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"How many sets of Iron bone Dan's medicinal herbs are there now?" In these past few days, Chen Xiang had condensed quite a few creation divine liquid.

"One hundred and fifty, but it's still not enough, because you might fail, so it's best if you eat the remaining half of his Hunyuan Dan." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was helpless, when he was cultivating, he had to cultivate his flesh and blood, but right now his Luotian Gate was still in the process of self-recovery and could not be used, if not the effect would be better.

Now that the Demon and Devil Realms had fused with it, the temperature of the earth's core was even higher. He reckoned that even if there was a profoundwu diamond armour, it would be impossible to easily enter the earth's core.

Chen Xiang was currently wrapped in a ball of mist. After eating the other half of the Hunyuan Dan, he quickly entered into a state of cultivation.

After half a month, even though he had already refined an entire Hunyuan Dan, he was still a distance away from breaking through. Even so, he was still extremely shocked by the Hunyuan Dan.

"With another Hunyuan Dan, I will be able to endure the second Nirvana Tribulation." Chen Xiang was currently in a very good state, full of energy.

"This won't do. If you don't cultivate your body, you might be in danger from your tribulation." Su Meiyao said in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang took out two sets of Iron bone Dan's medicinal herbs. He wanted to refine these two ingredients into a highly compressed Iron bone Dan so that he could improve its quality.

Many Alchemist s would rarely do this, because they did not have enough medicinal ingredients to try. Furthermore, doing so would easily fail, but Chen Xiang was different.

"Try two of them first. If you think you can, try ten more, then a hundred!" Su Meiyao said.

This Iron bone Dan could be considered relatively easy. It didn't need to have two Foreseeing Alchemy s, if he wanted to refine a hundred sets of medicinal ingredients at the same time, he only needed enough flames and consciousness. With the help of his Fa Li, it would be even easier.

However, it was still difficult for him to refine them like this, but he was also preparing to refine a high grade Ground level pellet in the future.

"With your current body, even immortals can't compare to you. I feel that a hundred batches of refined medicinal herbs will never satisfy you. At the very least, a thousand batches!" Su Meiyao's words gave Chen Xiang a big shock.

A thousand sets of medicinal herbs? How long would that take? And would it succeed?

If he wanted to raise the level of the Iron bone Dan, he could only do so. After all, he didn't have a better method to temper his body faster and could only rely on pills, and Iron bone Dan was also the best choice.

"Without wasting any Medicine aura s' time, condense a thousand sets of medicinal ingredients into a single pellet. The quality of the pellets here must be very high, it should be of high quality in the Heaven level!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was a little excited: "That means, I can refine the Heaven level Pill now?"

"The fact that you are able to reach that level does not mean that you are able to refine Heaven level Medicinal Herbs into Heaven level Pills. You only have a large number of Ground level medicinal ingredients to refine Heaven level Pills. So you still can't be considered a Dan King who can refine a Heaven level. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang threw two sets of Iron bone Dan s' medicinal herbs into the pill refining furnace and began his plan.

Refining Iron bone Dan was already not a difficult task for him. Right now, he had already grasped the dual layered Foreseeing Alchemy, and it was more than enough to deal with this kind of first layer Foreseeing Alchemy. He could even successfully refine shabby looking medicinal ingredients, not to mention the perfect set of medicinal ingredients at this moment.

The quality was really high. Normally, he could refine five or six pellets, but this Iron bone Dan really did fuse together into five or six pellets. After being compressed, the quality was also several times higher.

If a thousand sets of medicinal ingredients were to be compressed and fused together, the quality would not only increase by a thousand times, but even more, because the quality would become even higher after being compressed. Su Meiyao estimated that it would be at least ten thousand times better!

Chen Xiang directly swallowed the pellet, although the quality was high, it was completely useless against his bottomless pit body.

Chen Xiang's body was like a pond. If a small stone was thrown into the pond, it would at most cause ripples in the water and quickly disappear. Therefore, normal Iron bone Dan were of no use to him.

"How many sets of Iron bone Dan's medicinal ingredients are there now?" Chen Xiang threw ten sets of ingredients into the furnace, and this time he tried ten sets.

"Three hundred portions. If you feel that you can control a thousand portions of medicinal herbs, after you finish refining this furnace, you can begin refining the creation divine liquid."

Su Meiyao was currently processing the herbs with Bai Youyou, so they did not let Long Xueyi join in. This little gluttonous dragon's mouth was very dishonest, even though the Iron bone Dan's herbs were not tasty, and were not of any use to her, it was very difficult for her to control her mouth.

Chen Xiang right now, just by concocting these ten batches of ingredients, he would need to roughly determine how he would control a thousand batches of ingredients. He had already grasped the second stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, so it wasn't difficult for him to deduce right now.

If Chen Xiang didn't have a solid foundation, he wouldn't dare have such a plan in his current state.

After five hours, Chen Xiang had succeeded in refining the pellet in one go. The quality of the pellet was already close to that of a Superior Grade Ground level pellet!

"How is it?" Su Meiyao asked. Seeing Chen Xiang's head full of men, she was a little worried.

Chen Xiang sighed, and said: "It's not bad, but I have to use up a lot of my spiritual sense. It seems that I need to consume some medicinal pills to replenish my energy during the refining process!"

"There are still about twenty or so G.o.d-refining Dan left. That should be enough for you to use to recover! As for the Innate Qi, the Five Elements Profound Dan should not have any problems. " Su Meiyao said.

G.o.d-refining Dan cultivates the soul, mainly to strengthen the soul. If a large amount of spirit power and consciousness is consumed, it will cause the soul to become sluggish. After using the G.o.d-refining Dan s and allowing the soul to recover, one can once again use spirit power and spirit power!

"Then I will begin condensing the creation divine liquid!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes, took a deep breath and activated the Dragon cohesion kungfu.

The creation divine liquid only needed to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, cooperate with the Heaven fire in his body and refine the Green dragon genuine qi. Using a profound method to fuse the three powers, it would be able to produce the creation divine liquid.

Right now, he did not need to do anything else. He only needed to concentrate on refining the creation divine liquid, and only used five days to condense a large amount of Iron bone Dan s.

"You should know how to refine a thousand sets of medicinal herbs, right?" The last time she borrowed Chen Xiang's body, and fused the Magical corruption gas and G.o.d-eclipse powder together, refining them for a very long time.

"I know, adding medicinal herbs at different times, I feel that I can add twenty of them at a time." Chen Xiang had already come up with a set of plans.

After finishing all the preparations, he put twenty sets of ingredients into the furnace. There was a universe within the Yanlong furnace and there was a lot of s.p.a.ce within it.

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