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Right now, not only were there ten more Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, there were more than ten more of them. In the north, south, south, west, and north, these five sects were all occupied by the strong ancient powers. The original overlords of these places were now even more depressed, because many good places or small sects in this new world were all occupied by these ancient powers.

These ancient powers had all been inherited from the Tenth Heaven, but they had always been hidden in the profound Realm, so many people did not know much about them.

However, this was a good thing for many warriors as these ancient powers were taking in disciples. Furthermore, when the Devil Realm and the other ancient powers attacked, these powerful ancient powers would not be annihilated.

Pill City had become even bigger now. Many ancient powers had sent out their Dan King s to join them. This way, they could open their own pill shop in Pill City.

Chen Martial Continent, Super Martial profound Realm, Huang Jintian had been guiding a few elders on their cultivation every day after he came out, and would occasionally teach at the Super Martial School's plaza. In order to make the Super Martial School's overall strength stronger, Huang Jintian continuously used the Heaven extended method to allow many elders to cross the Nirvana Doom.

"Master Ancestor, our Chen Martial Continent does not have any ancient powers. Furthermore, this place is near the Devil Realm and the Demon Realm, it should be under constant attack." Gu Dongchen sighed.

Huang Jintian laughed: "a lad, you are from the Ancient Spirit Clan, your Ancient Spirit Clan is much older than those Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, now they should have also released their seals!"

Gu Dongchen chuckled, "Master Ancestor must also be a member of one of the ancient powers."

"Sigh, that brat, Chen Xiang, made such a big fuss in Pill City, but he still didn't come back and tell us about it. Huang Jintian stroked his beard, his face filled with displeasure.

Seeing Huang Jintian's expression, Gu Dongchen had already seen how Chen Xiang looked like when he was lectured after he returned.

"Martial Ancestor, what method did you use?" He actually killed more than a hundred experts from ancient powers. If those powers were to find out, our Super Martial School will be in trouble. " Gu Dongchen was very suspicious about this.

"I don't know either. Even if I had come here in secret, it would have been very difficult for me to not have been discovered by others. Moreover, over a hundred people were killed in one night." I don't know either, even if I came here in secret, it would be difficult to not have been discovered by others. Huang Jintian frowned, and shook his head.

"However, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d really deserves a beating. He even dares to take something like the Heaven Earth Killing Method! When he comes back, I want to beat him up. "

Chen Xiang had cheated quite a few of his Spar, causing him to always bear a grudge against him. However, he would be cheated even more in the future, because the pills in Chen Xiang's hands were of a higher grade than before.

"That's true, at that time he did not know how powerful the Heaven Earth Killing Method was, but now he knows how terrifying that thing is!" After Gu Dongchen returned to the Ancient Spirit Race, he found out many things, including information about the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"Rough and Random profound Land, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is buried inside. It looks like it won't be long before the two demon and demon regions join hands and attack Rough and Random profound Land once again!" Huang Jintian's face became serious: But if I can learn the Heaven Earth Killing Method, then I can easily enter!

Gu Dongchen nodded his head: "The Heaven Earth Killing Method, is the map to the Tomb of the Great Emperor.

"But I don't want that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Chen Xiang to go in, even if he can learn Heaven Earth Killing Method, it's still very dangerous to go in. Who knows what kind of changes have occurred after so many years?" Huang Jintian shook his head.

Chen Xiang who was still cultivating did not know that the most tempting thing about the Heaven Earth Killing Method was that he could enter the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb!

Duan Sanchang naturally knew about this matter. He didn't tell Chen Xiang because he didn't want Chen Xiang to take the risk. The people from the Duan Clan had all suffered greatly inside, and he felt that the Heaven Earth Killing Method was unreliable.

Ji Meixian also knew that she was concealing this matter because she was worried that Chen Xiang would grab her undergarment when he was inside and use it to threaten her later. In her plans, she had to wait for him to become stronger before she could drag Chen Xiang inside to get it.

The Rough and Random profound Land had already determined that it was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's mausoleum. Those Sheng Domain and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family had attacked once, but they were still unable to move. Even if even more people attacked together, the result would be the same.

This was equivalent to a key, a map, allowing people to safely enter the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's mausoleum. It could easily open the main door of the mausoleum, and enter to search for the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's inheritance!

"Isn't this Heaven Earth Killing Method in the hands of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family a long time ago?" Gu Dongchen was extremely suspicious, "Why didn't he learn it and then enter the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's mausoleum?"

"Back then, this world was separated from the others and the Rough and Random profound Land was also a profound Realm, but he only appeared now, and the Heaven Earth Killing Method is not easy to learn, only the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord could learn it, no one else has ever mastered it!" Huang Jintian sighed: "Because to learn the Heaven Earth Killing Method, one must first have a Killing heart, and possess enough killing intent!"

Gu Dongchen gasped, "No wonder many ancient powers did not dare to touch it, whoever obtained it would become a homicidal maniac! I'm afraid that even before I managed to refine the Killing heart, my soul has already been destroyed and become the incarnation of slaughter! "

Saying that, Gu Dongchen smiled slightly: "Junior master's killing intent is heavy, but he is fine, he did not lose his sanity!"

"Yeah, but it still requires a certain amount of killing intent. I feel that it's still not enough, so I'm really worried about him. Who knows, maybe the reason he killed over a hundred experts was for the sake of cultivating this demonic technique." Huang Jintian's face was full of worry.

Chen Xiang was not aware of this fact, he only knew that it was very suitable for people with Killing heart s to learn. This was said by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's master, if not for that, their master would not have searched for many years.

Originally, Chen Xiang's killing intent was not strong enough, but it was a coincidence. On that day, it also gave him a perfect opportunity to kill more than a hundred powerful hidden experts, causing his Killing heart to become stronger and stronger.

Because he cultivated the White Tiger's divine ability to suppress the murderous aura, the power of the White Tiger Divine Technique was to transform killing aura into energy!

"Little Junior Martial Uncle is not kind at all, he gave the medicine shop to Junior Martial Sister!" Gu Dongchen muttered.

"Giving this to little girl is the best choice. After all, she's an alchemist and has great experience in controlling alchemy. If that's the case, then that brat won't dare to offer a high price in the future. You can just buy from little girl at a low price." Huang Jintian laughed.

"Martial Ancestor, how about this? In the future, when you ask the Junior Martial Uncle to sell me pills, it'll be cheaper." Gu Dongchen whispered.

Huang Jintian looked at him with disdain: "It's already not bad that he can sell it to you. Some of his pills are not even sold at high prices!"

"Young senior uncle is such a sc.u.mbag, he won so many bets in Pill City. He didn't even think about Super Martial School and only thought about how to cheat me!" Gu Dongchen shook his head and sighed.

If Chen Xiang knew about this, he might offer an even higher price in the future.

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