor black hawk has died somewhere." When he had just entered the Super Martial School, he had already caught a black hawk.

It only took them two days to fly out of the desert, and now they were shuttling through a beautiful forest.

Just as they were bathing in it, a scorching hot storm suddenly attacked. As the wind blew through the forest, the entire forest was dried up and then set ablaze.

"d.a.m.n it, what bad luck!" Yun Xiaodao jumped out from the pond. Without wearing any clothes, he started to run frantically.

Everyone else was the same. If they didn't leave now, they would be burned by that terrifying heat.

They ran frantically for more than ten days before finally arriving at a relatively safe place. At this moment, they saw a group of people flying towards them.

"Stop, I have something to ask you!" A handsome man shouted to Yun Xiaodao and the others coldly, this man was the son of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, Jing Xingliang.

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