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Of course, Chen Xiang would not watch by the side. He took out Death-haunting arrow s and poured them into them, allowing him to shoot dozens of arrows at once. He was able to instantly kill those who wished to make a move on Liu Meng'er and the others.

He could tell that Huang Jintian was feeling a little pressured right now. If necessary, he would spare no cost to kill all the unknown experts on the street and protect Huang Jintian and the others.

Hua Xiangyue took out the house deed, and his voice became somewhat cold: "The City Lord and Alliance Master of Pill City should recognize this thing. The Dan King who lost the shop should also be nearby."

"This is fake!" As the old man spoke, he extended his hand to grab the room deed.

Just as the old man made his move, the ground suddenly shook, and Huang Jintian had already appeared in front of Hua Xiangyue. The old man's claws had been turned into blood mist by the invisible force that he released.

"What are you? You actually dare to lay your hands on my grandson? " Huang Jintian was infuriated. She waved her hand and the power was like heavenly thunder, striking the old man's face and causing a white light to erupt. The old man turned into a wisp of white smoke.

Hua Xiangyue was actually Huang Jintian's grand disciple. Many people who wanted to make a move earlier immediately withdrew their power and used one palm from Huang Jintian to slap the old man who had just pa.s.sed through the nine tribulations into smoke. If this kind of fellow got crazy, the entire city would be destroyed!

At this moment, the killing intent became even more serious.

"Huang Jintian, what do you mean?" A middle-aged man stood up and shouted angrily. He was the companion of the old man who had just been killed.

"Can't you understand me? "She's my grand disciple. If your people attack her, can I just sit back and do nothing?" Huang Jintian's voice was cold as he looked at those who wanted to attack.

"So Dan Fragrance Pure Land's Leader is actually Super Martial School's Elder Dan. No wonder Elder Dan has always appeared and disappeared mysteriously. Furthermore, the relationship between Dan Fragrance Pure Land and Super Martial School is extremely good." A leisurely voice was heard. It was the voice of a middle-aged woman. Although she was not here, her voice carried a powerful aura.

"Woman, it's good that you understand. Twenty thousand years ago, I lost two of your arms. Now, I can also kill you!" Huang Jintian replied.

"If we don't get a satisfactory answer today, I don't think any of our friends from far away will leave." The middle-aged woman's voice sounded again.

Huang Jintian suddenly roared out, a five coloured light suddenly shone out of his arm, his arm was covered with colorful flickering dragon scales, he extended his hand and grabbed at the air, and with a shout, a lady with disheveled hair and tattered clothes was suddenly grabbed by him.

One of Huang Jintian's arms became a dragon's claw, the five-colored flickering dragon's scale was especially dazzling. That terrifying Dragon Power, caused the entire city to tremble.

"My wife, my disciple has taken over this shop as a matter of course. Whoever dares to cause trouble will be killed by me!" Huang Jintian casually waved his hand, throwing the middle aged woman away, his arm returning to its original state.

This was Huang Jintian's method, this was an Immortal Cultivator of the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, he was extremely strong, even if it was an expert at the same level as him, he would only be able to be defeated by Huang Jintian in an instant.

"Your master must have many secrets. He has never ascended until this day! His Five-Colored Dragon Scales means that he has cultivated a Five-Colored Dragon Soul. This is very powerful! " Long Xueyi was extremely shocked, because such a thing actually happened to a human. Even their Imperial Dragon Race s rarely had Rainbow Dragon Souls.

That was the Five Elements Dragon Soul. That was a very strong martial spirit! Chen Xiang's current Fire Dragon kungfu soul was still in its nurturing stage.

Hua Xiangyue also did not want to make things big, so he immediately said: "Li Tianjun's successor and the Dan Fragrance Pure Land have some connections, his successor once owed me a favor, that's why he transferred the Dingsheng pill shop to me, I know this is a hot potato, so I invited my ancestor to take care of it."

Chen Xiang watched from the window, the Death-haunting arrow in his hands could produce tens of poison arrows that carried Magical corruption gas s at any time. As long as this group of people charged together, he would shoot them down!

They are all idiots, and were actually played by a little ghost. If you continue to cause trouble, maybe you will even become enemies with Huang Jintian. You people have lived for so many years, how can you not see it?

An old man wearing a black robe suddenly floated over. The old man's face carried a hint of ridicule. Although it was daytime, his eyes were incredibly bright, and his entire body was exuding a very old aura.

"It's the old man!" Duan Sanchang laughed: "Old Gramps doesn't want that Heaven Earth Killing Method, he just wants to stay away from it, but he won't let anyone else have it."

Chen Xiang had met him before. Although there were very few disciples of the Duan Clan and they were often sealed in a strange manner, they had never given up on robbing tombs to look for that mysterious piece of history!

"He should have just switched stores this morning. That kid is still in the city. He's still sealed!" After an old man finished speaking, he flew off in a certain direction.

"What do you mean? Won't you let us go? " Gu Dongchen jumped up and stopped the old man.

"If you want to leave, you can leave at any time. We will not obstruct you. You can leave using the Transmission array, or leave from the city gates." The old man's eyes flickered as he looked at Gu Dongchen. This handsome young man in front of him gave him a lot of pressure.

"And if I want to fly away?" Of course, Gu Dongchen knew that Chen Xiang was still in the city.

"Don't tell me that there is a ban on flying in Pill City. You guys have flown in the sky above the city countless of times already." Gu Dongchen sneered.

"Young man, don't think that just because you're a Leader that you can be so arrogant. "There are only two ways for you to leave the Pill City, teleport away or through the city gates!" The old man's voice was cold. Although he knew that Gu Dongchen was not young, he was still a little imp compared to him.

Everyone looked at Gu Dongchen and the old man in the air. Seeing that old man was angry, everyone was secretly shocked.

Although these people were ancient powers who lived in seclusion, they knew much about the outside world, especially the Super Martial School that Huang Jintian belonged to. In their eyes, the Super Martial School was like a poisonous tooth!

Gu Dongchen said coldly, "I will also give you two options. Either stop the sealing of the Pill City or die!"

When the people hiding at the edge of the Pill City heard this, they were all secretly shocked by the Super Martial School's power. He actually dared to say such words, it must be known that the people sealing the city were all some old fellows.

Many people in the Pill City hated being sealed, because other than those experts or those with status, they could not freely enter the city.

"Brat, you still …"

Before the old man finished speaking, Gu Dongchen suddenly kicked out. The power was extremely strong, as though it was trying to shatter s.p.a.ce, causing ripples on the solid s.p.a.ce.

That kick went from top to bottom and landed on the old man's chin. His speed was very fast and his strength was very strong. He kicked the old man into the air and collided with the Spirit Formation.

The strong impact, along with Gu Dongchen's mysterious and bizarre power, struck the enchantment until it shook uncontrollably, and because of the power of the impact, the old man's body was also crushed into powder.

Gu Dongchen was very strong, and the old man just now was not weak. Everyone present could see that, but he was exterminated by Gu Dongchen with just one kick!

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